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Do not defer your administration tasks at your company, but hire a virtual personal assistant

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Your assistant will help you stay organized, allowing you to focus on your core work.

A virtual personal assistant or executive assistant can provide travel-related assistance for business trips or your family vacation. Such an aide can help manage your calendar, ensuring you never miss an important meeting, which is useful for busy business owners. Furthermore your emails can also be managed, allowing you to focus on what is more essential, which means the needs of the company. Also, your online personal assistant can help you with data research, invoicing, social-media coordination, and completing repetitive tasks. Additionally, they can assist with online research, personal tasks, calendar management, or helping with small business odds and ends all companies have to deal with.

What does a personal assistant do?

Your online associate might be unable to hand deliver your soy latte macchiato. However, they can place the order for you online and have it delivered. In addition, besides the secretarial and receptionist skills, many can also do additional tasks such as bookkeeping or even graphic design. Let us know your requirements, and we will source the right assistant for you. You can book a free consultation 

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An online aide is a person that works remotely. They offer administrative services from their home office. Some of these workers are highly skilled in various tasks such as social media management, graphic design, data entry, scheduling, content creation, management, and marketing. 

There is not much difference, except a virtual aide works remotely, whereas a personal assistant works on-site. They perform the same tasks, but an online aide can cost you less. 

Many entrepreneurs and owners of start-ups have realized the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant. But there are many more - actors, homemakers, and other online assistants are using the service to help with the time-consuming tasks. They then have the time to do the things they love, not what they need to do. 

The difference between a personal assistant and a virtual one is that a personal assistant is available in-person, and the other works remotely. However, both can complete the same tasks.

Yes. Some might brush a personal assistant off as an added cost or luxury, but this is incorrect. Hiring a personal assistant is an investment (in yourself). You will have more time to focus on your business and your family. With that, you would be able to get your work-life balance right.

A virtual executive assistant manages but also sources resources and conducts research, so they need to be well-informed about many things. Moreover, a virtual secretary must keep up-to-date with the latest apps and gadgets and professional best practices. What is very critical is communication - to ensure that there is proper communication for the CEO or entrepreneur. 

A personal assistant can go by different names, such as an executive, executive assistant, virtual assistance, virtual executive assistant, virtual personal assistants, executive virtual assistant, virtual secretary, executive virtual assistance, executive assistants, virtual personal assistance, or even virtual executive assistants.

A personal assistant working for a CEO or even any other Executive Committee member is called an executive assistant. They offer professional services to the organization's top management by providing high-level administrative support. Moreover, the executive assistant reports directly to the CEO, and their duties will depend on the CEO's needs. These duties include answering calls, email management, preparing presentations, or sending memos to employees.

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