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How to Hire Your First Virtual Assistant

Large international corporations, such as those in the consumer goods sector, have benefited from using virtual assistants to boost their progress and beat the competition. Indeed, virtual assistants are game-changers. Virtual assistants here don’t refer to artificial assistants like Siri or other AI virtual assistants. But assistants here refer to super-star talent that works remotely. Moreover, virtual assistants don’t only save you cost-to-company expenses. They allow multinational corporations, massive and clumsy, to be agile and adapt when needed. Not only does this save money, but one has access to the best talent when needing to solve tricky problems. But you must know how to hire your first virtual assistant to benefit. 

If you hire your first virtual assistant – pick the right one! 

The Philippines has been the most popular country to source virtual assistants for outsourcing work. However, things have changed – there is a growing demand for virtual assistants (VAs) to be native English speakers, an issue the Philippines cannot overcome. This means that, in some cases, the cost to a company might increase slightly. However, the higher price is offset by the standard of service provided – something that customers are demanding. Therefore, your first step would be to consider your needs, which comprise your market, and whether you can brush off the loss of clients owing to poor service. Assuming that you have opted for a virtual assistant to augment your business – what’s next? 

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What is the #1 factor to consider when making your first hire?

Attitude! Currently, the millennial generation and those that will come after them are the best-educated people in the world. As such, the talent pool is significant – but talent alone isn’t enough.

To have a great fit with your company culture, especially looking at a long-term hire, you need to consider someone with a positive attitude. This is not something that comes with a degree. However, it will indicate how an employee will collaborate with others, whether or not they follow a flexible approach, whether they are open to change, their problem-solving skills, and how they respond to responsibility. For that reason, some businesses or entrepreneurs focus simply on attitude because skills can be taught, not attitude. As Mads Singers said, “If you try to do things that don’t match your personality, you will fail.”

However, if you have a great person to work for you, you still need to consider the costs and your expectations. The main idea behind hiring a virtual assistant is that they can do the same work you could do but for less. You will thus free up a lot of your time to focus on more strategic tasks aimed at upscaling and adding growth to your business faster. This is a goal of many an entrepreneur. 

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Ask which virtual assistant tasks have the best ROI if you hire your first virtual assistant. 

Every business reaches a stage where they need help and can be augmented by a VA. This could be because your goal has changed, or you need to take the next step to a higher level, and one of the many ways is to hire a virtual assistant. However, four main tasks can be provided for much less once you have hired a virtual assistant.

Sending out pitches 

In performing lead generation, a VA can send out pitches to customers. More so, they will research which opportunities are good leads and follow up on them on your behalf.

Creating email funnels 

A good trick with email marketing is drip marketing to slowly build trust with your potential new customer, driving them to convert. However, it would help if you perfected all your email templates with these campaigns. This requires serious attention. The timing, thus scheduling, copy, and layout must be flawless to attract the reader’s attention. Here your assistant can set up an automatic sequence of emails. In terms of ROI, you will reduce costs while reaching your market.

To respond to emails – even answer the phone

A time-wasting task is responding to emails, which is crucial for your customer service score. Especially during busy seasons, the number of emails can be overwhelming. A virtual assistant can assist you in economically lessening the burden by managing your inbox via their computer and the internet. Also, getting to the clients faster means increasing your sales; if you are offering a service, you can get your proposals to the positional client soonest.

Edit and publish your blogs

Content marketing is extensive, and for a reason – it attracts people to your website. It also helps with SEO, which helps with your rankings on Google or Bing. The higher your rankings, the better – there is a massive difference between ranking at spot one versus being in the 100th spot. Nevertheless, your virtual assistant can help to be in charge of your blogs, loading the posts duly to be released at the suitable date and right time to suit your campaigns. Some online virtual apps claim to be able to rewrite your posts and edit them to near perfection; unfortunately, this is not true. The AI developed is far from accurate, mostly since language is complex. Data scientists are working on a solution to analyze language more in-depth, such as adequately recognizing all the suitable English tense forms so that the final piece can be read instead of a collection of nonsensical sentences. The human touch is thus still needed, and this is where a virtual assistant comes in handy. 

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Why you should hire virtual assistants

The main idea about hiring a virtual assistant is to upscale (and quickly, but still manage your overheads and duties and lessen your responsibilities) and build a proper system. This is because “the essence of being successful has great systems.” A virtual assistant is a central part of this practice and allows for flexibility, sudden change, and meeting the demand curve so you can make the needed changes.

How to hire a virtual assistant the right way the first time?

Below is a checklist for employers to ensure a great working relationship with their employees:

  • When virtual assistant hiring, did you explain the work expected from your newly engaged employee?
  • Also, when hiring virtual assistants or any candidates such as an administrative assistant or an Amazon virtual team member, did you provide all the needed materials and equipment the worker might need?
  • Do you create an environment where employees can flourish and do their best work?
  • Do you, or a line manager, make an effort to listen to the employee?
  • Have you rewarded your employees with praise and recognition? For instance, if they are doing good work on accounting projects and meeting deadlines, do you listen to the opinions of your employees?
  • Is the whole team committed to providing quality work?

These are only a few questions you can ask yourself. However, we highly recommend the Mads Singers course Effective Management Mastery. Master the skills to build a proper system, which will help you grow and upscale your company with the advanced management practices taught in this course. 

What is a Virtual Assistant? What Tasks Can you delegate to a virtual assistant? 

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