How a Virtual Assistant can benefit eCommerce Businesses

Building up a profitable eCommerce business, owners of eCommerce businesses would know, it takes some time and a great deal of work. Tasks include setting up the eCommerce to manage digital marketing and the store’s inventory.

Many such tasks build up and tend to be overwhelming at times. However, with various skillsets soon once your store is established, the benefits you reap are well worth the time spent on your venture.

You might want to have more independence at this stage. More so, your ultimate goal might be to work less. You can then delegate some of your tasks to a virtual assistant. Such tasks would include time-consuming administration that someone else can easily do. This will cost you less than doing it yourself.

Why do you need an eCommerce virtual assistant?

Simply put, a virtual assistant for eCommerce businesses can dramatically reduce the amount of time you need to spend on your business. However, to make outsourcing work, you need to be clear about your goals and needs when it comes to hiring a virtual assistant.

The best idea is to speak to an outsourcing expert who can advise you on what will work best for you, and what will not. Virtual assistants can complete a great range of tasks based on their skill sets. You, therefore, want to onboard a virtual assistant with the right skillsets for your needs.

How can a virtual assistant help you? 

The tasks an eCommerce virtual assistant can assist with include setting up your eCommerce store. This amounts to installing your website theme, arranging the site navigation and options, constructing the payment gateway, establishing your customer/CRM system. Additionally to configure your email platform, developing sign-up and contact forms for you, creating automated emails such as order confirmation, or a ‘thanks for subscribing’ message. Plus to construct a ‘coming soon’ page, setting up stock announcements such as an ‘out-of-stock’ or ‘back-in-stock’ notification, and developing a wish list function for your site.

Other areas a VA can help eCommerce businesses

Manage the inventory

A VA can also manage your product inventory by developing product listings relative to your stock. Plus, edit the photos used to promote the products, upload new photos and update old images. Additionally, place orders for new products, tag and categorize your products according to style, popularity or color. Also, refresh your product inventory by adding new products and removing products not sold anymore. Moreover, assist with the sales by helping with sales prices, or setting up coupon codes.

Assit with copy and SEO

Virtual assistants can draft your copy. In other words, this can be through drafting your SEO website content, adding meta tags and optimizing your website for you, writing your product descriptions, adding the terms and conditions to your site, and also adding the shipping and delivery terms, the exchange and returns terms, and writing blogs and emails for you.

Help with digital marketing 

The remote assistant can manage your digital marketing. Meaning, it will include managing the Instagram, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ads, putting up remarketing ads, adding pay-per-click ads, and adding SEO link-building to your site. Additionally, they would be setting up your Facebook and Instagram shops, achieving the social media management of your various social media platforms, and completing the copywriting for your social media content.

Help with customer services

Your VA will look after your valuable customers by offering great customer service. This will be by addressing client enquiries, responding to reviews, helping with exchanges and refunds, handling the social media messages, and updating your ‘frequently-asked questions’ section on your website.

Help with graphic design

The virtual assistant can be entrusted with creating graphic designs such as logo designs, package designs, email template designs, ad designs, banner designs, and new website designs.

The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant with Aristo Sourcing

Instead of trying to set up everything on your own, you could hire a local worker to assist you. However, there are many benefits to using the services of a virtual assistant. Allow Aristo Sourcing to elaborate on the virtues.

Reliable and skilled applicants

Since 2014, we at Aristo Sourcing have been sourcing great virtual assistants for our clients. In the process, we have developed a reliable base of highly skilled virtual assistants. These remote assistants are mostly from native-English speaking countries, which means that communication with those in the client’s own country or market is not a problem.

Comprehensive Employment System

Distinct from other outsourcing companies, Aristo Sourcing follows a strict and detailed recruitment process. All VAs are obliged to pass a screening before being considered for an interview by us, and ultimately by our clients. You can discover more about our hiring process here.

Aristo Sourcing will look after everything

The team at Aristo Sourcing will support you through each step of the way. This will include dealing with the employee payroll for you.

Team leaders

At Aristo Sourcing, we recognize that hiring your first virtual assistant can initially be an overwhelming process. For this reason, our team will conduct regular check-ins to gauge the quality of the virtual assistant’s communication, and to work with you. Should any problems arise we will address these and find a solution for you.

Remote work location

All virtual assistants work remotely. This circumvents any expenses or delays associated with transport issues. In addition, the workers are flexible and can work around the times that match your needs and the needs of your business.


As the virtual assistants are based in states with lower economic costs, by appointing a virtual assistant, a business could easily save half or a third on salaries compared with hiring a local employee. Besides the cost savings, the money saved can be reinvested into the business to scale it up faster.


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