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What is an SEO Virtual Assistant? 

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) virtual assistant is a remote worker who specializes in helping businesses improve their online visibility and search engine rankings. They perform various SEO-related tasks, such as keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, content creation, and website analysis. SEO virtual assistants typically work remotely, and their primary goal is to help their clients’ websites rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and drive more organic traffic to their websites.

"We got set up with 6 VA's in a separate room, and in less than 1 month, we have outsourced the majority of our SEO work. It took a huge load off my partner and my shoulders and allowed us to finally take some well deserved time off after 3 years of working on building our affiliate business. The key to outsourcing effectively is finding the right people and if you are unsure if this is for you, get on a call with the Aristo team, they are super helpful."
Chris Ravnsborg
Christoffer Ravnsborg
CEO, Interlead

Benefits of Hiring an SEO VA

Your SEO virtual assistant or SEO VA can assist you in sharing your content by applying well-proven strategies, techniques, and tactics to secure your website’s high-ranking position on search engines, such as Google and Bing.

Moreover, those businesses ranging first will get 30% more clicks, and the percentage drops fast as you move down in the rankings. Therefore, it only makes sense to invest in your site’s SEO. 

Your online SEO virtual assistant specialist or SEO assistant will help with the following:

  • Foster a positive image around your brand and business
  • Influence clients’ decisions
  • Build stronger relationships with your clients
  • Gain an edge over your competition.
  • Get access to an expert in keywords, content optimization, Google analytics, links, web programming expertise, and more.
SEO virtual assistant working on laptop

Key Tasks of an SEO Virtual Assistant 

A virtual SEO assistant performs the following:

  • Keyword research
  • On-page optimization
  • Content creation
  • Link building
  • Technical SEO audits
  • Local SEO management
  • Performance tracking
  • Competitive analysis
  • Staying updated on SEO trends
  • Collaborating with clients and stakeholders.

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What is SEO marketing? 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing will ensure your content is more visible online, ranks higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), and improves your conversion rate and, ultimately, your profits. Achieve this by giving your website a boost. Increase your visibility on the ranging scale so more people talk about your products and services.​

An expert SEO marketer can handle all this by applying the latest SEO techniques, including keyword research, content creation, on-page optimization, link building, and analytics tracking.

Which Businesses Can Benefit from SEO?

Any business with an online presence, especially those lacking dedicated SEO expertise or struggling to keep up with ongoing tasks, can benefit from hiring a virtual SEO assistant. From startups to established brands, VAs can handle keyword research, optimize website content, build backlinks, manage social media marketing, and even delve into local or e-commerce SEO, ultimately boosting online visibility, driving traffic, and increasing potential customers.

Hire an SEO specialist Virtual Assistant.

Hiring a virtual assistant to manage your SEO is vital to boosting your organic search results and can be a scalable and affordable solution. At Aristo Sourcing, we understand the importance of SEO for businesses to increase their sales and enhance their online visibility. We know the importance of hiring great people who are good at doing it.

Contact us, and let us talk about your specific needs. We can source the right virtual assistant SEO for your unique needs. Someone who is the best virtual SEO assistant who can apply SEO tactics and SEO techniques to benefit your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

A search engine specialist is also known by different names, such as:

  • Search engine optimization SEO specialist
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert.

Moreover, this SEO specialist analyzes, reviews, and then changes a website; this process is called SEO optimization. SEO optimization aims to enhance the website’s ranking on different search engines, such as Google, to get the maximum traffic to your website. Additionally, the SEO expert completes SEO tasks following best practice principles. 

An SEO specialist identifies strategies, tactics, and techniques to boost the number of website visitors and aims to gain a high-ranking placement in search engines’ search results, such as Google or Bing. Moreover, generating additional leads for the company creates new opportunities for driving profit and growth.

If you, as a business owner, lack the skill to create keyword-rich SEO content that isn’t stuffed and still naturally sounding, you will not optimize your rankings on Google. Opt for great SEO expert virtual assistants and avoid monthly retainer fees or the need to hire an onsite person, which will cost you more. Let your virtual assistant manage your Search Engine Optimization by analyzing key metrics like page views, bounce rates, backlinks, link-building efforts, and other SEO tasks such as generating blog posts and other relevant content. You could use the internet and other platforms to reach your ideal customers and have the chance to scale your business faster with the right SEO assistance.

Your SEO service VA can help with the following tasks:

  • Keyword research. Search high-demand, low-competition keywords that will improve rankings and increase leads.
  • Industry research. Research trending topics, customer problems, and most used words and phrases, but also provide excellent keyword research support.
  • Competitor research. Research which keywords your competitors use so you can remain ahead of them. An SEO services VA, better known as an SEO virtual assistant, can manage this.
  • Local SEO services. Perform local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to cater to location-specific target groups.
  • Backlink building. Create backlinks to useful websites to enhance link authority and diversity. Which will increase your Google page ranking

If you hire an SEO specialist, such as an SEO VA, they can assist you with the following: 

  • Professional search engine optimization can improve your rankings dramatically. If you hire an SEO specialist in local SEO, namely a local SEO VA, you can better target your local customer base. 
  • Save money, as hiring an SEO specialist virtual assistant is cost-effective over time.
  • You can have more time to do your core work, especially if you lack SEO knowledge or don’t want to learn how to become an SEO analyst. 

SEO (Search engine optimization) is sometimes used as a blanket term incorporating SEM, which stands for search engine marketing). However, typically, the term SEM refers to paid advertising. The two terms should be separate, as SEM is about driving traffic to a website using paid ads. In contrast, SEO uses techniques to drive traffic to a site organically and monitor traffic patterns. 

Yes, SEO is at the top of the list of key hard skills. This skill requires technical expertise, analytical abilities, and strategic thinking to optimize websites and content to rank higher in search engine results. Moreover, successful SEO involves knowledge of search engine algorithms, keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and other factors that impact rankings. With practice, experience, and continuous learning, you can develop and master the tricky skills of SEO.

The four types are: 

  1. On-page SEO (or on-site SEO) refers to anything on your website, such as product copy, blogs, and web copy. Moreover, on-page is key as it aids in the content being understood. 
  2. Off-page SEO (or off-site SEO) refers to anything that occurs away from your website that assists with your SEO strategy, such as backlinks. Additionally, this helps to boost your authority, which is very important for your site. 
  3. Technical SEO refers to anything technical undertaken to enhance your search rankings. For instance, site indexing assists bot crawling. Technical SEO helps to make your site discoverable. 
  4. Local SEO helps businesses be visible when people search locally on Google. 

Quality, authoritative content is the key driver of search engine rankings, and there is no substitute for original and great content, even with the rapid rise of AI technology such as ChatGPT and others. This is particularly true when conducting SEO marketing. Quality content for your intended user boosts your site traffic, improving your site’s relevance and authority. 

An SEO expert VA can perform a real act of thaumaturgy by enhancing your website’s search engine rankings by applying different methods, such as keyword research, on-page optimization, link building (including backlink building), content creation, and website analytics.

An SEO specialist remote assistant can perform keyword research, on-page optimization, link building (and backlink building), content creation, website analytics, local SEO optimization, e-commerce SEO optimization, social media marketing, paid search advertising, and reputation management.

You can find and hire an SEO expert virtual assistant through Aristo Sourcing. Book a free call with our outsourcing experts to guide you through the easy process. Book your call today

Yes, an SEO remote assistant can assist with keyword research by identifying relevant keywords and phrases that can be used to optimize a website’s content.

Indeed, an SEO expert VA can assist with local SEO optimization by optimizing a website’s content and citations to improve local search engine rankings. 

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