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What is public relations (PR)?

Public relations (PR) is a valuable practice of managing and spreading information to the public to influence their opinion. Using earned media, a virtual PR expert would aim to present your info to gain media coverage.

PR can be used to spread positive news and manage bad news. However, having an in-house PR team can be costly. The good news is that PR need not cost a fortune – your virtual assistant (like a public relations specialist) can do the same for much less.

Good PR is a Valuable Asset

Get your good stories shared with the industry and the media. For best results, having one contact person dedicated to managing your public relations is the best option.
Such a person can identify the good news and draft copy, which can then be shared with various publications, locating opportunities to offer your business to the media.
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Outsource your PR to an expert to get ahead

Ensure that your perception online directed to your target audience is developed, maintained, and enhanced. A public relations specialist assistant can help.

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Tasks of a virtual public relations assistant

A virtual PR assistant or public relations specialist will create stories about your business; more than that, this assistant will:

  • Manage press conferences, events, and media-appearances calendars
  • Find speaking or feature opportunities
  • Draft or proof PR content such as media announcements, speeches, press releases, etc.
  • Track relevant PR metrics
  • Maintain the PR database
  • Assist with reputation management
  • Maintain relationships with the media, clients, and prospects
  • Research a publication
  • Connect with clients and gather their information
  • Create ad campaigns and ad copy.

Which type of business or organization can benefit from hiring a PR expert?

Most businesses or organizations that manage and share information with the public can benefit from hiring a public relations specialist who works remotely.

These can include small businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and smaller entrepreneurs such as social media influencers − here, a PR expert will work with a publicist.

The goal is universal: to gain the maximum media exposure that is beneficial to the business or to ensure that stakeholders receive positive news to persuade them to remain aligned with the company.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

A virtual PR assistant, or public relations specialist, will assist a business, organization, or PR firm with drafting and sending out emails, but also scheduling follow-up emails. This person will assist with managing client inquiries. A virtual assistant works remotely: depending on the need, such an assistant can help with more specialized tasks or general administrative duties. In this case, the assistant can free up your team to focus on more critical tasks.

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