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Coaches will know the unique challenges they need to face in their career path, which include juggling multiple tasks. You can rearrange your time by hiring a special type of assistance, namely, a virtual assistant for coaches

What is a Virtual Assistant for Coaches?

A virtual assistant is someone working remotely from a home office. As they work remotely, there are many savings for both them and their employer; and they are normally more productive than onsite employees. More so, a virtual assistant for coaches is different from a normal virtual assistant. The difference is that a virtual assistant for coaches or virtual coach assistant will be capable of managing your calendar—as well as your calendar software— to safeguard overlapping or missed opportunities. In addition, a VA coach can assist with managing all your business aspects, thus freeing up your time for you to engage with your clients. This will augment the impression your clients have of you − they will want to recommend you. Additionally, a VA coach can assist with the promotion of your business.

What coaching tasks can be assigned to virtual assistants?

  • Arranging follow-ups – With coaching, the personal touch matters. A VA can help you manage your calendar, thereby avoid any client missed while you are out of the office.
  • Marketing management – If you are a coach you are a solo enterprise, and should be marketed so that you can gain new clients and grow your business. What a VA can do is to market your business on various online platforms; also helping to draft emails for an email newsletter campaign. A VA can also help to source you more leads to be added to your database, thus helping to grow your business more rapidly.
  • Bookkeeping and tracking of expenses – It is important to keep your accounts up to date, especially when it comes to tax payment. Keeping the books may not be your cup of tea. Therefore outsourcing helps you to stay organized, productive, and up-to-date.
  • Travel arrangements – In your line of business, you might require to travel. A virtual assistant can assist with your travel arrangements, such as booking flights, catering, hotel reservation, client meetings, or car hire.
  • Additional common tasks – A virtual assistant can monitor and reply to your reviews. They can manage your social media accounts, and prepare presentations for you. Therefore, any tasks that can be completed via the internet and computer a virtual assistant can complete for you.

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