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Social media can be time-consuming. For instance managing your own social media can take up to 63% of your time daily. However strong digital visibility is vital to staying competitive. More so this is why this should be part of your overall digital marketing strategy. 

Let your VA manage your social media 

A social media assistant or social media strategist will set up your accounts correctly. In addition they will manage your social media accounts for you, In other words leaving you free to attend to your core work. Your social media manager assistant can research relevant content, the latest trends, and the behavior of your competition. Above all, such knowledge and awareness help your assistant to create eye-catching and engaging posts that your followers love. As a result, your remote assistant for social media marketing will devise campaigns, scheduling your content, curate content, and proofread content. Additionally your virtual social media manager can develop your social media strategy, and create ads for you. Above all, analytics will be engaged to enhance the performance of the digital campaigns, reaching the greatest number of potential clients. 

Get a great social media VA

At Aristo Sourcing, we understand that having great social media visibility is a vital aspect of digital marketing, irrespective of your industry. We also know that companies could upscale and compete successfully with their competitors with our help.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs to match you up with the perfect social media manager virtual assistant.

Key tasks of social media managers

  • Managing different social media platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. As well as other sites like Reddit, Quora, Stumbleupon, Digg, Foursquare, Mixx, and 
  • To respond to comments and answer questions to boost your engagement rates. 
  • Use tools to manage PPC campaigns directed to your targetted audience and within your budget. These paid campaigns can be on various channels, including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, or AOL.
  • A social media assistant can also send you reports on how the campaigns have faired. 

A social media assistant is also called a social media marketing VA or social media management virtual assistant. A social media VA works remotely and helps a company manage its social media channels.

General tasks include managing handles, scheduling posts, creating content, researching trends, and engaging with the audience.

A qualified virtual assistant can be a social media manager. As such, these managers will organize and handle the brand’s online presence by producing content, developing social media strategies, analyzing data, and managing campaigns and projects.

A media associate will deal with a company’s media-related tasks. More so, a media associate is responsible for the brand’s social media content and crafting content for websites and other editorial channels.

Generally, an Instagram virtual assistant is a social media virtual assistant. Their task is to gain followers fast. They will use different techniques to complete this task. A virtual assistant will assist with publishing content at optimal times with a pre-defined caption.

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