Are Native English Speakers better for Customer Care?

In the past, many companies have outsourced their customer care positions to people in India or even the Philippines. This is purely for greater cost-effectiveness for the business. The labor is cheaper; however, is it worth hiring a virtual customer service assistant based in India if you are native English?

What is the difference between the cost of hiring a virtual customer service assistant based in India or a native English-speaking country? In this article, we unpack the difference and decide whether it is worth paying somewhat more for a better quality virtual assistant. But what is customer service, and why is it vital for business success?

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Customer Care

Customer service is the support you provide to your clients. This can be supported before or after the client has purchased. The customer service, if correctly provided, makes the buying experience superior. The goal is always to retain the client, who then becomes a regular and who will promote your brand.

Your brand will influence others in the client’s circle. It is certainly more cost-effective to retain a client than to source another. It will cost a business five times more to gain a new client than to have one.

Why Is Customer Service Suitable for Business?

Competition is challenging for many companies. Lousy customer care will not benefit any business. Moreover, if the firm increases customer retention by 5%, the company profits can increase by 25% to 95%. Additionally, it is 60% to 70% easier to sell to an existing client.

By contrast, to sell to a new client, the success rate is around 5% to 20%. Besides the financial benefits, customer service also helps a company compete effectively. Clients do not buy only on the price or quality of the product. More so, for clients, the entire shopping experience is evaluated.

Moving Beyond Simply Offering a Fantastic Experience

It is known that around 89% of businesses will need to compete based on customer experience. However, successful companies have moved beyond merely offering a good purchase experience.

Businesses that address immediate problems and predict possible problems, seeking solutions, are all the stronger for their preparation. These companies go above and beyond the immediate. The result is that these companies can upsell more efficiently, staying ahead of the competition.

Using a Virtual Assistant to Offer Excellent Service

Many companies have realized they can onboard staff using an outsourcing staffing model, saving business expenses. A virtual assistant for customer service is a perfect solution. Virtual assistants can be based anywhere in the world, working remotely. Initially, the trend was to hire from countries such as India and the Philippines.

However, English-speaking clients’ demands have escalated: clients in countries such as America, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, or Australia seek native English-speaking assistance.

Why Is a Native English Speaker in Such Demand?

Native English speakers can speak English clearly and confidently, using good pronunciation. Besides conversing coherently in the language, they engage more readily with the client. With customer service, the critical focus is engagement.

Also, a cultural difference is noticeable in non-native English speakers. This can inhibit good communication. Clients based in English-speaking countries have become impatient with customer service assistants who do not immediately pick up cues.

With increased competition, these clients switch providers or buy from the competition, where they are assisted by someone of their own cultural and language group. There is an increasing demand for native English-speaking assistants.

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How Do You Find Virtual Assistants for Customer Care Services?

When you are ready to onboard a virtual assistant, particularly a virtual customer service assistant, some good advice is to seek an expert in the field. Aristo Sourcing has, since 2014, been successfully filling customer service positions for businesses.

Speaking to our outsourcing experts is best when hiring a virtual assistant for customer service. You will then define the unique requirements for your business. The team will immediately source native English-speaking candidates for your team.

Other Ways to Boost Your Customer Service

Besides hiring a native English-speaking virtual assistant for your customer care, there are other measures you can take. For instance, the team should be working as a team. Proper communication among the team is essential. More complex and technical queries are best directed to your technical department. However, a team member should listen to and share the client’s feedback. Listening is a critical communication skill. Empathy and a better understanding of the client’s real concerns come with active listening.

When the client provides positive feedback – share it! It will be fantastic for your marketing. It would help if you also were sincere, friendly, and honest. Additionally, give your team members proper ongoing training on your products to boost their product knowledge. You should identify ways of enhancing processes to make the customer service experience more pleasant.

To Round Up: Are Native English Speakers Better for Customer Care?

Customer service is vital to a business, especially offering excellent customer service to clients. It can boost profits, maintain clients, and save the company money on marketing. As markets become more used to internet shopping and services offered abroad, there is a demand for great talent from native English-speaking countries.

This is especially true for customer service. The effect is that businesses sourcing virtual assistants for customer service are seeking native English speakers instead of anyone who calls India or the Philippines home. The cost of a native English-speaking virtual customer service assistant may be slightly higher; however, considering the client’s demands overrides the costs.

It’s Time to Contact Aristo Sourcing

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