Good Video Editing Done by a Virtual Assistant

Faster internet, cheaper broadband, and high-resolution screens have made it easier to enjoy videos. The popularity of video has grown by 400% in just three years.

More so, as a marketing medium, videos are a must. Those ignoring the trends might be left behind or lose market share.

However, video editing tasks are complicated and time-consuming, especially if you are an amateur editor.

For good video editing, a virtual assistant can help you complete your video-editing tasks. You can increase your brand awareness and possibly boost your sales.

More so, you could attract a different market. You will be doing this through video-based marketing.

What is video-based marketing?

Video-based or video marketing is seen when video is used to market a product, brand, or service. With this strategy, digital channels are engaged. The internet is the platform on which the videos are showcased. However, depending on the platform, the requirements of the videos will differ.

For instance, if YouTube is resorted to, specific requirements should be met. YouTube does not have a minimum resolution. It is, however, suggested that one should have a resolution of at least 1280×720. The ratio should be at least 16:9. If the ratio is 4L3, the resolution should be at least 640×480. If the platform is Instagram, the requirements will differ from those of YouTube.

For instance, the file type on Instagram should be MOV or MP4. The aspect ratio for landscape videos should be 16:9 − for squares, it is 600×600, and for vertical, it is 600×750. Also, the maximum file size is restricted to 4GB.

Plus, the total length is 60 seconds for ordinary video clips. Additionally, for Instagram stories, the length is limited to 15 seconds.

How can a virtual video editing assistant help?

The two most popular benefits of hiring a virtual assistant for video editing are time and budget. When an entrepreneur’s video-editing business takes off, they often don’t have the time to complete all the work.

Their work will include an additional workload, such as admin and bookkeeping. A virtual assistant can help edit videos, irrespective of the client’s location. More so, a virtual worker can help to edit the videos to suit the various requirements of the platforms.

Also, a VA can assist in recovering old formats and converting them to new conditions.

Here is the list of services a VA can complete: essential editing services, video effects, and enrichments
The benefits of using a virtual assistant

The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant for video editing include:

1). No admin constraints

The remote assistant can handle administrative tasks such as payroll, bills, invoices, etc.

2). The virtual assistant is paid after the work is completed

This means that the risks associated with average freelancers can be avoided.

3). Access to high-quality skills

Usually, high-quality services are pricey. However, by outsourcing the video editing tasks, the video editing work becomes affordable.

4). Additionally, the video-editing business can increase its profits

The business owner can also carry the cost-savings over to the customer by offering lower prices than their competitors. This will mean that the business owner will use scale to be more competitive and to drive more sales.

5). The outsourcing provider suffers no payroll issues

Using an outsourcing service such as Aristo Sourcing avoids payroll tasks. The business owner is relieved of this burden.

6). Scalable option

With outsourcing comes the benefit of being able to scale up a business. As the business grows, the owner can expand cost-effectively by onboarding more talent. For instance, the owner might hire a virtual bookkeeping assistant for the accounts.

Similarly, the owner might want to hire an additional virtual assistant for editing tasks. The owner can also offboard workers through this flexible staffing solution if there are economic issues.

7). Be more competitive

Besides offering lower prices to customers, a business owner can also shorten timelines. This will enhance customer experience, which will boost the brand. Clients will then speak well of the business that delivers quality speedily.

How can Aristo Sourcing help you?

Contact us when you can hire a virtual assistant for your branding, instructional, informational, and testimonial videos. Aristo Sourcing can help you source the best video expert to help your business grow.

Let your videos engage your audience and form the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. You can do this by arrangement with Aristo Sourcing and a video-editing virtual assistant supplied and supported by the company.


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