What a Virtual Assistant Social Media Manager Can Do For You

Engineers or doctors don’t see the value of social media. For many, these sites are merely fluff. However, social media helps brands become noticed − they are a great way to connect with their clients and build trust. If you are an engineer with a great new product, you want a matching social media presence. A virtual assistant social media manager can help you get there.

What to expect from a virtual assistant social media manager

A social media manager or remote social media assistant is utilized by many small startups that want to keep their business overheads low while scaling rapidly.

These companies want to attract venture capitalists to invest in their business. Many startups like to outsource their non-core tasks. This idea is something they have found on Google, which is known for outsourcing their non-core tasks.

Social media management is one of these non-core tasks. It is an essential yet much-overlooked task. Much occurs behind the scenes that are geared to gain the best results for every post released − the graphics, the copy, the timing, using influencers, and scheduling the posts.

A virtual social media assistant can manage these social media campaigns with ease. Moreover, the assistant will relieve busy executives of undue time spent on their social media channels.

This is valuable time that can be spent on their core work.

Some of the tasks of a virtual assistant social media manager

Managing different social media accounts: As part of managing various social media accounts, the virtual social media assistant would reply to comments and queries (predominantly negative comments).

However, they will also post engaging and fresh content, share others’ content, and schedule posts.

Pinpointing and interacting with your core target audience

You need to think big if you are a small startup with big dreams. It would help if you built your social media status quickly.

You do so by posting great content, engaging with the audience, and devising novel social media campaigns that draw the interest of potential new clients.

So, let a virtual assistant make these channels work for you!

Scheduling and calendar management

Planning is everything (well, not really, but it helps to be organized). A good social media calendar will provide explicit and informative content that can be released regularly.

Your business will appear active 24/7 and always available to help clients.

Here, a remote assistant will use software such as Hootsuite or others to schedule the posts so they go live on the correct date and at the right time.

Follow-up and marketing

Social media works well for startups that can’t post LinkedIn ads. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can be sources of leads for the sales team.

The sales team can connect with new leads via email marketing to intensify their story. The social media assistant will ‘warm the client up’ and bring them to the point where they feel they know and trust your brand.

However, this warm-up process is not instant – it can take a few months to materialize.

Virtual assistant social media manager working on a strategy

The benefits of hiring a social media virtual assistant

When companies start hiring, they typically limit their outreach to the city or town where they are located.

This works for on-site employees. Virtual assistants are not on-site employees.

Instead, virtual assistants such as social media virtual assistants or social media VAs are committed to a company but work remotely.

This means that a company can hire great talent for less and remain competitive. A virtual assistant is a game-changer for many businesses that can’t afford such highly qualified people locally.

Instead of lowering their expectations, these startups can onboard some of the best talent available – albeit from abroad.

Virtual assistants are a cost-effective staffing solution

Outsourcing means hiring people from elsewhere to accomplish your business tasks.

Typically, they do not command the fees on-site employees demand. Nor do you have to pay benefits or taxes for them.

This savings can be up to 70% on business overheads, especially if you add the savings on office supplies, a workstation, and office space.

How to Hire Your Virtual Assistant for Social Media

If you are ready to boost your social media, there are specific steps you should consider.

Write down the tasks you would like to delegate and who the person would need to keep updated.

We suggest speaking to an outsourcing expert if this is the first time you will hire a virtual assistant. Also, identify which channels you want to create and build your market dominance.

Let our experts guide and advise you. Prepare your questions – our people are there to help you. Aristo Sourcing offers a free consultation service. Book your complimentary 30-minute chat today

The recommendation is to onboard as soon as possible – since you will reap the benefits directly after kick-off.