Real Estate Video Editing for Million-Dollar Marketing

Tapping into video marketing helps expose your brand to people by telling a story to promote your brand’s service or products. More than that, a video can help boost your engagement with your social and other digital channels and educate prospective customers and present customers while reaching new ones through this medium.

Great videos must always be professionally edited. More so, the real estate industry, heavily congested with rival competitors, is seeking new and exciting ways to market itself. One option is to use video marketing.

To keep it cost-effective, business owners are accepting the real estate video editing services of virtual assistants.

Questions You Should Be Asking!

If you are in the real estate business, you should ask yourself whether to use videos in your marketing. What sort of videos should you put out, and where should you share your newly created videos?

If you believe video marketing is not for real-estate businesses, you could not be more wrong. More than 38% of agents use video marketing, with this number growing exponentially. Video editing involves skill, and editing services can be costly and complex to find.

This makes for a particular difficulty for real-estate owners. Going the outsourcing path is more affordable, and you gain access to professional services that could otherwise have been out of reach.

Does Video Assist in Selling Real Estate? 

Ultimately, it comes down to results, which means more sales. The reality is that 85% of property sellers and buyers like to see property on video. More so, a house shown on a video gains four times more inquiries, and using video in email marketing can increase the click-through rate. The question is: why are business people ignoring video?

It’s Time To Go – The Video! 

A virtual assistant for video editing overcomes the high-cost barrier. There is no stopping you from accessing tremendous and professional videos.

There are four main reasons for real estate agents to use videos in their marketing.

Reason Number One 

Focus on the clients and what they want – and this means producing marketing content that pleases and engages them. More importantly, video marketing connects a personality and face to a real-estate business, which helps build trust. A vital marketing principle is that people like to do business with people; they dislike dealing with a faceless corporation. The video takes you to a level of comfort with the brand and its people.

Reason Number Two

Video can convey the message more efficiently and faster. Video marketing is more effective than print or static social media posts since the message is more straightforward to accept.

Reason Number Three

Video can save you time. With a 3-minute video, you can communicate your message to your audience. You can showcase your service or the new listing. You can also use video to introduce your sales team and reuse the video on various communications and other marketing channels.

Reason Number Four

Videos can help to boost your rankings. Yep, you can use video as an SEO tool, and that is not just limited to YouTube. You can use video to reach a wider audience, thus beating the competition.

What Type of Marketing Real-Estate Videos Would be Best to Use?

Knowing what sort of videos a real estate agent can create is essential – especially if you want to maximize the benefits of videos. There are roughly six different types of videos that you can use to boost your real-estate business.

Property Listings

An essential part of gaining new business and selling to new clients is to showcase your property listing. A 3-minute video is perfect − it can showcase the property at its best. Without even being there, the viewer can gain a great sense of the property to allow the potential buyer to understand the property before doing a physical tour before placing an offer.

Open House Exclusives

Especially with COVID-19, human contact is best restricted. However, an estate agent can use video to showcase the listing to other agents and as an open house for potential buyers. The video shows the area, and the agent’s details are given.

Agent Profiles

Agent profile videos characteristically feature a real-estate agent speaking about their certification, education, experience, and passion for the real estate industry. The agent also presents their association with the community they trade-in.

Client Testimonials

Building your referral base is a keystone of creating your trade. This is where client testimonial videos come in handy as they create, attract, and reinforce your referrals. Ask a satisfied customer to give a testimonial in words and a short review of your dealings. Here, you could ask several questions: What initially brought you to this real-estate business? What persuaded you to do business with us? Would you endorse our real-estate business to your friends and family, and if so, why?


Homebuyers don’t buy houses − they buy a lifestyle. This means that they will want to know the neighborhood better. Here, they will look at the schools, crime rate, traffic, and shopping, which can be included in your video.


Videos should be educational. They should inform potential buyers of the latest market trends, especially those relating to up-and-coming areas, to help attract buyers who might have hesitated to invest in a particular area. More so, for sellers, videos can be used to highlight the importance of staging a property to obtain top dollar.

The Bottom Line: Real Estate Video Editing for Million-Dollar Marketing

Video marketing can be beneficial for real estate agents to promote their brand, build trust with the public, and showcase new listings. A large part of this is video editing. Usually, video editing is expensive; however, a virtual video editing assistant will be cost-effective. Take your real estate marketing to the next level with video marketing – do it affordably and professionally with the help of a virtual assistant.

Real Estate Faqs Min

What software should I use for real estate video editing?

Professionals often wonder which video editing software is best suited for real estate projects. Popular options include Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, and other user-friendly software for beginners.

What are the key elements to focus on when editing real estate videos?

Editors want to know the critical aspects to highlight in real estate videos. This involves understanding which shots to use, how to enhance property features, and creating engaging transitions and effects.

How can I make my real estate videos stand out from the competition?

In a saturated market, real estate professionals seek advice on how to make their videos more appealing. This question often relates to storytelling, unique angles, and creative editing techniques.

What are some common mistakes to avoid in real estate video editing?

Knowing the pitfalls to steer clear of can save time and frustration. Common mistakes include over-editing, poor color grading, shaky footage, and mismatched audio.

What copyright and licensing issues should I know when using music or stock footage in real estate videos?

Real estate video editors must be mindful of copyright and licensing regulations. Questions often revolve around the legal use of background music and stock footage and ensuring compliance with copyright laws.


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