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Efficient personal support: A virtual personal assistant transforms task management for individuals and businesses with enhanced productivity.

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What is a Virtual Personal Assistant?

A virtual personal assistant, adept in administrative and organizational support, operates remotely to efficiently manage tasks like appointment scheduling, email correspondence, and research. Tailored for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and businesses, these professionals streamline operations, freeing entrepreneurs to concentrate on broader aspects of their work and personal lives.
"We have been extremely happy with the service and support we have received from the Aristo team the last couple of months. There have been times we have given the team projects with massive amounts of work, and the core team, with help from extra Aristo resources, has completed the entire research project by next morning. We have been to trade shows, and our VAs have reached out to people in advance and gotten us appointments that have lead directly to sales."
Craigh Pollak
Craig Pollak
SVP, Social Survey
A Virtual Personal Assistant Working In Her Home Office

Why Hiring an Assistant is Essential?

Your assistant will help you stay organized, allowing you to focus on your core work.

A virtual personal assistant or executive assistant can provide the following services:

  • offer travel-related assistance for business trips or your family vacation
  • help manage your calendar
  • ensure that you never miss an important meeting (rather useful for busy business owners)
  • manage your emails and calendar for you
  • conduct online data research
  • handle your invoicing
  • complete social-media coordination
  • and finish other repetitive tasks, so you don’t have to

You can do all this while focusing on more essential work for your company to grow.

What Does a Personal Assistant Do?

Your online associate might be unable to hand deliver your soy latte macchiato, but they can place the order for you online and have it delivered. In addition, besides the secretarial and receptionist skills, many can also do additional tasks such as bookkeeping or graphic design.

Typical Tasks of a Personal VA: 

  • Manage calendars, appointments, customer support, reminders, and notifications.
  • Monitor and respond to social media messages
  • Basic data entry and database management tasks
  • Conducting online research
  • Coordinate travel arrangements
  • Provide general administrative support
  • Assisting with small business needs (e.g., podcasts, customer support), including expense tracking
  • Handling phone calls, emails, and personal tasks, enabling work-life separation

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to hire a virtual personal assistant?

There are several vital steps to take when hiring a private virtual assistant. First, clearly define the tasks and responsibilities you want the personal online assistant to handle, along with your expectations for working hours and desired networking. Then, contact Aristo Sourcing, which will source you a great match. Remember, once hired, communicate and provide feedback regularly to build a successful working relationship.

What is the difference between a personal assistant and a virtual assistant?

A personal assistant usually involves a human hired to aid with tasks, while a virtual assistant, in this context, refers to a person working remotely as an independent contractor. Unlike personal assistants, virtual assistants may not have a physical presence and operate independently. Both personal and virtual assistants aim to assist with tasks, but the key difference lies in the employment arrangement and physical presence.

Which type of virtual assistant is best?

In this context, identifying the most suitable virtual assistant refers to people working remotely as independent contractors depending on individual needs. Some may find independent virtual assistants with diverse skill sets and expertise better aligned with their specific requirements. Specialized virtual assistants, tailored to particular industries or tasks, could be considered ideal for more targeted support. Communication skills, reliability, and task proficiency are crucial in determining the best virtual assistant. Ultimately, the optimal choice depends on the user’s unique preferences and the nature of the tasks at hand.

Is there a high demand for virtual assistants?

A growing demand for virtual assistants refers to individuals working remotely as independent contractors. The rise of remote work and the gig economy has fueled this demand as businesses and individuals seek flexible support. Many companies outsource tasks to virtual assistants to optimize costs and access a global talent pool. The diverse skill sets offered by virtual assistants make them valuable for various tasks, from administrative work to specialized projects. As technology advances, the demand for skilled virtual assistants will likely continue to increase.

What is the role of a personal assistant?

A personal assistant’s responsibilities may include assisting with time and daily organization, arranging meetings, handling correspondence, and taking notes. Additionally, they can anticipate managing phone calls, scheduling meetings, sending emails, and coordinating events on behalf of their manager.

What does a PA to a CEO do?

To offer comprehensive executive assistance to the CEO, including managing their schedule, handling administrative tasks, arranging travel, and preparing for meetings. Additionally, will collaborate on specific projects and research as needed. The role also nurtures and enhances relationships with critical internal and external stakeholders.

What can a virtual personal assistant do?

A virtual personal assistant can manage your emails, schedule appointments, handle data entry, book travel, perform online research, and manage social media. They help with administrative tasks, saving time and allowing you to focus on more important work. They work remotely, providing flexible support tailored to your needs.

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