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Outsource These Tasks To Virtual Real Estate Assistants

Regardless of whether you are an estate broker or real estate agent, administrative tasks will need sorting. You will also need graphics, new leads, and videos for your marketing. Moreover, you would want your real-estate agency to run smoothly, be professional, and come over as well organized. This could entail much effort in dealing with your clients. You would need to find innovative methods of keeping your top clients buying more properties from you. And you would want them to refer you to their colleagues, friends, and family. However, sitting behind the desk dealing with piles of paperwork can hinder you from doing this. Hiring additional help is not cheap unless you turn to hiring virtual real estate assistants. In the long run, this can prove most cost-effective.

The work that virtual real estate assistants can do

The type of support that virtual real estate assistants can offer includes technical, administrative, and creative support. All of these tasks can be achieved remotely from their home office. A virtual assistant can perform many meaningful but irksome tasks for an estate agent or broker. Such tasks include conducting property research, digital marketing (including emails, managing social media, updating your website, and conducting paid advertising on Google and Facebook), managing your email inbox, and scheduling appointments.

The benefits of hiring virtual a real estate assistant

You will save on your business overheads and salaries

On average, the cost of hiring a virtual assistant is lower than that of hiring an onsite employee. Firstly, you do not have to pay employee benefits, employee insurance, employee pension benefits, taxes, and bonuses. Also, there are no costs towards laptops, mobile phones, office rentals, etc. As a virtual assistant costs less to hire, you will be saving without reducing the quality of service you are giving your clients.

Improve business productivity

When you delegate low-level tasks to a virtual assistant, you free up your own time. The time saved can then be used to focus on your core work. In reality, you could save around 10 hours per week. That would be around one business day saved. This time can be used to connect with potential buyers or sellers, and developers. You need to get in before the developers appoint another estate agency to assist with the sale of their property. This benefit can also be applied to all the members of your agency, which will help enhance the team’s morale and make your agency the best to work for.

Bringing back your work-life balance

As a realtor, you spend many hours in the office, then on the road visiting properties. This can be tough on your personal life. A lot of the time spent in the office is on dealing with administrative tasks. However, freeing up your time by outsourcing the admin tasks to a remote assistant can mean spending more time with your family or participating in your favorite hobbies and activities. Restoring your work-life balance will also improve your overall wellness and your mental health.

Increase your sales conversion

Hiring a virtual real estate assistant to conduct lead generation will pay for itself. This can be achieved via email campaigns, on social media, and by using SEO via content marketing. The suggestion would be to use a soft approach when reaching out to your leads. Firstly, they will not be familiar with you and your brand. Therefore, go slowly and provide your leads with information about the property market and something about yourself and your team. Once they are comfortable with you and trust has developed, you will be in a better position to sell to them.

with virtual real estate assistants this broeker can spend more time with his client

Main tasks to outsource to a virtual real estate assistant

Handling your calendar and setting appointments

Your schedule will be packed with consultations with potential sellers and buyers and with other estate agents. But your virtual assistant can manage your schedule. In addition, your virtual assistant can assist with scheduling open houses with sellers and rescheduling canceled or deferred open houses. These actions can be time-consuming. More so, in many cases, such will eat into your personal life.

Carrying out real estate research

Having access to current data is key to victory in the real estate sector. Nevertheless, acting out research is arduous and will deter you from more persistent duties. A virtual real estate assistant can supply you with targeted and precise reports, making sure that you have all the local and regional market data, present lending rates, and regulatory changes. Additionally, a virtual assistant can also conduct competitor analysis, research new properties, track the sales prices in the various areas, find new property developers, and research previous house sales.

Execute administrative tasks

Carrying out various administrative tasks is important for a smooth-operating business. However, as these are secondary and not primary tasks, it would be sensible to outsource this type of work to a virtual assistant. Therefore, the tasks that a remote assistant can perform include handling your email inbox, updating the contact list, dealing with comments and emails by responding to them, drafting emails and letters, assisting with agreements and other contracts, assisting with taking notes, and preparing presentations for you. In addition, the assistant can provide data entry, list properties, and manage your files for you.

Handling your social media accounts

Numerous home sellers and buyers depend on real estate agents to assist them in selling or buying homes. However, social media and the internet are increasingly being used in the process. About 93% of buyers prefer to perform their home search online. You, therefore, need a strong social media presence. Your virtual assistant can manage your social media channels. These channels would include Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. As such, there are some tasks that a virtual assistant can perform: searching for the best hashtags to use, editing photos, responding to comments, managing a social media calendar, posting on the different channels, monitoring the analytics, and gathering social media leads for your team.

Dealing with your digital marketing campaigns

A virtual assistant can handle your additional real estate digital marketing campaigns by drafting and scheduling content for your website’s blog; bringing up to date the text on your website; preparing press releases and announcements, and dispatching them to the suitable media outlets. Additionally, a virtual assistant can handle your email marketing campaigns. Plus, they can handle your social media and your website’s analytics. Such an assistant can also handle your newsletter campaigns and your PPC campaigns.

Manage your bookkeeping and expense management

You need to keep track of your income and expenses. If you don’t, you can descend into financial problems, and that would influence the growth of your success. A virtual assistant can manage your bookkeeping but also the payroll while performing other accounting tasks for you.

Conduct cold calling to probable sellers and buyers

Cold calling is still a good outbound marketing strategy. More so, cold calling will assist you in connecting with potential sellers and buyers. As such, this task could be outsourced to a remote assistant.

Manage remote events

A virtual assistant can handle your conference and event management needs, irrespective of whether they are virtual or physical events. Therefore, the remote assistant can send out email invitations. They can schedule online meetings. A virtual assistant can manage and source vendors. They can manage the budget. But they can also manage the overall logistics.

The bottom line

If you want to take your real estate agency to the next level, then you need to consider hiring a virtual real estate assistant. These virtual assistants can assist with your low-level tasks, free up your time, and boost your agency’s productivity. More so, this type of virtual assistant can add much-needed skills to your agency.

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