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Boost Engagement with a Virtual Video Creator Assistant

Faster internet speed and more advanced devices have allowed for increased screen resolutions to become more and more accessible to the ordinary consumer. Such has led to marketers tapping into this new technology for the purpose of promoting their brand. Moreover, the videos are being shown on numerous digital platforms ranging from blogs to websites; however, more so on many social media channels, especially Instagram and TikTok. This is because video is more attention grabbing than mere text or an ordinary photo. However, video editing requires an amount of skill and time to produce high-quality work. Not everyone has the time or the skill to produce this type of work. For this reason many choose to hire a virtual video-creator assistant, also known as a video editing virtual assistant.

What is a virtual video-creator assistant?

A virtual video-creator or video-editor assistant is someone who works remotely from you, producing and editing high-quality video content. This content can then be used on various platforms, depending on the requirements of the business. The normal type of video includes corporate videos, branded videos, instructional videos, promotional videos, testimonial videos, and more.

What else can a virtual video-creator assistant do?

Apart from generating the videos, a virtual video-producer assistant (or virtual assistant video editing) can also generate and implement production schedules; plan video shoots, edit current videos, set up storyboards, generate production budgets, record and oversee sound projects, arrange and backup your video library; and rent, buy, and arrange for equipment.

What skills can a virtual video-content assistant offer?

A virtual video editing assistant will have a variety of skills; however, certain skills are standard with most virtual assistants. These technical skills include:

  • Pre-production knowledge – This knowledge includes understanding how to set up video cameras, as well as lenses, lighting, sound mixers, and microphones, and all other video-recording equipment. Moreover, some video creators will have knowledge of story-boarding and script writing.
  • Production skills – These include directing abilities, familiarity with production sets, photography, and knowledge of sourcing and hiring talent essential to video production. Therefore, a virtual assistant can assist with any production, as long as it is not a live shoot. Otherwise, they can arrange all the stock footage, imagery, and sound for the production of the video.
  • Post-production abilities – Video-editing abilities, sound-editing skills, graphic-design skills, as well as sound- and video-compression skills are all imperative for post-production. Having an understanding of video library management and backup is similarly extremely beneficial.
  • In addition to the technical skills, understanding the brand’s style is also important. Video production, besides being very technical is also a creative field − a brand can become alive if the creativity is there.

How do you hire a virtual video-editor assistant?

You need to start with a good and detailed job description. List the skills you require, the software and tools the assistant should be used to, their required competencies − and you may want to ask for someone not needing additional training. We at Aristo Sourcing will be able to source the best candidate for you, based on your needs. This will not only make the process easier for you, but straightforward for the candidate. Moreover, the goal is to onboard the talent as speedily as possible. At the same time, however, we hire only the best people to assist with your tasks. We suggest that you reach out and book a free consultation session with our expert outsourcing specialist.

To recap

Video content used correctly on your website, social media channels, or for your dedicated YouTube channel, not only boosts your brand, it can make it much more engaging, building familiarity and trust between your brand and the consumer. The goal, after all, is to convert consumers into long-term customers. Many marketers have accepted video marketing as a mechanism for accomplishing this goal. If you need assistance to complete your visual story, hire a video editor or using a virtual assistant for video editing to create high-quality videos for you.

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