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Boost Your Online Sales with a Virtual Assistant for eCommerce

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Virtual eCommerce assistants have become common in many eCommerce businesses. From small online businesses to much larger companies, business owners and managers are gaining more using this form of staffing solution. Nevertheless, a virtual eCommerce assistant falls under the larger group, namely virtual assistants, which are hired to save the company money and boost productivity. These remote assistants or virtual assistants work remotely and add high-quality skills to a business at a fraction of the cost when compared to an on-site employee. In this article, we are going to explore the benefits of hiring an eCommerce virtual assistant! But first, let’s explain what a virtual assistant for eCommerce is and how they can assist you.

A virtual assistant for eCommerce 

With the increase in eCommerce businesses, so too was there a demand for highly qualified staff to assist these businesses with their daily tasks. Moreover, there was a need to apply a staffing solution that would be cost-effective – and with outsourcing, the logical answer was an eCommerce virtual assistant.

Like other virtual assistants, they work remotely and work not as an employee but as a consultant for the eCommerce business. Below are some of the benefits these remote helpers assist online businesses with.

Actionable benefits of a virtual assistant for eCommerce 

The core reason to hire a virtual assistant for an eCommerce business is to increase the online store’s efficiency. This as these remote assistants are skilled at organizing, sorting out, and updating the site with new products.

Additionally, they will load sales offers and help to optimize your site. This can be on WordPress, Shopify, or if you have your site on Amazon. But regarding an eCommerce job, your virtual assistant will be skilled to complete complex tasks, thus freeing you to focus on your core work.

Most of all, a remote assistant can boost business productivity, which can increase sales.

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Selling on Amazon

The tasks that can be assigned to an Amazon virtual assistant can help the business owner to save time, reduce overheads, and add many skills to the business.

These tasks are, for instance:

Vital Tasks Performed by Amazon Virtual Assistants

Conduct product research

The Amazon virtual assistant can help with product research. In other words, they can find the wholesale rate; get the best prices after negotiating with suppliers, and get product samples that can be marketed on your Amazon site.

Complete Amazon competitor analysis

It is rather critical to have a good grasp of what the competition is doing. This allows a business to release products and marketing that stand out.

Also, with the gathered knowledge, you can draft a marketing strategy that exploits the competition’s weaknesses while enhancing your own business performance.

Enhance customer service

A remote assistant can help enhance the customer’s experience by assisting with customer service. This means they can reply to clients, address and assist them, sort out problems with deliveries, and help with refunds and returns.

Therefore making the shopping experience more easily which will enhance customer service and increase the chances of retaining these clients.

Assist with Amazon listing creation and optimization

Ensure the listings are well organized and accurate as per Amazon guidelines. More so, an Amazon assistant can assist with tracking but also make sure all you have been done to optimize a listing.

This can also include checking how it ranks for exact Amazon keywords to managing the optimization of the listings. Therefore, a remote assistant can assist with tracking your Amazon performance.

Processing order

In terms of order processing, responsibilities that a virtual Amazon assistant can assist with includes sending in FBA inventory, tracking down Amazon barcodes for all units, downloading the shipping labels, checking shipments, but also to check the units received.

Image enhancement support

Pictures are important to market your product online, especially on Amazon. Here the remote assistant can help with editing and design.

This might include design tasks such as designing logos, listing images, creating infographics, and editing photos.

Maintaining proper reporting

Knowing where your money is going and where you are making a profit is fundamental to success. In terms of running an eCommerce business, this will involve drafting reports from example, PayPal.

These reports will indicate the cancellations, refunds, and purchases made. This admin task can be time-consuming, although necessary. Allowing a remote assistant to manage your ERP software means someone does the work efficiently and for much less than you.

You, the founder or manager, can then merely look up the products to gauge if you need to make any strategic changes in terms of what time of products you should be listing and which are not worth listing.

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Add another dimension to your business

To stand out, you need to understand your market, their needs, and the developments your competition is taking so you are one step ahead of them.

More so, you need to add value to your clients – this can be free recipes, fun quizzes that they complete, useful DIY tips, and other hacks to make their lives easier.

If, for instance, you have a WordPress site as your eCommerce site, it’s easy to add a blog section. You can then have either an eCommerce virtual assistant or a Virtual content writer to help you with useful content.

Reach a new audience

Your virtual assistant offers a great benefit to help you reach a wider audience. This can be via applying technical SEO to your independent website or using organic and paid posts on social media.

Firstly, the eCommerce Assistant will research where your possible target audience is, then create a social media strategy to reach them – be it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Also, they will create graphics using online tools such as Gravit Designer or Canva to create creative that aligns with your branding.

However, reaching out is not limited to social media – you might want to start a lead-generation outreach to increase your database. Here a skilled lead generation virtual assistant would be useful.

Keep your bookkeeping in check

Bookkeeping can be a bit dull for most creative people, and if you are one, then don’t stress, a remote assistant can take care of this task. You will need to have your books up-to-date, especially when it comes to tax season. Also, there are different ways you can reduce your taxes. 

Final words

A virtual assistant offers many benefits to an eCommerce business. If you are ready to explore the possibilities of more sales and profit, contact us.

You can send us an online message or schedule a complimentary discovery call. Our outsourcing expert is ready to assist you with your questions and will provide no-nonsense advice to help you scale your business successfully.

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