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If you want to explain your product to prospective customers, video is a great medium. More so, video can connect the dots and add dimension to a product.

This is especially seen when connecting with a target market, such as younger consumers, whose cultural buzz fits well with the video. Just look at Gucci and its creative director Alessandro Michele using this medium to tell his point of view, using social media and native content to build the brand.

Also, such videos help to build brand loyalty. However, if you lack a Gucci budget – there is another option: using video marketing services.

Video and social media

The video has become a central part of social media ad campaigns. The key reason is that video content assists consumers in increasing their knowledge of the service or product. However, there are other reasons for video popularity:

Video increases engagement and gains more exposure

Social media channel algorithms favor video content because a video captures the viewers’ attention for longer. Also, video content has around ten times more engagement rate than photos.

Video is popular

The demand for video content comes from consumers. In 2018, around 54% of customers asked to see more videos of their favorite brands.

Between 2016 and 2018, for instance, such demand increased by 59%. However, consumers are unsatisfied with simply any video – consumers want entertaining and engaging content. 

The shelf life of video is longer.

Video can remain current for longer than photos. A video can draw attention for weeks or months.

This is because the video is usually shared and remains longer in the ecosystem.

Video attracts the attention of Generation Z.

It’s no secret – Generation Z is internet-obsessed. They use YouTube for educational tips and entertainment.

This is why TikTok (a short-form video app) has become popular among Generation Z.

In fact, of the 800 million TikTok users, 35% fall into the Generation Z group of between 14-18 years old.

Video can be reused for various channels.

Videos allow for a greater reach, leading to a much greater return on investment.

Also, videos can be used on different social media channels, from Facebook to YouTube. Social media managers only need to take note of the length requirements for the various social media channels.

However, marketers do have endless opportunities available to them.

As a sales tool, video is powerful.

The reality is that more people will buy a product showcased in a video than in a photo.

Also, brands gain more followers if they use videos. More so, with video, the brand’s products can be shown dynamically. 

Video marketing services can include videos for youtube

Bring video into your marketing mix.

It is a great time to add a video to your marketing plans. You are incredibly astute if you make use of virtual assistant video editing.

You can then afford high-quality videos at a fraction of the cost a video producer would charge you. Saving funds is the main reason for using a virtual assistant for video editing.

However, it is certainly not the only reason. Other benefits of using a virtual assistant for video editing are payroll or admin issues, harnessing highly skilled talent, keeping shorter deadlines, and scaling your business.

Video marketing service – the Aristo Sourcing approach

At Aristo Sourcing, we believe that innovation is at the heart of success. More so, onboarding great talent can help businesses to scale and scale faster.

Additionally, video is a fantastic communication medium for boosting brand awareness. Aristo Sourcing can source great video editors for hire by top businesses.

Businesses that can benefit from video marketing services

Not only fashion houses and designers will find videos helpful. Other industries, such as real estate agencies, insurance companies, and marketing companies, can also benefit.

Real estate agencies

Real estate agencies, including independent agents, can benefit from real estate video marketing services.

Video as an effective marketing tool can boost sales and increase leads.

As with Gucci, video can translate exclusivity and luxury, offering a lifestyle people aspire to. Moreover, video can help to build the trust of potential buyers.

Video is also a better advertising medium – all the features can be shown in a much more readily acceptable way. Plus, video is also more active, which helps to maintain buyer engagement.

Real estate agents can hire a virtual assistant to produce videos for their listings. The real estate agent can stand out from other listings, drawing potential buyers ahead of their competitors.

Marketing and PR companies

Having skilled video editors on hand is not always possible. However, an alternative staffing solution is to use virtual assistants.

These workers can complete the tasks for the marketing agency’s clients. This can be for social media or YouTube channels.

Moreover, having, for instance, a YouTube editor for hire can be cost-effective and can reduce business overheads. This way, the marketing company can remain flexible, onboarding or offboarding remote assistants as their contracts change.

Videos made for a purpose

Various types of videos can be produced. These include an educational video to inform someone about a product.

Videos can also be made to show off the company culture, which is especially useful when drawing top talent to them. But there are also product and testimonial videos.

A virtual video editing assistant could create various videos given a pertinent brief based on the type needed.

Ending comments

Videos have become more prevalent in recent years. Younger age groups are used to seeing videos. If you want to market to these groups, you need to use video.

However, video editing is not cheap – unless you call on video marketing services. You would use a virtual assistant to complete the video editing tasks with video marketing services.

This is an economical and time-saving staffing option. Yet, even though the cost is lower, the quality is not compromised. You can engage some of the best video editors for hire when you outsource.

Your next step

Want to hire a virtual assistant to boost your video marketing efforts? Contact Aristo Sourcing, and let us help you.

You can book a call to discuss your needs with our outsourcing expert. Let Aristo Sourcing provide your next virtual video-editing assistant. 

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