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Tech VA streamlines small business tech tasks

Various small companies and moguls find themselves in the modern world of tech. From booking systems, websites, chatbots, and email campaigns, to SEO and different types of Apps: this is where a tech virtual assistant (technical virtual assistant or tech VA) can be handy.

What is a Tech Virtual Assistant?

Broadly speaking, a technical virtual assistant, also known as a virtual support tech assistant or tech VA, is an assistant who works remotely from their own home office, handling the technical aspects of the business. A VA tech assistant is a lifeline for business owners and managers, especially those who find tech a tad overwhelming and need proper online security.

What are the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant for your technical needs?

The onboarding of skills possibly lacking in a business is clear thinking. Someone trying to manage the tech, which may not be their forte, while coping with other work, may cause all work to suffer neglect. You need to follow up on leads, sort out issues with the website, manage updates, optimize the SEO, build strong backlinks, and much more; all of this while attending meetings, delivering products, or running training sessions.

A tech VA, aka a technical virtual assistant, is handy: they can save you tons of time and make your business run much more smoothly and efficiently.

What are the main tasks a tech VA can take care of?

A tech VA can do website updates
  • Website updates – An internet assistant, or website maintenance virtual assistant, can help with additional web content, such as landing pages, lead magnets, or changing the navigation toolbar. They can assist your marketing team with new content, such as multimedia content aimed at mobile and computer platforms. Such could mean refreshing banner images, updating prices, adding in-sale items, or updating plugins if you are using WordPress.
A tech VA can manage yoru email campaigns
  • Email Campaigns – Email is still popular for engaging and communicating with your target audience. Some 81% of B2B marketing execs like to use email campaigns to disseminate their content marketing via newsletters. These can be newsletters sent out weekly, monthly, or as personalized, selecting people on your database who might find offers applicable. For instance, if you have several stores but want to promote items that aren’t selling at your Houston branch, you only send emails to people in the Houston area, not the whole of America. 
A tech virtual assistant can manage your social media
  • Social Media – A technical asst virtual assistant can also schedule the social media content according to your marketer’s marketing plan.
A tech virtual assistant can help source images
  • Source Images – Images can make a difference – but these images also need to be in line with your brand identity. Sourcing images, however, is laborious work. Additionally, these images, once used, or allocated to a particular content or landing page, will need to have their ALT text adapted to make the main keyword of the page or blog post. Besides that, the images will also need to be optimized: large images can slow down your website, which can negatively influence your SEO score.
A tech VA can help with your SEO
  • Basic SEO – A good technical VA will have an excellent grasp of SEO. With such relevant skills, they can improve your SEO, index pages, and video files with Google.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Virtual Technical Support is technical support offered by a skilled technical virtual assistant or tech virtual assistant. In other words, virtual support tech is provided from a different location. Moreover, virtual assistant savvies are also solid techies and can specialize in a particular technology. For instance, you can find a virtual tech assistant with technical skills, including web design. The technology assistant is then referred to as a WordPress assistant, which would be able to assist you with your WordPress website.

A technical administrative assistant is a person that offers administrative support to a company and which focuses on technical tasks. These tech assistants may be responsible for completing jobs like managing schedules, arranging travel, preparing reports and presentations, maintaining databases, managing projects, and assisting with technical tasks such as software installation and troubleshooting. Strong organizational and communication skills and technical proficiency in relevant software and tools normally back the technical support they offer.

A virtual technical assistant is responsible for providing tech assistance to clients, entrepreneurs, and small business owner and owners. This may include troubleshooting hardware and software issues, assisting with the setup of new equipment, and providing training and support on using unique applications. Technical virtual assistants or rock solid virtual assistants savvy in tech may also manage client data and files and provide customer service support.

There are many benefits of hiring a technical virtual assistant. Perhaps the most obvious benefit of hiring technical virtual assistants is that they work from anywhere worldwide, as long as the virtual tech support have a reliable internet connection. This means a small business owner or entrepreneur can hire tech virtual assistants from any location and get access to a great techie mentor. Another benefit of hiring tech assistance is that they can assist with email marketing, clients, marketing campaigns, videos, and driving traffic to your website. More so, virtual assistance can be offered for desk tasks, such as repairing a phone, other hardware, the business network, printer, and scanner, administrative tasks, and website design. Moreover, virtual assistant technical skills add much-needed skills to a business, which can help boost efficiency. 

Any business owner needing admin, technical, or creative help can benefit from hiring a tech VA. Entrepreneurs, executives, small business owners, and busy professionals can benefit.

Tech VA or tech savvy virtual assistant communicates with their customers through various communication tools, such as online chat, email, phone, or video conferencing. These tech-savvy individuals use technology to certify seamless communication with their customers, no matter where they are based.

A technical assistant job description typically involves providing technical support and assistance to a business. This can include job tasks, for instance, setting up and maintaining computer systems and software, troubleshooting technical issues, conducting research, performing data analysis, and assisting with technical projects. Technical assistants are expected to have strong technical skills and knowledge and the ability to communicate technical information to non-technical colleagues. A technical assist or techva may also be responsible for managing schedules and budgets related to technical projects.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the prospects for tech VAs will vary depending on the specific industry and application. However, the opportunities for virtual assistant technical workers are generally very positive. As businesses seek ways to improve efficiency and cut costs, the demand for technical support virtual assistant is expected to grow.

In many cases, businesses use various technical platforms to reach their business goals. A tech stack is basically a bespoke combination of apps, tools, and other platforms that ensures that your business operates smoothly online.

A web-based tech stack for a small company typically comprises:

  • Affiliate programs such as ThriveCart
  • Payment Gateways & Processors: Stripe, or PayPal
  • Email Service Provider (ESP): ConvertKit, Mailchimp, or Active Campaign
  • Website: WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and/or Shopify
  • eCommerce solutions: WooCommerce, or Send Owl, etc.
  • Digital Course Delivery: Katra, Kajabi, Clixli, or Teachable
  • Funnel Programs: Clickfunnels, Deadline Funnel, or Leadpages.

Tech virtual assistants are remote workers that can assist with technology-related tasks, whereas other virtual assistants may have a broader range of capabilities, such as admin-related tasks such as personal scheduling or entertainment-related jobs

By delegating routine tasks and providing technical support, a virtual tech assistant can free up time for employees to focus on more strategic or creative tasks, leading to increased productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

A technical virtual assistant is the perfect hire for a company that want to reduce business costs while enhancing their productivity. A tech VA can handle different tasks, from data entry and customer support, but also more complex activities such as presentation and report creation. 

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