The [Invisible] Remote Admin Assistants

Although it’s not particularly nice to refer to someone as invisible, a group of hardworking individuals comprises the unseen backbone of a company: remote admin assistants; for business owners, such remote assistants are game-changers − superheroes in their own right.

They save the company thousands, boost productivity, and, as doers, get things done.

What is a remote admin assistant? 

For those unfamiliar with this term, a remote admin assistant works remotely, mostly from their home or shared office space.

A company will hire such a person as a consultant, not as a regular company employee. The consultant will complete admin-related tasks for the company.

Such administrative tasks include email inbox management, calendar appointment settings, desktop research, and compiling presentations. In short, these consultants keep things moving.

Where can a remote administrative assistant offer value?

You want to hire great people and nurture your company culture as a business owner. However, you also want to hire people who can add value to your business. When it comes to remote admin assistants, their value lies in that they form the cement that binds all your various departments together.

Although this role is often underplayed, remote assistants support all departments in achieving their work.

The core value of admin assistants

Admin assistant roles can also differ. For instance, someone can act as your personal assistant. An assistant can also work for one of your department heads. They will be helping with personal tasks as well as daily business tasks. Moreover, an admin assistant will manage vital and ongoing work such as email management, note-taking, and filing.

An admin assistant can also help manage your customer database per customer-relationship management tools. This role can extend to other domains, such as recruiting and conducting research. Additionally, remote assistants can assist with your marketing endeavors.

But who are these silent heroes?

Most businesses know the benefits of a virtual assistant, and many have worked with or hired one before. Onboarding a virtual assistant to take on admin-related tasks is nothing new.

But have you considered asking yourself how these admin assistants do your work, silently and on time, each day?

The virtual admin assistant

A remote admin assistant is highly educated. Multitaskers can split their time between project management and communication tasks.

Not all are the same, however – some are entry-level, while others are advanced and thus able to handle more complex tasks and responsibilities. There is always one remote assistant who will match your requirements. However, it is essential to hire someone compatible with your needs.

An entry-level assistant should not be expected to handle complex tasks, which is asking for trouble. There are additional factors to consider. Let’s explore these.

The triage-type solution or a devoted and reliable assistant

Every business seeks to defend its privacy. Companies uniformly seek an assistant they trust with their personal data and details. For businesses where this is a high priority or a CEO hiring an executive assistant, hiring someone connected with the company ( in the long run) is vital. Such a person will, therefore, be working for the betterment of the business.

It is sometimes thought that a virtual assistant is hired for short-term tasks only – but this is not always the case. Companies often hire virtual assistants for long-term periods.

Ultimately, a strong bond of trust is built between the employer and the remote assistant.

Cost considerations

Those more highly qualified assistants will demand a higher rate of pay. This is standard for all forms of employment. Regarding outsourcing, a virtual executive assistant or personal assistant will demand a higher wage than a virtual generalist assistant.

So, too, a software developer will earn more than a personal assistant. However, the roles are defined by the needs of the company. What must be outlined is the value the assistant will be offering the company.

Turnaround time

Because a remote assistant fulfills a triage-type solution for a business, differences in times should be kept in mind. Most virtual assistants work in different time zones. This can cause delays or adjustments to the time taken to complete tasks.

Some virtual assistants, however, are willing to work during the host company’s office hours. This means they will work partly at nighttime to cover the time differences. It is essential to discuss this upfront to avoid confusion.

The type of tasks delegated to remote admin assistants.

A remote assistant will be hired to complete specific tasks. Having a list of the company tasks is helpful – the recruiter will thus be able to hire the right person for the job. For instance, an entry-level person will not be sourced for such tasks if the company seeks an expert.

Some type of permanence is helpful; the person should remain on your books as long as possible, rehiring not only costly but disruptive.

Also, if a personal assistant is hired, some time is needed for trust to be built. If a generalist remote admin assistant is hired, the work will be less subject to confidentiality restrictions; the person can thus start immediately with the work.

Their relationship with the business

A virtual assistant can assist a business on both a short-term and long-term basis. Such merely depends on the needs of the company.

Regarding a remote admin assistant, if the tasks are more personal, a personal assistant will be desirable for the long haul. If the work is more short-term, a virtual assistant suited to the tasks at hand will be provided.

The bottom line about remote admin assistants

An admin assistant, be it a personal assistant or a generalist virtual assistant, will be a game-changer for your business. Such a person will speed up your processes by taking on the administrative work that can slow your company down if not properly tackled.

The bonus is that such a person will achieve the work at a much lower cost than one of your onsite staff would demand. Consider the role and tasks that a virtual assistant could help you with.

This way, you can hire the right person for the role and budget accordingly.

If you are seeking remarkable talent, do contact us. You can book a call with our outsourcing expert, who can guide you into making the perfect decision. This is a complimentary service – don’t delay; book your session today!

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