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Why a Virtual Assistant for Entrepreneurs is a Huge Asset


Here are some ways a virtual assistant or VA can radically transform your life

Entrepreneurs wear many hats − this can be challenging if not exhausting. The result is that many entrepreneurs suffer burnout simply because they are overloaded with work. However, hiring a virtual assistant can ease this pressure dramatically − the lifestyle change cannot be overstated. This concept of hiring a VA to assist is not new − it’s been popular for years. It was however, the book The 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferriss that brought this concept to the masses. Onboarding a remote worker isn’t achieved simply by hiring someone – no, you need to hire the right people so as to benefit from their assistance. With this comes skills and understanding of people during the interview and screening stages.

Why should you delegate work to others?

Successful entrepreneurs have learnt the skill of delegation. However, regrettably, not all entrepreneurs understand this concept very well. With delegation comes learning how to trust the members of your team. After all, the reason they have been hired is to do their work – enabling you to focus on your own work. The benefit of delegation is that you can prevent burnout. You will then have time for your hobbies and for spending with your family and friends. Your remote assistant can meanwhile accomplish all data-entry tasks, manage your schedule and emails, conduct market research, help with content writing, web development, SEO, and more.

Say cheerio to procrastination

There are some tasks that are time-consuming and mundane, and can be done by someone else for much less than it would cost you. It makes absolute sense, then, to hire virtual assistance for these tasks. Some people really enjoy and do well at managing schedules, setting appointments, and conducting SEO − and these are people who are usually very good at the task. Taking on someone like this will give you so much more time for yourself; while you have peace of mind that your work is done.c

Fewer demanding deadlines

Projects that demand fast turnarounds can be a challenge if you have many other things on the go that are equally important. Your remote assistant can help to complete these projects for you speedily and efficiently. Tasks can range from initiating the digital marketing campaign, managing an inventory for your eCommerce business, to even conducting research for you on your competition.

The least expensive option 

Instead of paying costly rent for an office, you can reduce your business overheads by hiring a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are great should you want to build a team as you scale up, at the same time managing your budget. Your main cost will be the wage paid to your remote workers − you will not need many onsite staff. Likewise, subject to the country in which the virtual helper lives, the hourly rate could be less than what you would pay a local onsite worker.

Select from an extensive variety of talent 

Because virtual helpers are sourced all over the world, you are not restricted to hiring assistants living locally. You will have many more highly talented candidates to select from. Just note that not all virtual assistant agencies source their talent from native-English speaking countries. Therefore, you need to be careful. However, we at Aristo Sourcing, for example, source great talent from English-speaking countries.

What is next?

If you aren’t 100% sure, or need some extra help to guide you through the onboarding process, don’t worry – simply book a session with our outsourcing expert who has over 10 years of experience. You will have secure guidance. Moreover, Aristo Sourcing guarantees you ongoing support for the duration of time that the remote worker is with you. This is of immense benefit. You will soon gain that independence you crave.

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