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Virtual travel assistant

Hire a virtual travel assistant for stress-free travel scheduling.

A virtual assistant for travel planning, or virtual travel assistant, can take care of all travel management and planning for you and your team. This can include booking airline tickets, determining travel itineraries, making hotel-room reservations, and more.

The core tasks of a travel assistant

The main tasks a virtual assistant can help you with are: 

  • preparing a travel budget,
  • booking flights or train tickets,
  • organizing cab services at the destination,
  • rescheduling or even canceling flights,
  • reserving service apartments or Airbnb apartments,
  • making hotel reservations,
  • reserving cruise tickets,
  • sending out the travel plan reminders promptly,
  • making vacation planning,
  • managing the itinerary,
  • planning and scheduling meetings at the chosen destination.
Virtual travel assistant arranged a trip for their client.

The main benefit of hiring a remote travel assistant

The core benefit you and your company can gain is time. You will have more time to focus on more important aspects than searching for the best airline ticket or hotel room. Your remote assistant can make all the travel arrangements. These arrangements are not limited to business trips but include leisure travel. All arrangements can be made based on your needs and be totally personalized. Also, your virtual assistant can make recommendations of must-visit destinations hidden away − all of this while you enjoy priceless moments and stress-free travel.

Additional benefits

A virtual assistant can assist while you are away at a conference or enjoying some time off. Such a person can take care of your property or family arrangements. They can also answer your calls and manage your email inbox; therefore, you have less work to take care of when you return. Also, your assistant can liaise with your security company and house-sitter.

Hire your travel assistant today

If you are a busy executive and want a hassle-free travel experience, then you need a remote assistant to take care of your travel planning. The help ranges from researching destinations planning your travel plan, booking your flights and accommodation, and your transport, to looking for the best deals based on your needs and specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions 

A virtual or online travel assistant is a person that works remotely to help travelers with their travel activities and plans. These virtual assistants can assist with different tasks ranging from booking flights, hotels, and rental cars, providing recommendations for destinations and activities, managing itineraries,  to answering travel-related questions. 

A remote travel agent provides travel-related support and services to clients remotely, typically via phone, email, or online chat. They work as independent contractors or employees of a travel agency or a virtual assistant company. 

Usually, the personal travel planner and client usually communicate to discuss the client’s needs, preferences, and budget. The remote travel assistant then makes the necessary arrangements and provides the client with regular updates and confirmation of the bookings.

A travel planning assistant is a professional who provides personalized assistance and support to individuals or groups during travel planning and booking. They help clients select travel destinations, find the best flight or accommodation deals, arrange transportation, create itineraries, and make reservations. They can also assist with visa applications, travel insurance and provide recommendations on activities and local attractions. Therefore, a travel assistant makes the travel experience seamless, stress-free, and enjoyable for clients.

A travel desk is a dedicated service desk or counter typically found in hotels, airports, and other travel-related establishments that assist travelers with various aspects of their trip. The travel desk staff can offer services such as booking flights, arranging transportation, providing maps and directions, making hotel reservations, suggesting local attractions and activities, and providing other information that could help the traveler to plan and enjoy their trip. The travel desk can be an essential resource for travelers needing assistance or guidance during their trip, especially when visiting a new destination.




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