4 Most Assumed Myths about working with Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants have liberated the labor market, saved entrepreneurs a great deal of money, and allowed them to act agilely, quickly making changes to their companies. However, what a virtual assistant is and can do is mainly misconstrued. Then again, some business owners have used a virtual assistant before but found their experience nothing but negative. Here we will debunk most of the commonly known myths surrounding virtual assistants and suggest how you can get on board, which can lead to success for you and your business.

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Myth 1 – A virtual assistant is a generalist

This is inaccurate. In most cases, a virtual assistant merely refers to someone who offers skills from a remote location. A virtual assistant can, by contrast, be highly specialized. This can mean being able to help you to do your video editing, bookkeeping, managing your HR processes, and so much more. Also, a VA tends to work harder and for longer hours than someone within your office. Virtual assistants are driven: they have a mature outlook and know to focus on tasks with precision.

Myth 2 – Communication is problematic

That is not true – poor communication is mainly seen in managers dealing with their in-person staff. There should be no reason to have a breakdown in communication. You can communicate via phone, email, and Zoom sessions if you prefer a face-to-face experience. The only difference is that an assistant will not work in the office. Otherwise, their communication skills are well-developed, and they are used to communicating through email and phone.

Myth 3 – Virtual assistants are paid to do any- and everything

Even though virtual assistant is talented, businesses hire them to complete specific tasks. It is, therefore, evident that any reputable agency will classify the different types of virtual assistants according to the services they can provide. Therefore, business owners must identify their needs so that the perfect assistant can be sourced to determine the tasks.

Myth 4 – In-person assistants can do more than a virtual assistant

Besides not making coffee and taking your laundry to the dry cleaners, there is nothing a virtual assistant cannot do that an in-person assistant can do for you. However, depending on the type of support you require, a virtual assistant can do everything and more than an in-person assistant. Also, virtual assistants are often more productive, as they need to manage their time well. Therefore, you do not have to stress about redundancy within the workplace. The key to hiring a great virtual assistant is to operate through an agency that knows how to source the best help.

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