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Creative Virtual Assistant − What’s That?

We recently had someone ask us what a creative virtual assistant is. But talking about a virtual assistant can sound a bit Greek. Let’s strip the jargon and explain what a virtual assistant is and, more so, what a virtual creative assistant is. A virtual assistant is not the same as an employee. However, what is a virtual creative assistant, and what would be a remote creative assistant’s tasks?

Defining the term ‘virtual assistant’

Virtual assistants (VAs) are self-employed workers. They work remotely for companies, mainly located abroad. These virtual assistants work as social media managers, content producers, graphic designers, and many other work types, although some are virtual general assistants. In most cases, though, these assistants have specialized in a particular field. The benefit of hiring a virtual assistant relates mainly to the cost. Because these assistants work as consultants, the business owner does not pay medical insurance, taxes, pension contributions, or any benefits. The money saved allows a business to scale faster.

Is a virtual assistant the same as an employee?

Some people believe that virtual assistants are employees. However, this is incorrect. Virtual assistants are independent contractors or consultants. As a staffing solution, they can fill the position of an onsite employee; however, they do not receive the benefits of an employee. For any progressive business, a virtual assistant is tremendously advantageous, especially in cost savings. A company can save up to 70% on its business overheads. The business owner also gains free time and, through delegation, has more time to focus on the core tasks.

Your virtual creative assistant

Virtual creative assistants have an excellent eye for design. Being creative, they are well versed in the various online platforms and will have good computer skills. Their skills will depend on their preferred focus areas. For instance, creative assistants will focus on graphic design, video editing, marketing, computer skills, event planning, and working with Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and Google sheets. Let us unpack the various roles.


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Roles of a creative virtual assistant

Graphic design for advertising and marketing

Graphic design can help with conversion and lead generation. Plus, graphic design increases a brand’s visibility, which can lead to sales. Great visuals are also an effective communication tool used by marketing managers and brand managers to increase website traffic or drive consumers to stores to buy their products. However, onsite graphic designers are a luxury many businesses can’t afford. For this reason, companies outsource their graphic design work.

Photo and video editing

Many businesses want to stand out and beat their competition, so many are looking towards video marketing. With video marketing come specific challenges, essentially, the high fees professional video editors charge. Yet, excellent video and photo editing are within reach – with the help of a virtual assistant. Such an assistant can complete this arduous and complex task, preparing material for the marketing department.

Website design

A base of any business is its website. There are several types of websites, each using different website platforms. Even for essential marketing, you need a website. A website can be used to host your eCommerce site or as a lead magnet to increase your database. Using a virtual creative assistant means that business owners can gain an optimized professional website. They can also apply regular updates to your existing site, add extra landing pages, or refresh the site, so it appears renewed.


Brands must be recognizable and have a strong identity, so brands must be correctly marketed. Additionally, branding helps companies stand out and lends brand credibility in the marketplace. A virtual assistant can help with the brand identity, ensuring that the brand is represented correctly on various online and print platforms. A virtual assistant can create a new logo and craft a story that can be woven throughout the marketing efforts to expand the market and increase sales.

Social media content

Social media as a marketing tool helps marketers to engage and connect with their budding customers. Moreover, marketers can connect with them wherever the consumers are. These platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and many more. Each of these platforms attracts a different audience. Marketers know to direct their message regarding each particular group of customers. A virtual creative assistant, such as a virtual social media assistant, can manage all the social media accounts and their associated calendars and help with social media posts. To boost engagement, a virtual video-editing assistant can also help post videos on channels such as Instagram and TikTok.

Newsletters and email marketing

Emails still are an effective marketing strategy. While social media is helpful for the top end of the marketing funnel, email marketing drives clients down the funnel. Email marketing helps build relationships with various leads while reconnecting with old customers. However, the message needs to be appropriate and valuable. Nonetheless, a creative assistant can design newsletters to be eye-catching yet prevent them from landing in the spam folder.


Infographics are exceptionally useful for marketing. This is a compact spread of info that is easy to grasp. People love them, especially males. Infographics present a solid summary of your work in a small space. Infographics also convey your knowledge of a subject. As bit-size reports, they give a strong punch. Infographics are appealing, easy to read and follow, and can educate your audience. Infographics can be placed on your website or offered in print format and on social media, especially Pinterest. This is an excellent task for a virtual creative assistant.

Brochures and posters

If you want to promote an event, even an online event, you need excellent marketing material. One such material is stunning posters − brochures are also a valuable marketing tool. Creative virtual assistants would be able to put these marketing materials together.


You might want to offer presentations if you are trying to gain more business. It is always easier to sell to a person than to a brand. However, displays can also be used for training, onboarding, and team building. They can be used equally during conferences and do not have to be limited to sales presentations. A creative virtual’s innovative assistant can create visually appealing presentations tailor-made for your audience.


If you are a business owner or manager, you will know the importance of great design. If you lack these skills, hiring someone to complete these tasks is advisable. However, hiring professionals such as a creative onsite person is pricey. The alternative is to hire an expert virtual creative assistant. This is a cost-effective staffing solution. You will obtain top-quality work at an affordable rate. Below is a list of the various virtual creative assistants at Aristo Sourcing.

List of creative virtual assistants: 

  • Content writing virtual assistant
  • Social media virtual assistant
  • Pinterest virtual assistant
  • Facebook media buyer
  • Digital marketing virtual assistant
  • Graphic design virtual assistant
  • Software development virtual assistant
  • Web design and development
  • Video editing virtual assistant

1. What are your primary responsibilities of a creative virtual assistant?

A virtual assistance worker’s primary responsibility as a creative virtual assistant is to offer admin, creative, and technical support to clients. This can include anything from managing social media accounts and creating graphics to scheduling appointments and handling customer service inquiries. These virtual assistants must be able to effectively communicate with their clients in order to understand their needs and fulfill their requests in a timely and efficient manner. Also, these creatives must also be able to stay organized and keep track of deadlines and deliverables.

2. What types of tasks do you typically handle for clients?

There is no one answer to this question as the types of tasks a virtual assistant typically handle for clients vary greatly depending on the specific client and their needs. However, some common tasks they often handle for clients include social media management, content creation and curation, email marketing, event planning and coordination, and general project management. Additionally, these creatives are often responsible for developing and executing strategic marketing plans that are designed to help their clients achieve their specific business goals.


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