Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant: Why You Need One

Digital or online marketing can be a powerful tool to connect a brand with potential customers and to get those online sales. This form of communication uses digital means to reach a well-targeted audience – from email and web-based advertisement to social media. 

However, most companies either lack a marketing department or the proper skills to compete effectively against their competition using digital communication. This is where a virtual internet marketing assistant will provide you with digital marketing assistance. This virtual digital marketing assistant is a particular type of virtual assistant that can enhance the efficiency of your digital marketing efforts. 

What is a virtual Internet marketing assistant? 

A virtual internet marketing assistant, also known as a virtual digital marketing assistant, works remotely and handles digital marketing for you.

These digital marketing experts are not based in your office and aren’t employees. Instead, they act as consultants offering their services and knowledge to a business. 

They can also manage your marketing strategy to connect your brand with your audience. They do this by using blogging and content creation.

Also, they are experts in managing various social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. They can manage your email marketing and optimize your website’s SEO – search engine optimization.

But they can also assist with advertising like PPC, driving traffic to our online business or e-commerce store.

The benefits of hiring a virtual Internet marketing assistant

There are two main benefits when you hire an internet marketing assistant. Let’s check out the benefits of a digital marketing hire

You will capitalize on your productivity and have your time freed up.

As we all know, time is a precious resource − we can never have enough of it. How businesses spend time can be translated into dollars.

Businesses pay people per hour for their time – but have you considered how much money you have wasted conducting the low-level tasks yourself?

This is where a virtual assistant comes in – and it’s a virtual assistant’s job to free up your time so you can focus on more high-level tasks.

For example, if you are a real estate agent and spend most of your time writing blogs and posting on social media, you have less time to engage with your clients and close deals.

Also, delegating the admin and digital marketing tasks to a remote assistant means your team is not distracted by work they are not skilled in or even hired to do.

You will reduce costs and save money.

A virtual assistant costs less, mainly because this person works remotely, but also because they are not employees. 

If there are delegated tasks you want to complete, a virtual assistant can conduct these tasks, costing you less than if you were to do them yourself.

Also, as mentioned, their salaries are lower, and the company does not need to pay additional employee benefits or taxes.

Moreover, as this helper can optimize your social media efforts, you gain more. The result is increased sales, which can translate to direct profit.

An Internet marketing virtual assistant can perform the tasks

A virtual assistant can take over your digital marketing efforts. These are the tasks they can complete for you.

Enhance your digital marketing strategy.

A solid digital marketing strategy can build a strong base for your marketing efforts.

Your virtual assistant can also suggest channels to explore to reach a new market segment and web development that can benefit your website and online sales.

Also, they can conduct organic content, saving you money on paid advertising.

Build a robust social media presence.

Social media can be used as a lead-generation tool. Ensuring a solid social media presence with a good marketing strategy is crucial.

The remote assistant can also use social media channels to tell your audience why your business is the best.

The problem is that social media takes a lot of time and work. A virtual assistant can create an interactive social media presence, post regular and valuable content, and respond to your client’s inquiries.

Use paid ads to boost conversions.

Correctly used ads should be part of your digital marketing plan.

But you need to know your audience, run engaging social media ads on the right platforms, use retargeting to make the most of your ads and optimize your text. Your virtual assistant can handle this.

Use content marketing for increased visibility online.

Content in landing pages and articles can boost your ranking on Google and Bing. 

This means visibility! Your virtual assistant can help create great content to boost inbound marketing, increase your ranking through SEO on Google, and draft newsletters for your email database. 

Additionally, the assistants can optimize your landing pages, create lead magnets to draw people to your website, and report on their performance using Google Analytics.

How to hire a virtual assistant for Internet marketing

The first step is determining your needs − the tasks you want to delegate to a virtual assistant.

It is best to list these. You can also use this list when hiring a virtual assistant since that will establish the job description.

You can hire a freelance assistant; however, this is not advisable. Many people are not sufficiently competent at hiring or managing people.

The result is a failure and time wasted. It is best to approach an outsourcing agency.

Take, for example, Aristo Sourcing. If you approach Aristo Sourcing, you can use our complimentary call with our outsourcing expert.

We offer you an expert with over a decade of experience dealing with some of the most prominent outsourcing companies.

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What are the key benefits of using an Internet marketing virtual assistant?

The main benefits of using an internet marketing virtual assistant are vast. However, there are two main benefits. 

Cost savings:

Hiring a virtual assistant for your internet marketing needs can save you significant money in overhead costs.

You don’t need to pay for office space, equipment, or other overhead costs of hiring an in-house employee.


You can quickly scale up or down your internet marketing efforts with a virtual assistant.

How can an internet marketing virtual assistant save me time and money?

An Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant can be invaluable to any business, saving you time and money.

By outsourcing tasks such as website design, content creation, SEO, and social media management to an Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant, you can free up your time to focus on more critical aspects of your business.

First, an Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant can assist you in saving time by taking on the mundane, repetitive tasks that take up your day.

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