Why Hire a (Virtual) Digital Marketing Assistant?

(Virtual) Digital Marketing Assistant – Your Game Changer

Digital marketing is a critical part of running a modern-day business. The most significant benefit of digital marketing is that its return on investment is much higher than traditional marketing methods. This is because the investment is much lower, and the marketing department will be able to reach more of the right people. However, there is a catch – digital marketing can be arduous and requires excellent planning.

Most entrepreneurs do not have the time to waste managing social media channels, writing case studies, or spending afternoons searching for keywords. Just as you need a proper digital marketing strategy, you need to include the people who will assist with some of the tasks in this strategy.

Many low-level tasks are time-consuming; if done by yourself, this will cost you more than outsourcing the work.

Consider hiring a digital marketing assistant to conduct these low-level tasks for you. Moreover, besides the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing, this will free up your time so you can focus on your business branding and core strategy.

After all, the most essential part of your business is your reputation; this encompasses how others perceive your brand.

The digital marketing assistant and the game-changer effect

A virtual assistant specializing in digital marketing (including email marketing, content marketing, website, landing pages, and social media marketing) works remotely from a home office. The costs of hiring a virtual assistant, a consultant, are fractional compared with hiring an onsite employee.

This is because expenses such as healthcare benefits, pension-fund benefits, employee insurance fund benefits, and taxes are not included. Also, as they work from their workstation, there is no need to set one up or hire office space to accommodate them.

More so, a digital marketing assistant will help speed up your marketing efforts, assist your marketing team, and ensure that high-quality marketing campaigns are rolled out. Using this help, you and your core team will be saved from burnout and freed up to focus on your core tasks.

The main tasks to be delegated to a digital marketing virtual assistant include email marketing, newsletters, SEO and keyword research, content marketing, blog management, social media management, creating lead magnets, and analyzing competitor strategies.

The benefits of onboarding a digital marketing virtual assistant

Website management

Your website is your presence on the internet; in most cases, this is a first impression for customers; however, besides the massive competition, where your site ranks can dramatically affect your success (or be part of your failure). You must update your site regularly, optimizing the text and images to ensure everything adheres to the latest SEO best practices. This is a laborious and specialized task, but a virtual digital marketing assistant can complete such tasks to ensure the site operates optimally and attracts more clients.

Social media management

Being on various social media channels allows a company to reach its niche clientele wherever they are. Such management helps to build trust in the brand and addresses customer concerns. Performed correctly, social media management can be beneficial to a business.

This aspect of your business can easily be outsourced. A virtual assistant will draft a social media calendar to ensure social media posts are released at the best possible times.

The virtual assistant can do this manually or use social media management tools. Most of all, the virtual assistant will engage with the customers to promote your values and products while seeing their requests.

Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is still a popular marketing tool that offers one of the best returns on investment. However, sending out emails can differ in effectiveness. Here, a virtual assistant will know some tricks to optimize your campaigns, thus ensuring the best outcome. Tasks include drafting the copy, adding visual images, scheduling the emails, and cleaning up the database to reduce inactive email addresses affecting the company’s spam ratings.

Blog management

Blogs are suitable for your SEO, which drives organic traffic to your website and can be more effective than paid advertising. Paid advertising will cause your traffic to spike; however, as soon as you stop, the traffic will dry up. In contrast, organic traffic will remain constant and climb if managed correctly. Writing blogs is not as easy as you might think – besides, it is time-consuming. Blog writing involves research, creativity, and editing. A digital remote assistant will find this an easy task. However, if you would like to keep writing your own blogs, your assistant can post and optimize the SEO for the best results.

SEO research

We have only touched on SEO, a very important feature of your website. You need to optimize your content for your audience. This means that the content on your site must be relevant to your market: search engines such as Google will mark you for your efforts. If you score well, search engines will increase your rating. Conversely, if you fail to adhere to the rules, you will be penalized. Nevertheless, your virtual assistant can conduct relevant keyword searches for you, which can be used on your site, blogs, and social media channels.

Content marketing

Content marketing does include blogs, but these are not the only marketing tools. Content marketing includes social media posts, e-books, case studies, videos, infographics, and white papers. Each of these contents has its function, affecting the attraction of the reader’s attention. The time taken to produce such content should be kept to a minimum, and it must prove economical. Your virtual assistant is the perfect person to tailor the content to your needs.

PPC (pay-per-click) Ads

Paid ads are necessary. Even though the SEO will be beneficial, do remember that search engines will benefit those that support them. Placing ads on Google is a good idea. However, make sure you combine these with your Facebook ads. Such a parallel campaign can optimize your results, drive traffic to your site, or accomplish whatever you deem necessary. Your virtual assistant can take care of your pay-per-click campaigns.

Graphic design

Visuals help to grab the attention of your audience. However, considerable skill is needed to produce great creatives. You can use free apps such as Canva; however, your results will be limited. In this case, a graphic artist can more accurately depict your brand. You need graphics for your website and social media channels, amongst other sites.

Keep your customers happy.

Frequently, clients take to social media platforms to engage with brands. Responding to all inquiries is not always possible; nevertheless, any negative complaints that can harm your brand must be captured and addressed. A virtual assistant can take care of these issues and ensure your customers realize your brand takes them seriously. An excellent customer service will help your brand to grow.

Competitor analysis

Researching your competition is part of understanding them and your client base. You would, for example, want to know why a client would jump across to your competition. This would mean understanding what they are doing better than you. Such knowledge can help you beat your competition. Let your virtual assistant research your competitors so that you can use any findings in your strategy to deal with this factor. The virtual research assistant can fine-tune your digital strategy.

Affiliate marketing

You should consider affiliate marketing to improve your chances of being noticed in different domains. A remote assistant can build relationships with potential partners to boost your brand. Here, the assistant will make use of affiliate marketing software. Another option is not to partner with others but to start a referral program − the virtual assistant will also be able to manage this type of program.

Create email newsletters

Email marketing using newsletters aims to convert consumers to customers, building brand loyalty. Using newsletters, a company can promote discounts, offer special promotions, display new products, reflect content, and provide other developments. A virtual assistant can be used to optimize these newsletters to gain maximum reach with tools such as Active Campaign, MailChimp, etc.

Editing and proofreading

Besides those grammatical errors hurting your brand, Google also penalizes content for spelling errors. A virtual assistant can proofread the copy to ensure all is correct before releasing it.

Additional benefits

Besides the practical benefits a virtual assistant offers, such a person can also help boost productivity. The assistant can forestall any possible burnout by reducing the stress level for you and your team. You and your team can focus solely on your core tasks rather than also on low-level tasks that can reduce productivity. You can focus on your strengths, augmenting the talent of your team. This will allow you to scale your business more quickly.

Apart from saving time, you will also save money by reducing your operational costs. Hiring a virtual assistant is thus an economical staffing solution. It also allows a business to gain the talent needed to perform the work. For instance, this requirement can be outsourced if graphics skills aren’t within your talent pool.

Wrapping it up

A digital marketing assistant can be of huge benefit. You can have tasks completed by outsourcing them. Such will cost you less than doing it yourself and will free up your own time.

If you are unsure about this route or need help with the process, book a complimentary call with our outsourcing expert. Aristo Sourcing is here to assist you through your outsourcing process and afterward.

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