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Get the work done fast and in line with your brand identity

Outsource your graphic design tasks to a virtual assistant. Reduce your outlay and you will not need another employee. Your graphic design virtual assistant or graphic VA will provide support for your marketing team.

From logos, business cards, website graphics, guides, brochures, flyers, branded stationery, creatives for digital ads, editing photos, presentations, graphics for your social media posts, book covers, e-book design, or infographics, your dedicated virtual interface designer can execute all your graphic design tasks. This will cost you a fraction of hiring a graphic designer. Your online image and virtual visual artist will work with your marketing team to create assets matching your brand identity. More so, your audience will recall that 65% of the information is presented in a visual format. 


Contact us today, and let us know your creative needs. We will source you the perfect online graphic design assistant who will provide you with pleasing results while supporting your marketing team.

Hire an online assistant to help you with your next graphic design project today. Or if you are looking for a virtual graphic designer or graphic design assistant to complete a project, then get in touch with us.

More than just saving you money, a graphic VA can improve your:

Brand Credibility


Market Position


A virtual assistant specializing in graphic design is someone that performs visual design tasks such as designing logos or assisting with branding projects. Moreover, a virtual design assistant, or assistant graphic designer, uses computer assistant design to complete the graphic design tasks. When a business hires a virtual graphic designer, the cost is a fraction of hiring an on-site graphic designer. Additionally, the graphic VA will support your marketing and design teams. Together, they can work on creating assets in line with your brand identity.

A virtual assistant or VA what specializes in graphic design is an excellent asset for any company or individual. We all could use a high-quality design from time to time, and we don’t all have the talent or technical skills to do it ourselves. These assistants will design your creatives for social media, print, website, etc. 

A virtual assistant that is a graphic designer can design
  • Logos
  • Website graphics
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Infographics
  • Business Cards
  • Branded Stationery
  • Image Editing
  • Print Design
  • Book Covers
  • eBook Design
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Guides

And many more. 

Get a competent assistant who can handle all the tasks. You get all of these qualities in one place: highly talented, qualified, and experienced Virtual Assistants. Our Virtual Design assistants will ensure timely, valuable results.

A graphic design virtual assistant or VA is a professional designer who works remotely to develop creative ideas. They are highly skilled individuals with excellent experience with software programs and a great understanding of design.

Select your answer to which of the following is not true about graphic design from one of the below options:

  1. Graphic design uses phrases and symbols that can be understood with no trouble.
  2. Both serigraphy and lithography are sub-categories of graphic design.
  3. Graphic design is disputed by art critiques – whether it is even art or not.
  4. Typography is continuously noteworthy when creating a piece of graphic design.

The answer is 4 – Typography is continuously noteworthy when creating a piece of graphic design.

Industries that are visually focused would be looking for designer or designers to assist them with graphic design work. Moreover, those companies that mainly operate online hire a virtual graphic designer, more so hire graphic designer online. These types of industries include website developers, print companies, gaming, animation companies, and social media companies. 

  • When you are looking for a graphic artist and are ready to hire a graphic VA, there are some tips:
  • Have a clear understanding of your goals and expectations as it will guide you to find a graphic designer that matches those goals and expectations.
  • Note the skills you are looking for from your assistant graphic designer.
  • You can request to view their portfolios of previous design work.

Finding a graphic designer can be challenging, but let an agency such as Aristo Sourcing make this process easy. We will find the perfect fit for your virtual graphic design jobs.

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