Top 5 In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistant services, outsourcing in general, are still climbing in popularity. Business owners are becoming more comfortable with the concept, and workers prefer to work remotely. This natural development is assisting in driving the demand for virtual assistants. In this article, we explore the topmost in-demand virtual assistant services.

What are virtual assistant services? 

To understand what virtual assistant services are, you need to know that a virtual assistant works remotely from their home office. Such assistants can also work from a shared office space.

However, the principle remains the same – virtual assistants will utilize their workspace and not be at the office. There are various types of virtual assistants offering different services. These services will be discussed below.

Why do business owners favor virtual assistant services? 

Virtual assistants are popular mainly because they are a cost-saving staffing solution. They can save a business up to 70 percent on business expenses.

Savings include not having to pay taxes and avoiding the payment of benefits and paid leave disbursements. However, the financial benefits are not the only ones that encourage business owners and founders to hire virtual assistants.

Access to high-quality talent

Kevin J. Donaldson once said, “Hiring the wrong people is the fastest way to undermine a sustainable business.” With outsourcing, you expand your net to include talent from abroad; you automatically broaden your chances of hiring the perfect candidate to fill the vacancy.

More so, when opting for outsourcing, a business can pay less and still gain great people. Locally, their chances of hiring high-quality talent at a cheaper rate diminish dramatically.

No prerequisite for office space

A remote assistant works from any place remotely. There is, therefore, no need for a company to maintain an office or a very large office space.

The cost savings is immense. Moreover, the business does not need to hire an office manager or sign service contracts to maintain its showroom offices.

Cut in expenses

We remind you that outsourcing invariably reduces business costs. These savings can be used to scale the business faster and invest in technology to give the company a competitive edge.

Which companies require virtual assistants? 

Generally speaking, bigger corporations working in manufacturing or construction do not require virtual assistants. Some such companies can, however, hand over the administrative tasks to a competent remote assistant. Many smaller businesses have found virtual assistants to be game-changers for their companies.

Small and medium-sized industries benefit most from virtual assistants. For these industries, virtual assistants are the most cost-effective staffing solution.

This is particularly so for smaller companies that lack sufficient office space or those business owners who wish to work remotely − a virtual assistant is a natural choice.

Most popular virtual assistant services

Although remote assistants offer various services, some services are extremely popular. Finding quality virtual assistants is, therefore, an art form. Here are the most in-demand services:


Marketing and digital marketing are two of the top services. Businesses today have become dependent on online marketing.

Digital marketing services include managing social media, search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, email marketing, and blogs.

Much of the work related to digital marketing is ongoing and time-consuming. Outsourcing this task can assist a business and its managers in freeing up their own time.

Moreover, the company that hires a virtual marketing assistant can onboard the skilled talent required to complete the work effectively.


Another popular service is customer service. With customer services comes the function of sales support. Typically, these tasks will work closely with marketing, helping gain more call center clients.

Also, the cost of hiring a virtual customer service assistant is much lower than hiring an onsite worker, which reduces business losses. A virtual call center can thus fulfill a cold calling, conducting client follow-ups.

Other virtual assistants can assist with live chats and manage the company’s email inbox.

Admin services

Administrative tasks are part of any business. Even low-level tasks will continue ad infinitum. The work must be achieved and facilitated remotely via a virtual admin assistant.

Not only small businesses or medium-sized businesses can benefit from a virtual assistant to manage their administrative tasks. Others that can benefit include entrepreneurs, coaches, social media influencers, writers, and more.

Such admin tasks include email management, calendar management, tasks about travel arrangements, and other miscellaneous functions. However, the admin assistant can also assist with project management tasks.


It is essential to have business transactions and expenses in order. A business is then able to make better decisions. A virtual bookkeeper will conduct work such as organizing the tax returns, keeping an eye on the performance indicators, reconciling the financial statements with bank statements, and offering cash-flow analysis.

All of this will save the business owner time.

Website Design and Website Development

A service that is increasing in popularity is website design and website development. Businesses have grasped the importance of being visible on the internet.

Moreover, many have opted to have eCommerce stores, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced consumers to buy online. However, businesses need a website that is user-friendly and attractive. There is thus a demand for website designers who can create eye-catching websites.

The bottom line

A virtual assistant is commonly thought of as someone who performs admin duties. However, virtual assistants are also in demand for other tasks.

These tasks are changing; however, the five tasks mentioned above are currently the top five demanding virtual assistant services.

If you need help in the form of a virtual assistant, book your call with our outsourcing expert. Our experienced personnel will guide you through the easy process and provide bespoke advice.

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