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Hiring a Virtual Assistant can be highly profitable for your business.

But only if you find the right match.

Since 2014, Aristo Sourcing has helped 200+ companies recruit 500+ skilled, reliable and carefully matched Virtual Assistants
– with a retention rate of more than 93%.

Let us help you find your perfect Virtual Assistant.

Recruitment is all about people. Meet us here


With a combined 25+ years of experience in outsourcing and recruitment, you are in the best of hands.

Aristo Sourcing Mads Ceo
Mads Singers


An accomplished management coach and entrepreneur, Mads has used Virtual Assistants intensively since hiring his first one in 2007. In 2014, Mads founded Aristo Sourcing to help other companies scale and increase productivity through Virtual Assistants.

Aristo Sourcing Janus CSO
Janus Basnov


Since 2019, Janus has been the first touch point for new clients looking to add a Virtual Assistant to their team. Whether you’re outsourcing for the first time or a seasoned delegation veteran, Janus will tell you everything you need to know.

Aristo Sourcing Jane Head Recruiter
Jane Acebron

Head recruiter

With a background in corporate, Jane joined Aristo Sourcing in 2018 to strengthen our recruitment process and consistently attract top talent. Jane ensures that any candidate presented to any client lives up to our strict requirements.

6 Happy Virtual Assistants

Meet 6 of the hundreds of Virtual Assistants who are now working their dream jobs with our clients.

Aristo Sourcing VA Timo

Virtual Assistant at a Coaching Company

Aristo Sourcing VA Sherry

Virtual Assistant at an eCommerce Company


Event Planner at a SEO Company

Aristo Sourcing VA Charissa

Bookkeeper at an Accounting Company

Aristo Sourcing VA Alfred

Content Integration at a SEO Company

Aristo Sourcing VA Mary

Outreach Specialist at a Consulting Company

Recruitment is all about people. Meet us here

A Virtual Assistant from Aristo Sourcing can do much more than just data entry and research.

Our clients use VAs for a vast range of advanced tasks – and you can do the same.

Not convinced?

No problem. We like a challenge!

Schedule a free consultation and tell us more about the tasks your dream Virtual Assistant would do – then we will do our best to come up with one or more qualified candidates.

About us and Let us give your the competitive advantage with Aristo Sourcing

Frequently asked questions about our Virtual Assistants (VAs)

Do I just get a VA from your database?

All our recruitment is tailored to meet your specific needs. We keep track of good potential candidates, as we know the most important thing is to find a candidate that meets your unique requirements. For every new role, we search the market for the best talent and present the top candidates to you.

Which countries are your VAs from?

Most of our recruitment is done in South Africa and the Philippines. 
Why South Africa? Native English, better time-zone fit with Europe and North America, and a Western mindset which makes the cultural fit easy. They are great at working independently and thinking outside the box.
Why Philippines? Near native English, great attention to detail and good at following SOPs, which makes them great at many backoffice roles. The time-zone works well with APAC countries, however they are very accommodating around working hours. 

Which time zones are your VAs active in?

Our VAs are flexible in regards to matching our clients’ time zones. Our US & European clients tend to lean towards South African VAs, while APAC clients lean more towards Filipino VAs.

Which backgrounds do your VAs have?

Since we recruit VAs for many different roles, their backgrounds typically differ. All of our VAs have relevant qualifications and experience.

Can I hire a VA for less than full time?

We primarily recruit candidates for full time positions. This ensures full dedication from the VA, which in turn results in higher quality work and higher retention rates.

The Process

Recruit your perfect virtual assistant in less than 1 month.


Step 1: Schedule a Free Consultation​

Timeline: Today​
Conveniently schedule a free 30 minute video consultation.


Step 2: Define Tasks​

Timeline: 1-2 days​
Together, we define the tasks you need your new employee to perform - and create a test task if needed.


Step 3: Candidate Search​

Timeline: 7-8 days​
We source the best candidates on the market, interview them and test their work from home setup. We then present the top 3-5 candidates to you.


Step 4: Select Candidates​

Timeline: 9-10 days​
Pick your desired candidates and preferred time slots for interviews - then we handle the rest.


Step 5: Interview Candidates​

Timeline: 11-12 days​
Interview your chosen candidates just like you would any other potential hires.


Step 6: Choose Your New VA​

Timeline: 13-14 days​​
Choose the best candidate.


Step 7: First Day of Work​

Timeline: Day of Your Choice​​​
We will send you an endorsement email introducing you to your new VA. Congratulations on your new Virtual Assistant!

What Our Clients Are Saying​


Choose between 2 simple and affordable options:.


Monthly fee:

Hire your VA through us

We invoice you once a month – VA salary and everything else included.

(*Depending on VA qualifications)

Get a quote

One time recruitment fee:

Hire your VA directly

You hire your VA directly and pay them a salary like any other employee.

Free consultation

Aristo Sourcing Janus CSO
Janus Basnov


If there is one thing we have learned during the past 10 years of recruiting Virtual Assistants, it is that any company looks for something different in their VAs.

Schedule a free consultation now and tell us more about your perfect virtual assistant!

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