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Remote Admin Assistant: Why What & How To Hire One

When a start-up or entrepreneur hires a remote admin assistant or virtual administrative assistant, the goal is to employ an all-rounder when it comes to managing the office. Companies are changing, mainly under pressure from employees and events such as the great resignation. Businesses are therefore spending more on digital tech and going for remote workers. However, with the cutting of costs, businesses are also noting that they can offer an onsite employee a remote position or cut costs by hiring a virtual assistant. Virtual administrative assistants can complete several tasks.

Virtual administrative assistant tasks

You might ask – what does a remote administrative assistant do? To explain this, remote administrative assistant duties can include: 

  • executing administrative support responsibilities that necessitate substantial experience,
  • knowledge, and skill of organization practices and policies;
  • obtaining and researching data for multifaceted reports and special projects;
  • handling concerns of a confidential and delicate nature;
  • making and putting together reports,
  • correspondence, presentations, etc.;
  • screening telephonic calls and resolving queries;
  • sorting out and responding to email queries;
  • planning and conserving a calendar of appointments,
  • travel itineraries, and meetings;
  • organizing related preparations;
  • screening calendar demands; putting together information from the client,
  • forwarding requests to superiors.

Additionally, the assistant may formulate and allocate meeting notes and action items and chase up the accomplishment of responsibilities. General admin assistance comprises completing forms, filing, placing an order for office supplies, reporting and reconciling expenditure reports, welcoming and helping clients, and organizing department gatherings and events.

Rounding up the various tasks

A fully remote administrative assistant can complete almost anything, similar to what an onsite administrative assistant can do, the only difference being their distance from the office. What they can’t do is collect your dry-cleaning, but they can do anything else via remote access.

The benefits of hiring a virtual administrative assistant

An administrative assistant (flexible office location/remote) can benefit companies in various ways. For example:

Removal of distracting work

An admin assistant can perform onboard the distracting tasks that can impede your own output. In other words, the assistant can take care of distracting tasks such as phone calls, emails, and other admin duties. The result is that you and your managers have more time to focus on your core work. Also, remember, even though your onsite team might work from 8 am until 5 pm during the week, they are only productive for a maximum of 4 hours a day. Therefore, it is crucial to gain the most from your workers during their productive phase.

An assistant is added capacity

A virtual assistant is a cost-effective staffing solution to add additional capacity to a business. More so, they can perform onboard the low-level tasks that can’t be automated.

More time for you

Besides having time to go on that holiday, or more time with the family, there is another benefit. A virtual assistant will save you around 10 hours per week. This savings means that a 4-day workweek is possible.
Roundup on the benefits – This means that your work time is reduced while you are more productive and can focus on your core work.

Knowing when you are a virtual admin assistant

The best is to draft a list of tedious, arduous tasks that can’t be done through automation. Once you have this list, you need to determine how many hours each task might take to complete. This means that in the end, you can work out whether you need to hire a virtual assistant. Just note that hiring a virtual assistant does not mean that they will take over the work of your onsite team. Instead, they will assist your core team to work more efficiently by conducting the admin-related work for them.

Additionally, if you can see that the admin tasks negatively affect your teams’ productivity, you need additional help. This is normally what happens as the company grows since the admin will also grow. Therefore, admin assistance would be helpful in taking on this burden, but in an economical manner.

Hiring an assistant for administrative assistant remote work

As mentioned, there are cost-saving benefits, but also a boost in productivity and freeing up of your time when hiring a remote assistant. The next step is to reach out and book a complimentary discovery call. In this call, you can discuss your concerns, your situation, and your needs with our outsourcing expert. However, much of this will relate to how you delegate and what your needs are. In most cases, the advice would be to identify the various tasks and start with one task you want to outsource; hiring a virtual assistant to fill that gap. Make this work, then move on to outsource the outstanding tasks. As you scale, therefore, you can employ more virtual assistants.

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