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Virtual Assistant for Amazon Seller – Scale Up Fast

Selling on Amazon works! Those who have started an Amazon FBA are set to make it. Even though some are saying that the market is oversaturated, it is still a good proposal to own an Amazon business. For instance, in 2020, Amazon’s revenue was $386 billion. That was an increase of $280 billion from 2019. Moreover, third-party sellers drove 54% of the revenue. We will now discuss how avirtual assistant for Amazon seller can help you scale your Amazon business quickly.

What is a virtual Amazon seller assistant? 

Trading on Amazon can be tremendously perplexing. As the top online selling eCommerce platform, Amazon is one of the most extremely competitive markets to be in. Amazon single-handedly sells more than 12 million products. Moreover, that is only 10% of the entire number of products offered on Amazon. Amazon business owners have tough competition to deal with so will need the edge to stay ahead.

To participate in such an enormous online marketplace, you are going to require some assistance. Hiring a virtual Amazon seller assistant is a superb way to grow your company without outlaying a vast chunk of your budget on an onsite or full-time worker.

A virtual Amazon seller assistant is a person who works remotely from their home office to make sure that your Amazon Seller account is in perfect shape. The virtual assistant can manage the laborious tasks as well as listing products on your online store, replying to client concerns and queries, and doing day-to-day Amazon Seller Central maintenance.

When do you know whether you need a virtual Amazon seller assistant? 

Still unsure whether you need to hire a virtual assistant for your eCommerce business? As an Amazon FBA (fulfilment by Amazon) business, do you think that you have all the shipping support you require? Here is a nippy survey to assist you to work out whether you really need a virtual Amazon seller assistant.

  • Are you spending too much time daily on low-level tasks such as listing products or simply on handling your Amazon Seller Central account?
  • Do you find yourself irritated because you lack time for your core work − which is piling up or just being ignored?
  • Have you received complaints from clients because of a bad experience or poor response time?
  • Are you feeling as though stuck and overloaded, which is impeding your ability to give your all to moving the business forward?

If you responded positively to any of the above-mentioned questions then you will benefit from hiring a virtual assistant. Feeling discouraged with dreary workload and spending too much time completing repetitive tasks that could be delegated? These are two main reasons for certain Amazon businesses feeling stuck in a rut while others flourish. Should you wish to scale your venture, you will need to invest in some much-needed assistance.

Hiring a virtual assistant for Amazon seller compares favourably with hiring an onsite worker. A remote worker provides a business with more flexibility and is much more cost-effective.

What can a virtual Amazon seller assistant do for you?

A virtual assistant for Amazon seller is focussed on Amazon Seller account tasks, for example:

Daily Seller Central Account tasks

A virtual Amazon seller assistant can maintain your account current with Amazon standards using Seller Central Account metrics. You can appoint an Amazon FBA remote assistant to make sure that orders are fulfilled on time, that the inventory management is impeccably achieved, and that prompt refunds and returns processing improve customer service.

Amazon Product Listing 

Cataloguing your products on Amazon takes much time and is certainly easily delegated. Having a devoted remote assistant to provide the cataloguing of your merchandise can make time for you to focus on high-level tasks.

Customer Service Tasks

A remote assistant for an Amazon FBA business can furthermore respond to queries from clients, resolving service disputes, and upselling goods. The remote assistant can complete these types of tasks via email, phone, live chat, or responding on social media channels. If you are utilising any customer relationship management (CRM) systems the assistant can also manage these tools. 

A+/Enhanced Brand Content Creation

There is a feature on Amazon that permits sellers to upgrade entries by using rich content, known as Enhanced Brand Content. A remote assistant can create top quality images, with product comparison charts, product descriptions, and video content, to optimise your listing.

Web Research

A virtual assistant can conduct online research to give you access to insights that relate to product trends, what your competition is doing, and how you can enhance your own strategy.

What is your next step? 

Are you ready to level up and boost your profits, beating your competition on the highly effective but extremely competitive Amazon platform? Doing it on your own will be difficult, and will drain you emotionally and physically. Rather outsource your low-level tasks to a virtual assistant, allowing you to focus on your core and high-level tasks. More so, if you are ill or unable to work, your business does not grind to a halt. The pandemic has taught us that many businesses have gone bankrupt when the solo business owner was unable to work. Rather take on a cost-effective and efficient virtual assistant. A virtual assistant for Amazon seller can complete your low-level tasks for less than you can – therefore you will be saving.

However, if you are not totally sure, do not worry: we are there to assist you. We have an outsourcing expert who has worked with some of the largest international outsourcing companies; he is offering his services to you. You can book your complimentary discovery call, and our expert will help you. We also suggest that you visit our ‘how it works’ page, for more information about how Aristo Sourcing works, and the four-step process the company follows to source only the best talent.

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