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When your startup grows and reaches a level of success, the workload also increases. As a business owner, you will be at a crossroads − selecting your future strategy can make or break your success. Many smaller entrepreneurs are following the lead of more giant international corporations. These include Unilever, Apply, Caterpillar, Whirlpool, and General Electric, all of which are outsourcing some of their tasks. 

Small business owners outsource non-core tasks to virtual assistants like their larger counterparts. One popular remote assistant that companies are onboarding is an office virtual assistant.

What Is a Virtual Office Assistant? 

A virtual office assistant is an independent contract worker who works remotely. The worker’s location can be anywhere in the world; however, it is mainly in a similar time zone to the business.

The work-from-home virtual assistant works from their home office, accomplishing tasks for various businesses.

A Virtual Office Assistant’s Main Tasks

A virtual assistant offering office support can complete various tasks. These virtual assistant tasks range from administrative and business support to technical services.

Here are some of the most essential tasks that virtual assistants can handle:

Handle Travel Scheduling and Arrangements

A remote assistant can handle travel scheduling and arrangements – hotel bookings, flights, and transport arrangements.

As a business owner, this will save you the hassle and time these arrangements take.

However, the remote assistant does not need to be limited to making only your arrangements – a remote assistant can make any arrangements on behalf of the whole team.

Complete Your Data Entry

Your virtual assistant can complete your data entry. This is a mundane process, yet a much-overlooked task.

A remote office assistant can easily accomplish this task. The amount of time you save will surprise you.

More so, such an assistant will cost you less in wages than any of your on-site team. These savings can then be reinvested into your business to scale it faster.

Undertake Your Bookkeeping

A remote office worker can undertake your bookkeeping. You could hire a remote worker to take on admin-related tasks to reduce your business overhead spending.

One of these is bookkeeping work. A skilled virtual bookkeeping assistant would save you from taking on the bookkeeping and would cost you less than paying an on-site worker.

Manage Follow-Ups

Virtual office assistants can manage follow-ups. Chasing people for replies is a time-consuming task. Whether clients, business partners, or suppliers, a remote assistant can contact them. You can remain on top of your essential functions while this labor-intensive task is not neglected.

Deal with Your Phone Calls

Let a remote assistant handle your phone calls. A virtual assistant can also follow up on stakeholders.

This includes cold calling and other outreach calls to help you grow your business.

Ensure that you opt for native-English-speaking virtual assistants if the business language of your country is English.

Such assistants will manage your customer service smoothly.

Managing Office Supplies

A virtual assistant can source the best prices on office equipment and supplies, such as finding you a cheaper printing contractor, thus ensuring that your staff has what they need to do their work.

Significantly, this office worker will ensure that your team remains efficient and you do not waste money; you will save it.

Managing Spreadsheets and Presentations

Need a presentation ready for an important conference or sales pitch?

Your virtual assistant can prepare this for you. They can also format your spreadsheets and get other documents ready for you.

Email Inbox Management

Many business owners are swamped with emails. As a result, many emails are overlooked.

If you want to grow your business, you don’t want to miss crucial business opportunities. Your virtual assistant can help you manage your inbox.

This skilled person can sort out any clutter from what is essential – all in total confidentially.

Still Not Convinced?

If you aren’t convinced that a virtual assistant will be an asset for your business, consider all the benefits. Examine how these benefits can boost your success.

Lowering Costs

Higher business overheads mean less profit. As an entrepreneur and business owner, you want to reduce these costs to grow your company more quickly. This is also the main reason large corporations hire virtual assistants. Companies can save between 40% to 70% on costs.

A virtual assistant does not command benefits related to health care, retirement, travel, and the use of a company cellphone or laptop. Such a person is also not subject to local taxes. All this results in direct savings for the business.

Access to Great Talent

In many cases, hiring the best comes at a stiff fee. However, by spreading your net a bit wider, you can hire a top-quality person who is highly skilled at what they do for less.

This means onboarding at any given time those skills your company needs. It also means some form of flexibility: you can onboard the talent skills as your business develops. You can then remain agile when competing with your competitors.

Boost Your Productivity

A knock-on effect of hiring a virtual assistant is increased productivity – for the whole team. When a remote assistant takes over those time-consuming and repetitive tasks, you and your team members have more time to focus on your core tasks.

Nevertheless, all the work is still done behind the scenes. Your presentation is out on time, your files are always up to date, and your data is accessible when any of your team requires it.

More so, think of the average on-site worker who is only productive three hours daily – yet you hire them for eight. Five hours daily can be wasted and spent on tasks someone else can perform for much less.

You will note that with the increased productivity, your team will have time to offer new innovative ideas to grow and expand your business. And this is how you scale your business – successfully, with a virtual office assistant.

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