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Influencers, mainly social media influencers, drive trends. However, they can also garner massive boosts for brands wanting their products in the eyes of their target audience. This is because influencers can generate conversation; they set cultural trends and drive engagement. Influencers can be more influential than celebrities in encouraging customers to buy a product. The result is that these influencers become celebrities themselves. 

Social media stars who become influencers create a business of their own. With this comes a load of additional work – work that is tedious and time-consuming. Time spent on such tasks is simply counterproductive. Having a full-time onsite assistant can be impractical and costly if the influencer travels a lot. Influencers can, however, hire a virtual influencer assistant. This article explores this relationship and the benefits an influencer can gain from onboarding a virtual assistant.

Scaling Your Brand

When you become an influencer, your world can change – it becomes all about you. You are the brand; your influence in promoting and causing interest in a product is directly linked to your communication skills. Such skills may be so well developed that customers lap up every post you present. When more prominent brands notice your superpowers, they want to connect with you in their digital marketing campaigns.

These can be on social media channels like Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. Things have changed since the 90s. In this era, supermodels dominated but were later dethroned by the rising celebs. Celebrities such as Britney Spears and the Spice Girls were used by fashion houses to move closer to the Millennials. This was also the beginning of influencer marketing. Please pass on a decade or two, and it has become the ordinary (albeit much better-looking than the average) person who is gaining the attention of marketers. However, as social media stars become influencers, their brand grows. In many cases, maintaining and scaling this brand can be challenging.

You Are Successfully Scaling Your Brand

Brands love influencers to boost their marketing, whether to reach a larger audience, increase trust in the brand and the consumer, increase their social following, boost site traffic, gain more leads, or drive sales. If influencers resonate correctly with a brand, they can boost their profile. A symbiotic relationship emerges − the influencer can increase their following, gain more brands to trust, invest in them, and add great content to their site. Such will drive more people to watch. 

Remember, at your brand’s core is your reputation: What do people think of you? The stronger that reputation, the stronger your brand. The ideal would be that your reputation precedes you, becoming a valuable asset. To increase your brand, you must align with the right brands, ensuring that your content is relevant to your audience and that you stand head and shoulders above your peers.

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Scale

If video editing is not your thing, find someone to do it. If copywriting is your weakness, seek a content writer to help you draft the best copy for your posts. You might also need a personal assistant to assist you with your emails and manage your schedule. These measures will afford you more time to work on a strategy for future posts, finding even bigger brands to invest in you. Also, with scaling comes planning, new systems, funding, processes, and introducing new technology to help you. You cannot do everything yourself. Besides, why would you – you could hire someone who could do it for less than you would charge yourself?

Decide to delegate tasks to others. This way, you can gain higher growth by using remote assistance. These virtual assistants are contractors, not employees. A remote assistant is much more cost-effective than an onsite employee. Remote contractors are not given workers’ compensation, insurance benefits, or paid holidays, as would be given to onsite employees.

Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do for an Influencer

Tasks a virtual influencer assistant can do to help scale your brand center on these core items: Calendar management, generating, uploading, and scheduling social media content for various social media channels, video editing for YouTube and other social media platforms, assistance with researching potential sponsors to pitch to, help with email marketing campaigns, managing your email inbox and responding to questions, writing content for your website to boost your organic traffic, sending out invoices, helping with appointments and travel arrangements, and even doing your online shopping for you.

Scale Your Self-Employment Business to the Next Level

A remote assistant for an influencer is an investment that boosts the brand value to the next level. Virtual assistance allows the influencer to focus on the core work of the business—the core work amounts typically to 20% of your business tasks. The remote assistant will take up the remainder, which is mainly admin-related. 

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