The Best Virtual Assistant For Your Digital Marketing

This article explores the best virtual assistant for growing your digital presence. Digital marketing has become extremely popular for promoting brands online.

This is because digital marketing can connect directly with your consumer, and in most cases, this is achieved in the palm of their hands. Most people use their mobile handset to access social media channels and the internet.

If you are not utilizing digital or online marketing yet, you have serious problems. Your customers will perceive that you are dated − that is, if they even know about you. However, if you are unfamiliar with digital marketing, there are remote digital marketing assistants who can help you. 

What will lead to a successful digital marketing campaign?

When you plan your digital marketing strategy, specific groupings in your digital marketing mix can boost your message and your company’s success.

This digital marketing mix depends heavily on six different areas: strategy, goals and measurement, media, experience, messaging, and content. If you focus on this six-element strategy, regardless of the size of your business, you should perform well.

However, using various virtual assistants can ensure the realization of your marketing goal.

The various digital marketing virtual assistants

There are many different types of virtual assistants. These remote assistants can add value to the multiple aspects of digital marketing.

Virtual social media assistant

Social media has become an integral part of modern life. The dominant platforms are still Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, emerging with new and other channels.

Social media is a valuable marketing tool because it enables brands to build a direct and more personal connection with their potential market and maintain their loyalty to consumers. However, the downside is that consumers can also damage a brand.

Yet, being on social media is necessary, and social media eCommerce has benefits. Still, maintaining these platforms is time-consuming.

Outsourcing to a virtual social media assistant is the best way to go. Not only is it a cost-effective staffing solution, but you also gain access to great talent with experience managing social media channels.

Facebook Media Buyer

Although social media effectively reaches niche market groups, many platforms favor paid clients.

To stand out from your competitors, you must allocate a budget for paid social media. The platforms you wish to use will depend on the market you want to attract.

However, the common platforms are Facebook (which includes access to Instagram), Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Also, uploading PPC adverts requires some skill. To spend your money wisely and maximize your ROI, consider hiring a Facebook Media Buyer.

Virtual Pinterest assistant

If your market is mainly on the social media platform Pinterest, then you need someone with excellent knowledge of this platform.

A generalist wouldn’t do that – you need specialist skills to manage your Pinterest account. This means managing your advertising on this channel while posting, editing, updating, and removing poorly performing pins.

You also need to connect with others and engage with them. If Pinterest does not form the central focus of your digital marketing efforts, a virtual social media assistant is the best virtual assistant for you.

Virtual lead generation assistant

If your goal is not engagement, initiating public relations, and boosting your brand but rather to gain more leads, then you need to consider virtual lead generation.

Lead generation can occur here. You can use your social media to find new leads for your database, and email marketing can test and gather tips for your sales team to convert potential new clients.

A virtual lead generation assistant would use lead generation software to gather new leads accurately.

SEO virtual assistant

Websites are a vital marketing tool. You want people to find your website; SEO boosts organic traffic.

SEO, however, is a skill that should be applied correctly, or it does not only waste funds but can damage your domain name. Once your domain name has been damaged, it may be too difficult to correct.

This means you need someone with skills to search for the right keywords, especially long-tail keywords, and build backlinks and proper link structure to help increase your domain name ranking.

In many cases, people would hire a virtual social media assistant and then onboard a virtual SEO assistant; these are demanding and laborious tasks with mostly different goals.

Virtual eCommerce assistant

Those selling online can benefit from an eCommerce virtual assistant. A virtual eCommerce assistant can help load new products, source products, and samples for you, add and schedule sales, check your inventory, and help market and promote your website using various other websites and social media channels.

Additionally, they can assist with editing and cropping your photos to promote your products. A remote eCommerce assistant will also use software to create graphics to promote your eCommerce store.

A virtual eCommerce assistant will take over all the admin tasks from you, thus freeing up your time to focus on more critical studies.

Virtual Amazon assistant

If you trade primarily on Amazon as an Amazon seller, you will need more skilled knowledge to optimize your presence on this online platform. Amazon is a great eCommerce platform, but the competition is overwhelming.

You will need to set yourself apart from your competitors. This means finding unique products that stand out and match the needs and attention of most people who buy on Amazon.

These will primarily be mild-budget buyers looking for affordable, excellent, unique products. Tasks allocated to a virtual Amazon assistant include providing the listings, editing the listings, sourcing products, and dealing with inquiries and orders.

Virtual content writing assistant 

If SEO is your focus, a virtual content writing assistant will boost it. One of the best strategies is to invest in content marketing.

This means drafting copy that your target audience would find interesting. Your copywriter would need to provide write-ups based on different personas.

Additionally, they need to know SEO well to optimize the content accordingly.

Virtual digital marketing assistant 

If you are looking for a more generalist, a virtual digital marketing assistant is essential. This person will have skills in SEO, PPC marketing, content writing, and graphic design.

Such a person will also conduct some research for you. However, in most cases, they will focus on the practical aspects of your marketing efforts, reaching the most people, driving conversions, and expanding your brand name.

Which type of virtual assistant will be the best for you?

The type of virtual assistant best for your digital marketing would depend on your needs. Consider the tasks you must complete and decide what you want to delegate to others.

Companies often prefer to outsource their social media management and PPC marketing. At the same time, those that have online businesses would onboard an eCommerce assistant.

Such remote helpers will be invisible virtual assistants that can, from a distance, take over the admin-based tasks and free up your time.

If you are unsure about all the implications of onboarding such help, you can book a complimentary call with our outsourcing expert. We have experts who can demystify the entire concept.

They can assist you in making the best decision. We at Aristo Sourcing will be there to help you scale your business (much more rapidly). 

3 Key Takeaways 

The key takeaways from this article are:

  • Digital marketing is crucial for businesses to connect with customers and stay competitive today. It encompasses various strategies, such as social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, and PPC advertising.
  • There are many different virtual assistants specializing in various digital marketing tasks. These specialists can help you manage social media channels, create content, improve SEO, run PPC campaigns, and more.
  • The best type of virtual assistant for you depends on your specific needs. Consider your marketing goals and the tasks you want to outsource to choose the right specialist for your business.


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