Podcast Manager

Podcast Manager

Level up your podcast with a podcast manager. A virtual assistant who specialises in podcasts is just what you need.

Podcasts have become a popular marketing tool, used by businesses wanting to attract a niche market. Here a virtual assistant can give you more time, while you can focus on the content and quality of your shows. More so, a podcast manager can take care of the basic research, respond to emails, and manage the social media scheduling.

What is a virtual podcast assistant?

A podcast manager, or podcasting virtual assistant, can assist with sound editing, producing a good quality episode, but also assisting with graphic design. All of this is achieved remotely. In between shows, the virtual assistant can take care of other tasks to promote your podcasts. 

What are the tasks of a podcast manager? 

Every show, normally around 22-minutes long, should be perfect. More importantly, the shows should be so good that people want to return for more. The podcast manager can help to attract listeners by organic promotion and paid advertising. More than that, the virtual assistant can allow you extra time to spend time communicating with your guests, while the assistant collects headshots, schedules and reschedules appointments, and tests the equipment. In terms of post-production, the assistant can create transcripts of the show, edit the sound, remove background noises, and upload the shows to your preferred platforms.

Hire a podcast manager and save time & money

Hiring a virtual assistant is a much cheaper option than hiring an onsite assistant. Also, a virtual assistant can perform the same tasks without a drop in quality, all of this while freeing up your time. More than just completing the admin-related work, a virtual assistant can help to brainstorm ideas, analyse shows to indicate where improvements can be made, and ensure that all aspects have been taken care of before an episode.

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