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Do not defer your administration tasks at your company. Instead: Hire a virtual personal assistant

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What is a virtual personal assistant?

A virtual personal assistant or online personal assistant is a remote professional who provides administrative, organizational, and sometimes personal assistance to individuals such as digital nomads and entrepreneurs, but also for businesses.

A virtual private assistant effectively uses technology and digital tools to efficiently manage tasks such as appointment scheduling, email management, research, and handling various administrative tasks from a remote location.

Virtual personal assistants facilitate to elimination of time-consuming responsibilities, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on more collective aspects of their work or personal lives.
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Why hiring an assistant is important?

Your assistant will help you stay organized, allowing you to focus on your core work.

A virtual personal assistant or executive assistant can provide the following services:

  • offer travel-related assistance for business trips or your family vacation
  • help manage your calendar
  • ensure that you never miss an important meeting (rather useful for busy business owners)
  • manage your emails and calendar for you
  • conduct online data research
  • handle your invoicing
  • complete social-media coordination
  • and finish other repetitive tasks so you don’t have to

All of this, while you can focus on more essential work, which is needed for your company to grow. 


What does a personal assistant do?

Your online associate might be unable to hand deliver your soy latte macchiato, but they can place the order for you online and have it delivered. In addition, besides the secretarial and receptionist skills, many can also do additional tasks such as bookkeeping or even graphic design.

Typical tasks of a personal VA: 

  • Scheduling personal appointments and managing customer support
  • Data entry outsourcing
  • Conducting online research
  • Efficient calendar management
  • Assisting with small business needs (e.g., podcasts, customer support)
  • Handling phone calls and personal tasks, enabling work-life separation

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several vital steps to hiring a private virtual assistant. First, clearly define the tasks and responsibilities you want the personal online assistant to handle, along with your expectations for working hours and desired networking, and then contact Aristo Sourcing, which will source you a great match. Remember, once hired, communicate and provide feedback regularly to build a successful working relationship.

The critical difference between a personal assistant and a virtual assistant, who can work remotely using technology for communication, is how they conduct their tasks. Both roles involve using technology to facilitate their work, handling routine tasks, including documentation, and providing support in their respective areas of expertise.

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