A Virtual Assistant for Amazon −Do you Need One?

Are you considering selling on Amazon? The benefit of selling on this e-commerce platform is that you need not worry about clients: it is such a vast platform. Clients also trust this e-commerce channel. More so, its website functionality and operation simplicity are excellent. The fees are a bit high.

There are strict customer service rules, and you will have minimal control. The biggest concern is that your brand will compete against itself – as Amazon’s products are typically better priced. It is still a great platform to be on.

Hiring a virtual assistant for an Amazon account would help to make the process easier for you.

Before you hire a virtual assistant, you need to ask yourself: When is the right time to hire a virtual Amazon assistant?

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When is the right time to hire a virtual Amazon assistant?

Most businesses hire a virtual assistant when their company has become large enough to warrant this when their workload is increasing. Yet many companies make the mistake of not hiring early enough.

A virtual assistant can complete the same work as an on-site hire but at a fraction of the cost. The business owner will save money and time, which can be spent expanding the company or investing in another startup.

What Can an Amazon Virtual Assistant Do?

The tasks assigned to an Amazon VA depend on the business owner. Everyday tasks are set, from marketing to offering excellent customer service.


In digital marketing, a virtual assistant can help with content development. This includes writing articles, product descriptions, social media posts, and website copy. Besides writing content, a VA can help with infographics, videos, and graphics for social media channels and marketing campaigns. 

Social media management is a vital skill for such assistants. A remote assistant can also help run competition reviews, using the data to enhance the company’s marketing strategy. Additionally, a virtual worker can help with paid media ads, seasonal discounts, and sales.

Customer Service

An Amazon virtual assistant job would also include offering excellent customer care. This is key since 75% of clients will buy a brand if the perception of their client care is good.

Moreover, a virtual Amazon assistant can enhance customer service. This can be done both by answering inquiries and resolving disputes. Stats prove that 75% of customers will continue to purchase from a brand that delivers a consistent service experience across platforms.

It is essential to ensure that social media channels are managed. Clients want to know they can reach out and that the business will respond.

Sourcing Great Products

An Amazon VA can help with sourcing new products. This will be done while adhering to standards and keeping costs down, which is critical when the business is an Amazon FBA.

There are various sites to source products, such as wholesale, drop shipping, retail and online arbitrage, white label products, and other e-commerce sites like Alibaba.com. In addition, products can be sourced from thrift stores and auctions.

Inventory Management

Products that are out of stock represent a loss of income. Your virtual assistant would help ensure the inventory is kept up to date.

This greatly benefits customer service, and the client experiences fewer frustrations. The virtual assistant will provide you with items that are not overstocked and do not sell well. This saves spending capital on the stock that does not move.

Optimizing the Amazon Page

A qualified virtual assistant for Amazon will have a good grasp of SEO. The remote assistants can search and locate the right keywords, including long-tail keywords. These keywords will help to maintain the listing higher on the search listing. This will also help the product stand out from the competition.

Review Moderation

Negative reviews are sometimes posted on Amazon. Even though Amazon aims to control fake reviews, some companies hire content writers to draft reviews for them. They then post these negative reviews and positive thoughts to impact the sales.

This aims to hurt the competition, primarily by creating a sense of doubt about their product. Simultaneously, the company posts positive reviews of its products. New clients scan the reviews and customer comments before deciding whether to buy a product.

Moreover, these negative reviews can damage the brand’s value. The Amazon virtual assistant job is there to moderate these comments. They can report fake reviews and comments to help the clients. This will also help customer service. Clients will trust a company that cares about its clients.

Rounding It Up

An Amazon virtual assistant can help a business owner to ease stress levels. An Amazon virtual assistant job is multifunctional. As seen above, a virtual assistant can complete various tasks. Such an assistant is a massive asset to the business and the business owner. Owners can relax about the quotidian management of the company and spend time on upscaling.

Your next step: A Virtual Assistant for Amazon −Do You Need One?

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3 Key Takeaways 

Here are the three key takeaways from the article:

  • Selling on Amazon has both advantages and disadvantages:

    • Benefits: Huge customer base, trusted platform, easy website navigation.
    • Drawbacks: High fees, strict customer service rules, limited brand control, and competition with Amazon’s products.
  • Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) can significantly benefit your Amazon business:

    • Cost-effective: VAs offer services similar to on-site hires at a lower cost.
    • Workload management: VAs can handle various tasks, freeing up your time to focus on growth.
  • A good Amazon VA can handle a wide range of tasks, including:

    • Marketing: Content creation, social media management, keyword research for SEO.
    • Customer Service: Answering inquiries, resolving disputes, managing social media interactions.
    • Product Sourcing: Finding new products at competitive prices.
    • Inventory Management: Keeping track of stock levels and managing orders.
    • Review Moderation: Monitoring reviews and reporting fake ones.

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