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How to Outsource Photo Editing For Your Online Store

Capturing flawless, high-quality photographs isn’t easy. Often, you will need to edit the images by retouching them to attain the standard you want. However, editing photos requires certain skills and a great deal of time. Make it easy on yourself – outsource photo editing to a virtual assistant; when you are running an eCommerce business, things get a bit more serious.

The truth is you need professional-looking images for your online store

The numbers back this up – you need to ensure that your digital assets are perfect. This includes all the images you will be using on the various platforms, including your own website. You will need to showcase all your products in the best possible light. Trust us – about 75% of online consumers will rely on the image to make their decision whether to buy or to move on to the next brand. Just remember that the best possible light does not mean a complete contrast to the original product. Some 22% of goods are returned because the dealer showed a different-looking product than the customer received. Therefore, have your images professionally edited, so they look like the actual product. Images should be stunning and sized appropriately for every place they will be used.

Outsource photo editing for eCommerce

Within the eCommerce sector, when an image is created, there are three stages. The first is the pre-production stage. During this stage, the planning is conducted, and everything is prepared for the photo shoot. The second stage is the photo shoot. The last stage is the post-production stage, in which the images are edited (also called retouching). The first two stages are creative and the most critical. The last stage, although also important, is more of a laborious task that can easily be outsourced to a virtual photo editor. Such a person will do the editing based on the client’s instructions and the client’s style guide.

More so, with editing, all imperfections can be removed through, for example, retouching of the model’s skin, and the images can be optimized. More so, the images can be cropped to fit the different size requirements of the various social media channels. If an image is to be enlarged, an editor can remove the tiny imperfections the enhancement will cause – to ensure that the image looks exactly like the original, even in its much larger format.

Investing in outsourcing your photo editing

This may appear as a task that you can easily manage. Certainly, this is the case if your business is small and scaling is not on the cards. But when you start to scale and your time becomes more restricted, you would want to delegate these types of tasks to a third party. You could hire an in-house photo editor or graphic-design artist to complete these tasks for you, but this will be costly. It makes much better sense to opt for a virtual assistant in this case. It costs less money, it’s flexible, and an assistant is there when you need one for those ad hoc tasks. Moreover, most medium-to-large eCommerce businesses outsource their images to a virtual assistant for just those reasons mentioned. There is also the benefit of gaining the images much more quickly, which means you can release the products sooner.

Get ready to outsource! 

You might be asking yourself, “How do I outsource photo editing for my eCommerce business?” Firstly, don’t set yourself up to fail. There are many experienced CEOs and managers that have failed badly when it comes to outsourcing. In most cases, they do not know how to go about it, since there are two areas they struggle with: managing people, and knowing how to delegate. You might think – but a manager needs to know these things. They certainly ought to – however, most aren’t taught how to handle such tasks. Therefore it’s easier for you to outsource the work to an outsourcing service. Look no further than Aristo Sourcing, a great company that will source the talent for you. They will go through the process of selecting the best candidates based on your requirements; they also monitor and manage the remote assistants on your behalf. This means that you are gaining a consultant to work with you, yet doing without the hassles of managing them. Aristo Sourcing also offers a complimentary discovery call in which you can book a call to speak to one of our outsourcing experts. They will go through the process with you, eliciting from you what your needs are.

Some questions you can ask the outsourcing team

To help you there are some questions you can ask: 

  • What onboarding process, do you suggest? 
  • How and by which means should I communicate with the virtual assistant? For instance, how do I pass on my instructions? 
  • How can consistency be ensured? Would you be able to scale with me, when needed? 

Answers to questions like these can help you to understand the process better. NB (note well) – with Aristo Sourcing you aren’t alone – we are there to support you as you scale and grow your business.

Do I have to hire people myself or can I get someone to do it?

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