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Outsource your graphic design tasks to a virtual assistant

  • Reduce your outlay, and you will not need another employee.
  • Your graphic design virtual assistant or graphic VA will support your marketing team.
  • From advertising, logos, business cards, website graphics, guides, brochures, flyers, branded stationery, creatives for digital ads, editing photos, presentations, graphics for your social media posts, book covers, e-book design, audio, animation, or infographics, your dedicated virtual interface designer can execute all your graphic design tasks.

What is a virtual graphic designer?

A virtual graphic designer is a professional who provides graphic design services remotely. Such people work from their own location and communicate with clients through virtual channels such as email, phone, or video conferencing.

Virtual graphic designers offer the same services as in-house designers, including designing logos, marketing materials, social media graphics, and more.

What are the benefits of working with a virtual graphic designer?

Working with a virtual graphic designer offers many benefits. These include:

  • Cost-effectiveness – Virtual graphic designers often charge lower rates than in-house designers since they don‘t have to cover office overhead costs.
  • Flexibility – Virtual graphic designers can work on a project basis: clients can hire them as needed without committing to a full-time employee.
  • Diverse experience – Virtual graphic designers work with clients from different industries and locations, meaning that these people acquire much more diverse experience.
  • Timely delivery – Virtual graphic designers tend to be more deadline-oriented. They work with clients from many different time zones and must be flexible in accommodating these schedules.
  • Access to a broader talent pool – Since virtual graphic designers work remotely, clients can hire designers from all over the world, giving them access to a broader talent pool.
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Why hire a virtual graphic design assistant from Aristo Sourcing? 

  • Save money! Hiring a skilled virtual assistant will cost you a fraction of hiring a graphic designer.
  • Top talent – Your online image and virtual visual artist will work with your marketing team to create assets matching your brand identity.
  • Boost your brand value – More so, your audience will recall that 65% of the information is presented in a visual format. 

More than just saving you money, a graphic VA can improve your:

Graphic Design Virtual Assistant brand

Brand Credibility

Graphic Design Virtual Assistant Trust


Graphic Design Virtual Assistant Market Position

Market Position

Graphic Design Virtual Assistant Visibility


Did you know? 

There are also approximately 27,700 graphic design assistants employed in the United States. This is with enormous demands from New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Massachusetts. However, these graphic designers are demanding high amounts. You can get the same skill level as a candidate holding a master’s degree or associate’s degree when outsourcing. Plus, most are proficient in Illustrator, Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, and InDesign.

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What can a graphic virtual artist do for an ecommerce business? 

Ecommerce businesses can greatly benefit from the services of a graphic virtual artist. A graphic VA can help ecommerce businesses create visually appealing product images, design engaging social media graphics, and develop an overall brand identity. Here are some ways in which a graphic VA can assist ecommerce businesses:

  • Design product images – Virtual graphic designers can create high-quality product images to help ecommerce businesses showcase their products in the best possible light. They can retouch product images, add backgrounds, and create multiple product images from different angles to help customers better understand the product.
  • Create social media graphics – Virtual graphic designers can design social media graphics that can help ecommerce businesses promote their products on social media platforms. These graphics can include product images, promotional offers, and other marketing messages.
  • Develop branding materials – Virtual graphic designers can help ecommerce businesses create a strong and consistent brand identity. They can design logos, business cards, and other branding materials. Such aids will help ecommerce businesses stand out from the competition.
  • Create website graphics – Virtual graphic designers can create website graphics that can help ecommerce businesses improve their website’s user experience. They can design banners, call-to-action buttons, and other graphics that can help guide customers to the products they are looking for.
  • Design email marketing graphics – Virtual graphic designers can create email marketing graphics that ecommerce businesses can use to promote their products through email campaigns. These graphics can include product images, promotional offers, and other marketing messages.
  • Create packaging designs – Virtual graphic designers can create packaging designs that can help ecommerce businesses create a unique and memorable unboxing experience for their customers. They can design product packaging, shipping boxes, and other packaging materials that align with the brand identity.


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We will source you the perfect online graphic design assistant who will provide you with pleasing results while supporting your marketing team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual assistant specializing in graphic design is someone that performs visual design tasks such as designing logos or assisting with branding projects. Moreover, a virtual design assistant, or assistant graphic designer, uses computer assistant design to complete graphic design tasks. When a business hires a virtual graphic designer, the cost is a fraction of hiring an on-site graphic designer. Additionally, the graphic VA will support your marketing and design teams with their campaigns. Together, a graphic design assistant can work on creating assets in line with your brand identity in terms of color, layout, and strategy.

A virtual assistant or VA specializing in graphic design is an excellent asset for any company or individual. We all could use a high-quality design from time to time, and we don’t all have the talent or technical skills to do it ourselves. These assistants will design your creatives for social media, print, website, etc. 

These virtual assistants will use different software to complete their tasks. These programs include Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop, which they use on their computer. Plus, some will have skills with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, and to ensure a site is mobile friendly and responsive.


A virtual assistant is a graphic designer who can design
  • Logos
  • Website graphics
  • Social media graphics
  • Infographics
  • Business cards
  • Branded stationery
  • Image editing
  • Print design
  • Book covers
  • eBook design
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Guides

And many more such as advertising, animation, etc.

Get a competent assistant who can handle all the tasks. You get all of these qualities in one place: highly talented, qualified, and experienced Virtual Assistants. Our Virtual Design assistants will ensure timely, valuable results. Moreover,  virtual graphic designers offer more than just freelance graphic assistant services. A graphic designing assistant is a contractor or freelance graphic designer that has the knowledge and skills to complete your graphic design jobs. 

A graphic design virtual assistant or VA is a professional designer who works remotely to develop creative ideas. They are highly skilled individuals with excellent experience with software programs and a great understanding of design.

Select your answer to which of the following is not true about graphic design from one of the below options:

  1. Graphic design uses phrases and symbols that can be understood with no trouble.
  2. Both serigraphy and lithography are sub-categories of graphic design.
  3. Graphic design is disputed by art critiques – whether it is even art or not.
  4. Typography is continuously noteworthy when creating a piece of graphic design.

The answer is 4 – Typography is continuously noteworthy when creating a piece of graphic design.

Industries that are visually focused would be looking for designer or designers to assist them with graphic design work. Moreover, those companies that mainly operate online hire a virtual graphic designer, more so hire graphic designer online. These types of industries include website developers, print companies, gaming, animation companies, and social media companies. 

  • When you are looking for a graphic artist and are ready to hire a graphic VA, there are some tips:
  • Clearly understand your goals and expectations, as it will guide you to find a graphic designer that matches those goals and expectations.
  • Note the skills you are looking for from your assistant graphic designer.
  • You can request to view their portfolios of previous design work.

How to hire a graphic designer:

Finding a graphic designer can be challenging, but let an agency such as Aristo Sourcing make this process easy. We will find the perfect fit for your virtual graphic design jobs. Hire a graphic artist, but simply make a booking to speak with our sales representatives. 

To be a successful graphic design assistant, the graphic designer assistant must have strong communication, organizational, and computer skills. First and foremost, the graphic artist must have the ability to communicate effectively with the visual and designing team members, clients, and superiors. The production artist will need to clearly convey the design ideas and vision for projects and listen carefully to feedback to make revisions. Additionally, they must be able to stay organized and on top of deadlines, ensuring that all materials are submitted on time. Naturally, a graphic design assistant also needs the right education and skills, which will reflect in their resume. 

A virtual assistant is a remote professional who assists designers with design research, project management, communication with clients, and administrative work. A graphic design expert can be hired freelance or full-time and work remotely, allowing designers to focus on their creative work while delegating other tasks to a trusted assistant. Virtual assistants can provide various services depending on their skills and experience, making them a valuable asset to design teams and individuals.

Virtual graphic designers can provide various graphic design services, including logo design, marketing materials (brochures, flyers, business cards, etc.), social media graphics, website graphics, packaging design, brand identity design, infographics design, email marketing graphics, and product images.

To choose the right virtual graphic designer for your project, consider the following factors:

  • Portfolio: – Look at the designer‘s portfolio to see if their style matches your needs.
  • Experience: – Consider the designer‘s experience working with clients in your industry.
  • Communication skills: – Since virtual graphic designers work remotely, communication skills are critical. Look for designers who are responsive and clear in their communication.
  • Pricing: – Compare the pricing of the various designers to find one that fits your budget.
  • Reviews and recommendations: – Look for reviews and recommendations from past clients to gain a sense of the designer‘s reliability and quality of work.


The main difference between virtual and in-house graphic designers is that virtual designers work remotely. They don‘t work in the exact physical location of the client and communicate through virtual channels. This can be beneficial for clients who need flexible and cost-effective design services. Virtual graphic designers also tend to have more diverse experience since they work with clients from different industries and locations.

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