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Those who have a personal assistant know all about it. This message is for those who don’t know the secret. To get to the point, a personal assistant can save you time. For this reason, executives, senior managers, and business founders hire a personal assistant.

However, what if you can’t afford the services of a personal assistant − should you do without one? The answer is a resounding no! You should outsource the role to the best virtual personal assistant.

What is a Virtual Personal Assistant?

Similar to other virtual assistants, a virtual personal assistant works remotely, completing the tasks hired to complete.

However, unlike an onsite personal assistant, a remote assistant is not physically in the same space as their employer and does not have the same salary tag as an onsite employee.

This is because they are consultants rather than employees. The fees usually paid on taxes, benefits, and office upkeep do not apply to them. However, let’s explore what a person can do and why you need one!

Hiring Your First Virtual Personal Assistant

Outsourcing goes wrong when business owners try to hire their staff.

The virtual assistant will often not last, and the business owner will feel disgruntled with the process. This is because many managers and business owners are not skilled or trained in hiring people; regretfully, many in the upper echelons do not know how to manage people.

The result wastes time and unnecessary stress for the business owner and the virtual assistant. This message may seem biased, but consider an outsourcing company such as Aristo Sourcing to find and present you with only the best virtual assistant.

Aristo Sourcing can find you the perfect consultant to meet all your needs.

Start with Some Self-Analysis

A critical and much-underrated step is to conduct some introspection before you start with outsourcing.

Take a moment or two to consider what you need or want to delegate to a personal assistant.

Note − you don’t want to hire a personal assistant to say you have one – make sure they have enough work. Writing down a list of tasks can be very helpful.

More so, when you reach out to an outsourcing service company, such as Aristo Sourcing, you can hand over that document.

This will also be the basis for sourcing your best virtual personal assistant. Another issue you must consider is which time zones will work for you and which will not. 

In addition to time zones, consider whether you require a native-English speaker as a virtual assistant. On average, a native-English speaker commands slightly more in wage, but they will be better adapted in their grammar and pronouncing English words.

A Personal Assistant can Take Care of the Main Tasks.

An executive assistant can complete several tasks, primarily administrative. However, delegating these tasks to a virtual assistant can save you up to 10 hours weekly.

That will result in almost half a day for you to spend on more important matters, such as your core work, meetings with stakeholders, finding investors for your startup, spending more time with your loved ones, or even spending more time on the golf course.

More so, the core tasks of a virtual assistant are personal, data entry, online research, calendar management, email inbox management, preparing presentations, and appointment setting.

Time to Change Your Life

Are you ready to change your daily life and regain control of your time and how you spend (or waste) it? If so, you should immediately book a free consultation call with our outsourcing expert.

Let our expert advise you. Our advisor has had over a decade of experience working with international corporations and their outsourcing requirements.

You will gain the best advice that works for you based on your needs and goals. Each of our clients is different; we do not apply a blanket approach to all.

Aristo Sourcing will draft a plan that will work for you and source the best virtual personal assistant. This will assist you in becoming more productive, save you costs and time, and enable you to be more organized.

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