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Transcription Virtual Assistant

What Does a Virtual Transcriber Do?

Use a transcription virtual assistant to meticulously transcribe your voice or video data, such as podcasts, business meetings, or interviews, into text format.

The core value is that you can then repurpose your digital-audio material as newsletters, blogs, social media content and more.


Consider hiring a highly qualified virtual transcriptionist.

Procuring the assistance of a transcription virtual assistant saves you the stress of retyping your audio or video file into a text document.

More so, with transcription, accuracy and speed are vital for producing polished and proofread written content of your spoken text such as a speech. In addition, the work will also be achieved according to your guidelines and delivered on time per your prescribed method and format.

Whether you are in the medical, legal, financial, or any other field, you might need your audio recordings transcribed into text formats, such as by adding a subtitle to a video or turning an audio into a Word or PDF document. Your transcriber virtual assistant can deliver the task promptly and accurately. All of this will be done as an online transcription services. You will also save on costs. If you hire a skilled virtual worker, you do not waste your own time or that of your other qualified employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

A Transcription Virtual Assistant is a person that works remotely, converting live audio and recorded files, for example, podcasts or interviews, to a typed, text format. Text format files are helpful to record the data, but also that you can reuse the data on different digital marketing channels. 

A virtual assistant transcriptionist is an independent professional worker that transcribes and edits voice-recorded reports into typed format remotely from home.

There are free apps available. However, the applications are primarily in beta phrases therefore not accurate. If the text is to be used on the Internet as part of your marketing plan, it’s best to hire a Transcription VA. 

Some of the main areas a virtual transcription expert can assist:

  • To turn your videos into engaging blog posts.
  • ​Assist by turning your interviews into blog posts.​
  • To turn your ​handwritten ​notes into clear text documents
  • Get rid of repetition to create a clear and ​valuable written content.
  • ​Make sure that you cover all formats to optimize your search engines results.

Transcription virtual assistants are responsible for transcribing audio files and converting them into written Word or PDF documents. This may include transcribing interviews, lectures, speeches, and other audio recordings. The virtual transcriptionist must be able to listen to audio recordings, or audio files, and type out what is being said, while also ensuring that the document is accurate and free of errors. In some cases, the transcription virtual assistant will have the transcription jobs to edit the transcriptions for clarity or to correct any errors, which means attention to detail, and taking care that the information provided is 

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