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How to [and Why] to Hire a Shopify Virtual Assistant

Entrepreneurship does not require having money, experience in business or even luck – what it demands is drive. One platform many eCommerce entrepreneurs love to use is Shopify. Shopify is one of the easiest eCommerce sites for new entrepreneurs or small business owners to deploy. This platform is user-friendly even for those with no understanding of coding or eCommerce working – this is because an online store can be created easily and swiftly.

hire a shopify virtual assistant to do your work

Where does a virtual assistant fit in?

Well you might be asking that question – since many might say that they can do everything themselves, so why the need to hire someone else? The fact is that when you come to a certain stage, you will note that the tasks become unmanageable, and some tasks will not be prioritized. In most cases the first aspect to lose control of is your customer service. Your profits then start either to decrease or to plateau. Now you want to drive more sales, so that you can increase your business, and so too, your revenue. This is where a virtual assistant comes in to help you with your Shopify business.

What is a Shopify virtual assistant?

A Shopify virtual assistant or VA is a person who works remotely. The tasks they do relate to your eCommerce business. These differ, and will therefore mostly depend on the needs you might have for your company. More so, it will depend on the skill sets that you want to add, or work you want to delegate to someone while you focus on tasks that are more important, and those you entrust to no subordinate.

What does a Shopify Assistant do?

There are various tasks that can be outsourced to a Shopify VA. These tasks are mostly admin tasks, but here is a list of the main tasks:

Customer support

A key aspect with eCommerce is dealing with customers via phone, email, or WhatsApp services. The assistant will be your contact with the customer and will need to help the clients speedily and in a friendly manner.

Social media management

Social media has become critical for companies that want to engage with their clients and build a stronger bond with them. If the bond is strengthened, greater loyalty ensues. There will then be a better chance of satisfied customers placing more orders. However, managing social media channels can be time-consuming. Your virtual assistant can help with creating of the posts, posting updates, replying to the clients, and dealing with the clients’ questions.


With the correct tools, your assistant can help to gather analytics, which can provide insights into your clients, targeting more potential clients. Such virtual support can also research the competition to discover what they are doing and where you can beat them.

Store management 

Your assistant can assist with managing your orders by fulfilling them. Your assistant can also handle the sales as well as the stock inventory. This will help to ensure that your eCommerce business runs smoothly, and you have happy clients.

Data entry

Laborious but still important, data entry is something no owner can ignore. However, your assistant can easily take over these tasks.

Cold calling

An effective marketing tip is to use cold calling to increase your customer base. All the virtual assistant needs is a good script with a few common reply responses.

hire a shopify VA for your ecommerce business

What are the benefits of hiring a Shopify virtual assistant?

There are some unique advantages when you hire a Shopify virtual assistant. You can drive your business growth in a cost-effective manner. As you upscale you will have more tasks that need to be accomplished – and your assistant will be available to help lessen the burden. Also, the assistant will come with skills perfect for your particular industry. Therefore, by hiring a VA you also bring in much-needed skills, which can put you ahead of your competitors. In addition, your virtual assistant can engage with your clients. An eCommerce business can feel cold and lacking a human touch, something you would experience at a physical store. However, your virtual support can engage with the consumers – and in a speedy manner.

Shrug off the most unexciting tasks while you focus on the foremost strategic aspects of your business. This is the key to any successful entrepreneur. Such successful people know how to delegate. They are aware that if you can hire someone that can do the same work at a lower fee, you can save money. More so, with a site such as Shopify, you need the right skills to make it a success. But hiring a VA means that you add these skills to your business, more importantly, in a cost-effective way. Your VA works remotely; therefore you do not spend money on a workstation, office space, and any other operating costs. Lastly, hiring a VA means flexibility. If your situation changes, you can move faster and make changes – which can include offboarding staff. Conversely, when you hire talent for your physical office you are bounded by many restrictions, making it very difficult to let go of an employee.

The endnote

When you are ready and know what you are looking for, contact Aristo Sourcing or book a complimentary call. We have experience sourcing great talent to help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. More so, it is possible to upscale your eCommerce business on Shopify, becoming and remaining competitive. In the process of hiring a virtual assistant, you can effect such upscaling in a cost-effective manner. And each cent saved means more profit for you!

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