Producing Real Estate Leads using Virtual Assistants

In today’s competitive climate, we depend on excellent leads for our real estate property business, hoping ultimately to convert them into clients. Utilizing trained virtual assistants for real estate leads can streamline your process and help you expand your business cost-effectively by generating quality leads for you to explore. There are various methods of creating lead generation. We will explore these below. 

Cold Calling

Cold calling is one of the handiest techniques for generating real estate leads. However, doing this work takes time and effort! To successfully utilize this approach, you must be good at script writing. Check for these elements:

Your Opening Line

An enthusiastic and lively tone will increase your likelihood of getting the reaction you are looking for. Remember, no one wants to chat with a grumpy caller, especially when the caller did not initiate the call!

Play it cool and stay friendly. Finally, some common areas of interest should be added to break the ice.


You do not have much time. Start by introducing yourself and explaining why you are calling. The prospective client will then be told what they will be getting.

The Follow-up (Questions)

This is an integral part of the chat. Listen to the client – and ask them questions.

You want the client to engage with you so that you can bond with them. This will help you build trust.

Your Closing Line 

Leave the client with a positive memory. They may not convert right away, but you want them to think of you positively—especially as you might want to call them again.

Having a virtual assistant take care of your cold calling is a great way to maximize the number of calls you can make, thereby increasing your outreach efforts. 

A virtual assistant for real estate agents can undertake this action all day, hammering the phone, gauging motivation, accumulating statistics, and having the leads ready for your sales team.

Steady Observe-up Method

We are sure you have heard the proclamation, “The fortune is within the follow-up,” a million times by now. This is because it is still relevant.

About 7 out of 10 deals occur after the follow-up process. This often demands engaging with them 7-12 times before they convert. Only 2% of sales calls will convert at the beginning, and 92% of people will say no even after the fourth call.

If you follow up at least five times, you’re already ahead of your rivals. Take advantage of that, and begin capitalizing on your lead follow-up.

Here is a short and straightforward cheat sheet for how frequently you should be following up with leads:

  • HOT– call every seven days
  • LUKE-WARM – call every 21 days
  • COLD– call every 30 days “Scraping for Consumer & Vendor Leads”

Scraping for leads is a task to give to a digital assistant! This is repetitive, simple to follow, and not worth your time.

A virtual assistant can scrape leads from the Facebook marketplace, Instagram, Craigslist, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Zillow. Set the criteria you would want them to search for.

The remote assistant or even virtual assistant for realtors will pull all listings that fit your criteria, collect the contact information, and collect and arrange all of the records into a spreadsheet for your sales team.

Facebook Lead Advertisements

If you are unfamiliar with Facebook’s lead ads, they may be more distinctive than your typical ad. Facebook lead ads are exclusive because they do not require the lead to go to an outside touchdown web page where they manually fill out their form to opt-in.

With lead ads, the social media giant Facebook has made it as easy as collecting touch facts from a prospect. The process is so simple that it mostly takes only one click. As a marketer, this lets you gain valuable leads and prized data.

Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is great for generating leads. You can reach average open rates of around 98%, making them worthwhile.

However, let your remote assistant warm these unlimited leads first for the best results. Then, once done, you can start your campaign. Here are some more tips for maximum results: 

  • Think about when you want to text and skip ordinary hours.
  • Message readability – clear and simple messages work best.
  • Lead them to a touch point – a landing page, a phone number, or an email address.

Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail is another lead-generation tactic that has improved in status over the last few years. Ringless voicemail leaves a pre-recorded voicemail on someone’s smartphone while not having their cell phone ring.

You have to pre-record your script for your digital assistant. Your remote assistant will set up the campaign, drip out RVMs, take inbound calls, and add the results to your CRM.

The remote assistant can also monitor and file the campaign performance. This strategy can be effective if used correctly. Here are some tips to improve your chances:

  • Supply a casual and concise script
  • Leave targeted records
  • Always end with a callback number and repeat it twice
  • Make a follow-up via email

Organic Lead Technology

Generating leads organically is a strategy you can’t ignore! Your virtual assistant can create leads organically in a selection of approaches, including:

  • becoming a member of relevant actual property businesses in Facebook groups or on LinkedIn
  • interacting and sharing posts that link back to your internet site
  • connecting to potential leads
  • looking for real property offers on property listing sites, and sending the client a message
  • using keywords to search for terms such as “foreclosure” to find articles or podcasts that will discuss this topic, and you will discover leads there
  • post blog articles on your website

Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Some would argue that direct mail is a dead strategy for real estate leads; however, that is not entirely true. Even junk mail can be effective.

Many people make the mistake of buying a small listing, sending out a couple of hundred mailers, and not getting any leads, calling the approach useless. Conversely, we found that about one in every 20 responses finally does convert.

On average, for every 2,000 mailers dispatched, some 20 people will respond. Of these, you will gain one deal from your efforts. You could, in reality, have the capacity for an excellent ROI. However, again, you must be regular and apply mailers in volume.

Here are some valuable hints for executing a successful unsolicited mail campaign:

  • Lay out your merchandise or offerings clearly and as honestly as possible
  • Provide particular facts so you can make informed decisions
  • Personalize your message
  • Create a follow-up plan. You can ask your remote assistant to call your leads.

Closing Thoughts: Producing Real Estate Leads

Generating your best real estate leads is not a simple venture. It is also a time-consuming task – yet technological tools are available for your virtual assistant to gain access to great leaders.

You can use these leads to grow your business. Contact Aristo Sourcing − talk about how a virtual lead generation assistant can promote your business and scale it up rapidly. 


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