Delegate Tasks: More Time, Faster Growth, & More Freedom

It’s challenging to grow a small business − considering the hours you must put in, not to mention the energy you must give out. It can feel like an ongoing and uphill battle.

However, more so, entrepreneurial independence, as the goal is the ultimate reward.

You will gain mini-successes as you reach and pass the many milestones on your journey. To make your life easier, imitate successful entrepreneurs who delegate tasks. 

Delegation is a strategy that will permit your company to grow significantly if you are scaling your business and onboarding additional help – delegating tasks is only logical.

Yet, for many first-time delegators, this process can feel threatening, if not confusing. In this brief article, we explain how simple this process is.

Time To Hire More Help

Hiring an assistant can reduce wasted time, making you more productive and organized. Most importantly, you will gain a better work/life balance.

You will reduce stress and be able to focus on your core work. However, the first step is to delegate.

When Is the Right Time To Hire a Virtual Assistant?

The best time to hire your first remote assistant is when you can identify all these points: You do not have sufficient time to complete all your work; you are behind in your organizing, and this is slowing you down; you are turning down new opportunities for lack of time; your business vision is being sidelined as you lose your energy; you are spending too much time on admin work; and your personal life is feeling the distress.

If you answered yes to any of these points, it’s time to hire and delegate tasks to a virtual assistant.

Ascertain Your Problem Areas

Take a step back. It would help if you pinpointed the areas where help is most needed. Make notes of all the tasks you usually cope with daily. After you have listed these, separate the ones you love from those you don’t.

Also, mark how much time each of these tasks takes. This will be useful when you are ready to hire since you will know how many hours must be covered. Decide which tasks to let go of and delegate to a great virtual assistant.

To help you – keep your mind focused on your end goal: more time for yourself and what you like doing.

Work Out Prospects for Growth

You have your list ready. You know which tasks you want to delegate. But keep in mind – you also want to grow your company.

You should also know the opportunities available to grow your business further. You can consider the different business phases you might want to develop so that you can exploit all your options.

These could be anything from adding more stores to more services or products to the current offering.

What Will Make The Most Significant Impact?

Numerous ideas might have popped into your head by now. With a limitless budget, you could use assistants in every part of your company!

Unluckily, we are limited by our budget and time in the real world. We need to be truthful about what support will best affect us in the present. The wisest tasks to delegate will typically be those that will save you the most significant amount of time.

Your time as a founder is often the principal asset you have. Spend your time wisely. That is why offloading tasks that are admin, unrewarding, operational, and repetitive can be the most effective way of developing your venture.

Delegation frees you up for your core tasks rather than spreading you thinly in trying to do everything, yet not getting it all done. More so, you can refocus and grow your business more rapidly.

Hire the Assistance You Need

Ready to claim your independence? You have done all the planning and know where you want to take your business. Aristo Sourcing is here to help you on this journey.

No matter what tasks you wish to delegate, Aristo Sourcing can find you the best virtual assistant to take your business to the next level. Schedule your free consultation with our outsourcing expert now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tasks should I delegate to a virtual assistant?

The decision hinges on your needs and the remote worker's skillset. Generally, repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as email management, data entry, appointment scheduling, social media management, research, and essential administrative duties can be delegated.

Additionally, more specialized responsibilities like content creation, graphic design, and customer support can be entrusted to a remote worker with the necessary expertise. 

What is the key to effectively communicating tasks and expectations to a virtual assistant?

Successful delegation hinges on clear and effective communication. Furnish comprehensive instructions for each task, including anticipated outcomes, deadlines, and specific guidelines.

To maintain consistent contact, leverage communication tools like email, project management software, or messaging apps.

Visual aids such as screenshots or video explanations can enhance understanding. Encourage open communication and establish a feedback loop to address queries or concerns.

How do I manage the progress of delegated tasks?

Monitoring progress is crucial for task alignment. Utilize project management tools like Trello, Asana, or to allocate tasks, set deadlines, and track advancement. Regular check-ins through video calls or written updates facilitate staying informed about task statuses.

Remain receptive to providing guidance or clarifications and offer constructive feedback to enhance performance.

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