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Last Updated on September 13, 2023

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If you own an eCommerce store or want to start your own, a virtual assistant for eCommerce businesses is necessary for steady eCommerce growth.

Once established, many owners of marketplace stores on Amazon, Shopify stores, and independent eCommerce stores are making six-figure revenues. Much of this success is linked to scaling the eCommerce business with the help of eCommerce virtual assistants.

However, more than just scaling and making more money, many eCommerce business owners aim to become independent and work less.

How can you earn more and work less?

The secret is to delegate the workload to a team of skilled workers. However, hiring qualified employees onsite is not cost-effective; how can you make money and grow your business?

Using virtual assistant services for e-commerce businesses is a game-changer. Delegating the work to an eCommerce virtual assistant means the business owner will have more time to accomplish core work, resulting in more free time.

As the business grows, the owner will delegate more tasks to additional virtual assistants. Eventually, all the tasks can be outsourced to remote assistants, thus completely freeing up the business owner’s time to spend in whatever way.

This means the business owner can focus on opening an additional venture or choose to have a more relaxed life with family, loved ones, and friends.

What are the three primary responsibilities of a virtual assistant for eCommerce businesses?

It is important to note that there are different types of virtual assistants, each with a different skill. However, a remote assistant can generally assist with research-based tasks, such as product listings, managing the inventory and pricing, optimizing the product lists, processing returns and exchanges, fulfilling orders, keeping the bookkeeping up to date, and assisting with customer support.

Other tasks undertaken by a virtual assistant for an eCommerce store include conducting competitive analysis and market research.

In addition, there are email management and admin-related tasks such as managing the database and scheduling appointments. Other tasks can be social media management or even website upkeep.

virtual assistant for ecommerce business helping team with their work

How to hire a virtual assistant for e-commerce to gain ecommerce growth

The first step is to identify the tasks you want to delegate. Such will include time-consuming and mundane tasks. This will often consist of non-core tasks such as social media management.

The best idea is to list your tasks before deciding which of these you want to offload. If you are new to outsourcing, this can feel daunting.

Therefore, we suggest a consultation session with one of our outsourcing experts at Aristo Sourcing. You can then easily discuss your needs and what you see as your goal and future.

You can also identify at which stage of upscaling you are with your business. This will determine the type and number of virtual assistants you might require for the scaling to work.

Which virtual assistants for e-commerce businesses are available?

As mentioned before, there are many types of virtual assistants. Finding the best remote assistant depends on the business and the business needs.

For instance, if the business is an Amazon business, its needs would differ somewhat from those of a Shopify business. Popular virtual assistants assisting eCommerce stores include:

  • Personal virtual assistant
  • A virtual HR assistant
  • Virtual data entry assistant
  • A virtual bookkeeping assistant
  • Marketing remote assistant
  • A virtual research assistant
  • Virtual project management assistant
  • A virtual customer service assistant
  • Virtual SEO assistant
  • A virtual content writing assistant
  • Virtual social media assistant.

However, this list is not inclusive – to see more, visit our service page.

Final thoughts

Thinking strategically by hiring people who can do the work for less than you can help you to earn six or even seven figures annually.

Therefore, hiring a basic eCommerce virtual assistant to boost your eCommerce growth then the first step in delegating tasks to others to free up your time and save money. As the business scales, the next step is to hire more specialized talent, such as a virtual graphic designer assistant, or to onboard a virtual HR assistant to deal with staffing issues, including payrolls.

The staffing solution of outsourcing the eCommerce tasks to a remote assistant is economical. It is cost-effective in that business overheads are reduced.

When you are ready to scale your business, do make contact with a reputable and experienced outsourcing company.

Aristo Sourcing is here to support you, to grow, and increase your full potential. Book your free consultation with our outsourcing expert today!


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