Virtual Assistant Services Offered to Take You to the Next Level

Entrepreneurs dream of independence − to live wherever they want, travel unrestricted, and buy whatever they want. However, before you reach that level, your business must make seven figures. If you make six figures or less, you should aim to take your business to the next level. Knowing what virtual assistant services offered can do to assist your business can be a game-changer and help you grow your venture.

A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants can perform tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks. They can also perform more specialist roles, such as graphic design or software development. However, both types of assistants work remotely, mostly from a third-world country.

Using their services can save the company a great deal. Virtual assistant services are gaining the attention of start-ups and entrepreneurs.

The Most Popular Virtual Assistant Services Offered

Besides saving business money, which can be used for other purposes, a virtual assistant can take on all laborious tasks, thus freeing up time for the manager/owner and the team.

The time that a manager or founder saves can be used to focus on more important tasks. The top five virtual assistant services offered are as follows:


Common virtual administrative assistant jobs require organizational skills. These are tasks associated with managing calendars, setting appointments, filing documents and sorting out a filing system, maintaining databases, data entry, and email inbox management.

A virtual administrative assistant can do more than just administrative and secretarial work. They can also assist with social media management, lead generation, payroll tasks, and travel arrangements.

Customer Support

Offering excellent customer service can set a business apart from the competition. Moreover, with most businesses struggling against fierce competition, slacking on your customer service is not a wise choice.

Virtual customer service assistant jobs include email support, operating within call centers, assisting eCommerce businesses in controlling complaints, and helping clients buy. In this way, your assistant allows you to safeguard your reputation.


Bookkeeping, which is part of accounting, involves the organization of financial transactions to manage spending and revenue gain. Virtual bookkeeper assistant jobs include preparing balance sheets, generating general ledgers, organizing financial statements, taking care of employee reimbursements, managing invoicing and pricing, and handling the data entry and bank reconciliation processes.

However, more than just managing your documents on financial records, a remote bookkeeper assistant can be tasked to pay bills, send out invoices, and manage your taxes.

Social media and marketing

Growing your audience helps you to maintain a healthy business. Some popular marketing tools and channels include social media, websites, email, and content marketing.

Virtual social media assistant jobs can include managing various social media platforms, conducting research, and creating videos, images, and blog content.

Your content can also be optimized according to search engine optimization (SEO).

These tasks are for organic traffic; however, a virtual assistant can create paid ads to attract more potential customers.


Entrepreneurs of eCommerce businesses, such as apparel stores, are aware of the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant for their online stores.

A virtual eCommerce assistant job can include store design and development, generating well-suited product narratives, processing orders, product sourcing and research, handling inventories, and product listing.

The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant and an entrepreneur are a natural match. Both crave flexibility; a virtual assistant can use personal skills to benefit a business venture. Here are some of the benefits:

You save on operating costs, office space, and staff welfare expenses. A brand gains access to high-quality, professional skills located anywhere, globally. A company can almost immediately gain access to skills. Once the virtual assistant is working, the VA can help to boost productivity and free up your time.

Benefits for Your Team

It is not just you and your business that will benefit financially when you hire a virtual assistant − your team will also help. Advantages include a happier and more productive team that is less stressed and more likely to remain with you.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Outsourcing offers a working solution to take your company up several levels. More so, this staffing solution offers mean benefits – the key benefit being cost savings. As the business saves on costs, the funds can be used to grow the business while also helping to buy out the competition. More so, quick access to high-quality talent means that a company can scale faster and hire these talented people cost-effectively. A business can also operate in an agile manner, thus making changes where needed. Moreover, you and your team will have more time to focus on your core work – the high-level tasks that lead to more rapid growth.

Your Next Step

When you are ready to scale, reach out and let Aristo Sourcing support you and match you with the perfect virtual assistant to offer you the best VA service.

The road to success is difficult and becomes a managerial process with an assistant. Aristo Sourcing offers a complimentary call service to help businesses. You only need to book a free consultation and speak to our outsourcing expert. Call us today!

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