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Telemarketing virtual assistant or online support can lead to success

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Whether developing new leads or liaising with current accounts, a company’s success can hinge on having the correct individual to perform the tasks

Hiring a Telemarketing Virtual Assistant will give your company access to someone with a strong skill set and experience with telemarketing. More so, their skill set can include from research, setting appointments, to conducting calls. Therefore a virtual assistant will add value to your company and offer you a competitive advantage. Nevertheless, for many companies it is not possible to hire permanent skilled staff to enhance their sales teams. However opting to outsource allows you flexibility, helps to reduce costs, and provides you with a virtual assistant to aid with the administrative work, prospecting, and lead generation. As a result, this can afford a company considerable relief.

Some of the benefits when you hire a Telemarketing Virtual Assistant:

  • To enhance customer satisfaction and efficiency 
  • No overheads 
  • You can save money in the long run
  • You can claim back your your work-life balance. 

It can be tricky to find the right online aide to help you. However, Aristo Sourcing has made this process easy. Contact us or schedule your free consultation today. 

A  telemarketing virtual assistant or call center virtual assistant is a remote worker, which offers its services without the typical costs associated with operating a call center. Their tasks are to take care of all your non-client-facing tasks but can also be hired to do client-facing functions. 

These agents manage the outgoing as well as incoming calls. These calls can include account inquires, complaints, sales, and marketing efforts. They form a central element of your customer service strategy. 

A call center agent manages the outgoing, and incoming customer calls for a business. A call center agent is also called a customer service representative (CSR), telephone sales, contact center or agent service representative, associate, virtual assistant, attendant, account executive, operator or team member.

Firstly, cold calling is when a person reaches out to a prospective client to motivate them to use your service or buy your product. This action is done without their prior knowledge. Therefore it’s called cold calling. A virtual assistant is an independent worker assisting on a consultation basis. Consequently, a cold-calling virtual assistant is a person that reaches out via the phone to get more buyers for a company. 

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