Insurance Agent Virtual Assistant To Increase Your Profit

Outsourcing is nothing new, with many large international corporations such as Unilever outsourcing much of their work to consultants.

The insurance sector can also benefit from this modern-era development in which an agency can save money, increase productivity, and ultimately boost profits by hiring a virtual insurance assistant. 

Learn how a virtual assistant agent can help your business or agency grow and grow more rapidly.

How can an insurance agent virtual assistant benefit your business?

With many agencies offering their services virtually, there is no need to have a large office.

Virtual employees can do the same work as on-site personnel but for much less. It’s great to have people to help you, and you have built a bond with them, but many employees outgrow their skills and should be doing something more meaningful in your agency or business.

Here, an insurance virtual assistant can do administrative work at a lower cost.

Simultaneously, you and your team will have time to focus on producing better products, increasing your marketing efforts, expanding your business, and having more conversations with your clients.

Is it easy to find great talent?

The simple answer is no. Research has found that 62% of hiring managers have looked to remote working talent to assist them.

Many job seekers are not keen to travel to an office. Such folk opt for working remotely − if they are forced to travel, they will ask for higher salaries.

How does one source great people to benefit a business? 

For instance, an agency or company may seek top talent, settling for remote workers. Virtual assistants can do the same work as those on-site but at a much lower cost.

When virtual workers are onboarded, a business can also increase its diversity, which can have a commanding effect on the company. It is said that culturally and ethnically diverse teams are 33% more lucrative than those not.

In addition, virtual workers eliminate any subconscious unfairness towards other ethnic groups, eradicating barriers that may keep your trade from attaining diversity. Hiring virtual assistants could increase productivity by 20% to 25%.

What other benefits can a virtual assistant offer?

More than gaining access to great talent living abroad for much less, an agency or business can save on business overheads such as rent, workstations, and other utilities.

All such costs are a massive drain on company profits, impeding the steady growth of the business.

Going the virtual route allows a company to save and use its resources to enhance the customer’s experience, spending more on marketing to gain more clients.

What tasks can a virtual assistant complete?

The task list will depend on your business requirements. Most popular tasks include making the most of your client relationship management or associate management systems.

The VA will also assist with organization and lead management, handle email and marketing, help with virtual reception service and as a team concierge, conduct cold calling, and assist with internal quote preparation. 

The list, naturally, is not exhaustive − it is up to you to designate the tasks you require.

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