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Hire your legal virtual assistant. A virtual legal assistant can help you to: 

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Break the pattern you are in by hiring a legal virtual assistant. You are an attorney and not an admin worker.

A legal virtual assistant (paralegal virtual assistant) can significantly improve your legal practice. It also saves you the cost of an additional on-site staff member, so your law firm will save money.

This is because a law firm virtual assistant costs less than hiring a full-time employee for your practice.

What is a virtual legal assistant?

A virtual legal assistant, also called a virtual assistant for lawyers or a law firm virtual assistant, offers remote and legal assistance to law firms, attorneys, and other lawyers. These legal virtual assistants are typically tasked to help with legal research, case management, document preparation, and client communication.

Moreover, a remote legal assistant is well-versed in legal procedures and terminology, helping attorneys streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and focus on critical legal responsibilities. Legal assistant professionals can help save costs and work for lawyers by providing their specialized expertise on a flexible, as-needed basis.

"We got set up with 6 VA's in a separate room, and in less than 1 month, we have outsourced the majority of our SEO work. It took a huge load off my partner and my shoulders and allowed us to finally take some well deserved time off after 3 years of working on building our affiliate business. The key to outsourcing effectively is finding the right people and if you are unsure if this is for you, get on a call with the Aristo team, they are super helpful."
Chris Ravnsborg
Christoffer Ravnsborg
CEO, Interlead

Why hire a remote legal assistant?

Managing all the tasks at a law firm is not easy. Caseloads can fluctuate, with deadlines ordinarily tight. Despite this, admin support is imperative. More so, it should be taken care of in an organized manner.

However, adding more staff to the payroll can be prohibitive. As a director, partner, or practice manager, you must keep your clients happy or face losing them to the competition.

A solution to this is outsourcing, which can include hiring a virtual legal secretary, a criminal defense legal assistant, or an independent virtual assistant to assist your law firm. That is because you get high-quality support, which is flexible enough to help you when busy. For the best virtual assistant for lawyers, contact us. 

Tasks of a legal virtual assistant 

Typical tasks of a law firm assistant include:

  • Documentation, maintenance, and organization.
  • In-depth legal research and analysis. Communicating with customers and scheduling appointments.
  • Effective claims process and management.
  • Administrative support, data entry, and correspondence.
  • Legal transcription and record-keeping services.
  • Costing, billing, and financial management.
  • Legal software skills and management.
  • Marketing support and online presence.
  • Customer acquisition and conflict testing.
  • Compliance and ethical standards.
  • General administrative tasks and planning.
  • Standard correspondence and correspondence.
  • Collection of legal documents and laws.
  • Managing and managing CLE requirements.
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Which type of business can benefit from hiring a virtual legal assistant?

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Law firms

Law firms of all sizes can use virtual legal assistants to facilitate administrative tasks, conduct legal research, process cases, and improve client communication.

Sole practitioners

Independent lawyers can use in-house legal assistants to handle tasks that can be difficult for a single lawyer.

Corporate legal departments

Corporate legal teams can benefit from virtual assistants’ help negotiating contracts, researching compliance issues, and managing regulatory documents.

Legal nonprofits

Nonprofits focused on legal information services can enhance their products by using virtual assistants for business analytics services.

Legal studies

Professors and researchers in law can enlist virtual assistants to help compile research, prepare course documents, and manage course materials.

Compliance specialists

Compliance officers across industries benefit from virtual assistants managing compliance documentation and inspections.

Real Estate Agencies

Real estate agencies involved in property transactions can use legal virtual assistants to manage and analyze deals.

Insurance companies

Insurance companies can hire virtual assistants to help with claims, regulatory policy reviews, and compliance tasks.

Flexible and scalable legal virtual assistants provide value for professionals looking to streamline legal operations and reduce operational costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Legal virtual assistants are an excellent choice for your legal firm. They are an alternative to an additional permanent in-house employee. Ultimately, an online assistant will save your law practice money. A virtual legal assistant will cost your law firm less than an additional lawyer or on-site worker.

Legal virtual assistants for law firms are paralegals and legal secretaries working remotely for attorneys and their in-house teams. Also, these virtual assistants are private outsourcing solutions for attorneys. These qualified personnel will assist with one-time projects or as permanent outsourced legal support for the law firm.

An online legal secretary and paralegal can assist with specialist tasks related to family law, litigation, and personal injury. They can also assist with bankruptcy, corporate and transactional practices, and criminal cases. Additionally, they can help with real estate closings, estate planning, wills, and immigration.

Other tasks include:

  • Preparing discovery requests
  • Document production
    Managing case files
  • Document proofing and cite checking
  • Medical record summaries
  • Bookkeeping/Quickbooks
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Drafting and redlining contracts
  • Preparing exhibits
  • Litigation calendar management
  • Corporate formation
  • Preparing correspondence
  • Trial preparation
  • Corporate formation
  • Preparing corporate governance documents
  • Preparing pleadings
  • Client communications
  • e-filing
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Deposition transcript digests
  • Travel bookings
  • Administrative and secretarial work
  • Tracking contracts
  • Database management

Some of the benefits include:

  • No workplace equipment or supplies
  • Zero perquisites
  • No paid vacations
  • Zero retirement
  • Paying only for the time a VA works

Paralegals are more concerned with certain technicalities of the law, and a legal assistant undertakes broader tasks. If you seek a more hands-on law career, becoming a paralegal may intrigue you more.

Legal or virtual legal assistants cannot provide clients with legal advice, practice law, or present themselves as lawyers. They complete the low-level work so a lawyer can focus on the high-level tasks.

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