Virtual Assistant for Social Media Marketing: Your Secret To Success

Posting the odd post on Instagram or Facebook is not good enough anymore, especially if you want to build your brand to increase sales. It would help if you had a solid social media strategy to stand out from the competition, never mind over the social media noise.

Going it alone, in most cases, takes you in the wrong direction. Startups and other business owners have begun to realize the efficacy of hiring a virtual assistant for social media marketing. In this article, we explore this game-changing strategy. 

What can you expect from a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is not an employee but a remotely located consultant who undertakes tasks for a business. In this case, a company would hire a virtual assistant to complete social media marketing tasks.

Also, social media assistants can manage your social media platforms for you. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Tumbler, and LinkedIn.

Moreover, an expert virtual social media assistant will know the types of audiences on each of these platforms. The virtual assistant will match the tone and wording to the audience on separate channels.

While your virtual assistant manages the social media channels, they free you up to do your core work. Below are a few virtual media virtual assistant jobs that a virtual virtual assistant can take care of.

Connect with your consumers.

The primary benefit of social media is that you can connect directly with your target audience. You can also expand your market. New clients and friends of your target audience can thus be reached.

But there is more than creating an image before copying and pasting it. A virtual assistant will read the market to understand the best tone and words. 

Such a person will create the campaign, schedule all the posts, and analyze their marketing efforts. Additionally, they will respond to comments and share content to grow followers.

Create a social media strategy.

Your virtual assistant for social media marketing will also be able to create your social media strategy. This strategy is the plan of action the social media campaigns want to employ.

More so, this strategy will clearly understand the target audience, the competition, and the tools or tactics that will be used to reach these goals.

Moreover, your social media assistant will know how to use hashtags to gain more traction online. Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram use hashtags.

These hashtags assist people in finding your posts and increase your chances of having your content shared. 


Using paid ads is an essential and critical component of any social media strategy. These can be paid advertising on Facebook (including Instagram) and other channels, namely, Twitter and LinkedIn.

However, when you upload any paid ads on Facebook, you must also upload a similar range of advertisements on Google to boost your results. And if you think that organic ads suffice, think again.

There are about 2.89 billion users on Facebook monthly. Facebook favors paid ads over organic ads. Facebook has caused a 52% drop in organic ads compared with paid ads. This means that the best results will be achieved via paid ads.

Manage your influencer marketing efforts.

Using influencers to promote your products is still commonplace. However, managing influencers to ensure they complete their tasks and represent your brand correctly can be daunting and time-consuming.

Your virtual assistant can perform this task to ensure that using social media influencers benefits your brand.


Although not all virtual assistants for social media marketing can edit, some can. Otherwise, there are virtual editing assistants who can complete these tasks.

This would involve editing videos and photos on various social media channels. The social media jobs would include ensuring the videos are in the proper formats and length for each social media platform.

Adding content

Content is not just the copy attached to an image for a post. However, content would also be an SEO strategy to drive traffic to your website.

This would include landing pages and tools like adding and managing a blog. Yet, not only blogs can add value. Other sources include infographics, white papers, and case studies.

Time to hire a virtual assistant for social media marketing

If hiring a virtual assistant to manage social media marketing is pricey, think again. Hiring such a person is less expensive than hiring an onsite employee.

They also cost less than you would do the work yourself. Especially over the long term, hiring a remote assistant saves a business up to 70% on their overheads.

However, if you are unsure about hiring a virtual assistant and whether this will be right for you and your company, contact our outsourcing expert. Let our expert guide you and offer straightforward advice to help you grow your business.

Book your complimentary consultation today – and find out whether outsourcing your social media marketing is the correct route.

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