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Virtual HR Assistant Jobs & How They Can Add Value

As your business grows and you hire more great people, there will be a need to establish a human resources department. Or you might simply require support for your existing HR staff. If you are aiming to scale up your business venture, spending funds on a solid HR department might not be an immediate focus. There is, however, an alternative − an economical staffing solution that can assist you in gaining the same benefits but at a fraction of the cost. You could rather outsource the work to a virtual assistant. In this article, we will discuss the virtual HR assistant jobs that can be done to benefit you while aligning with your budget.

What is a virtual HR assistant?

By way of a recap, a virtual HR assistant is a remote consultant who works independently for a business and thus is not considered an employee.

However, what differentiates a virtual HR assistant from other virtual assistants is that they are focused on human resources and all aspects related to this field.

A virtual assistant or VA would focus more on general admin-related tasks. More so, a remote HR assistant can assist other HR staff with their roles or complete the work themselves if the business is small.

The cost benefits of hiring a VA

The fact that they are consultants rather than staff members means that the business owner can save on such costs as high salary rates normally demanded by residents of certain cities. Benefits such as bonuses, paid leave, insurance, and health benefits, and other incentives are not required.

Also, there is a reduction in taxes. Moreover, the company can save on business expenses such as office running costs and equipment such as computers, printers, and even stationery.

Virtual HR assistant jobs that add benefits to a business

As mentioned, a virtual HR assistant works remotely, supporting or completing all the work independently. The tasks that may be required are varied − we will discuss them in more detail below.

Conducting and supporting the recruitment process

The main focus of an HR department or human resources assistant is to hire great talent to fill needs within the company. This means that a human resources team for any business should source the right candidate for a vacancy.

Here the skill of the HR team is tested − candidates not only need to match the requirements of the role: but there should also be something else attractive about the position; such will encourage a candidate to remain with the company.

In many cases, this is the chance to learn more and to upskill themselves. If there is no chance of such, the question is, will the candidate remain with your business or seek a more promising challenge?

Various tasks relating to the recruitment process

Posting ads on job portals, collecting and sorting out job applications, checking the suitability of the candidates based on the requirements of the job specifications; conducting reference checks ( including contacting former employers), and cross-checking the reference validity by, for instance, checking their LinkedIn profiles; inviting suitable candidates to an interview; informing candidates of the outcomes; and presenting the winning candidate with a job offer.

Assisting the employees

Once a person is hired, a virtual HR assistant can help with the onboarding process. This will involve providing all the internet access and passwords they will need.

All relevant information must be sought from the candidate in case the business offers any benefits. The newly appointed staff member must thereafter be registered with various pertinent associations.

Multiple tasks to assist staff members

Record information about the staff members, which includes their identity numbers, and next of kin information, and also obtain information if they have any disablements, if not declared already; help with employee relations by assisting the staff with their concerns and/or conflict with other workers, helping to resolve these; boost the morale of the team in assisting them to be happier and more productive; possibly also arrange team-building events; communicate with staff members about their benefits; and coordinate staff services or professional development by suggesting courses that would be useful to individual staff members.

Execution of payroll duties

A much-needed task is ensuring all staff members are paid on time every month. If the payment is not provided correctly and efficiently, the relationship between the employee and employer can sour.

This can lead to distrust and a reduction in output efficiency. It can also increase the chances of a staff member leaving the company. A company’s reputation can be hurt in the process, making it difficult to hire the great people it needs to do the work.

Therefore, the payroll task should be conducted professionally, with staff receiving prompt and precise remuneration.

Various payroll tasks

Check the hours each staff member has worked; make payments on time each month; monitor the payroll expenditure; check that the company is not wasting its funds unnecessarily; calculate overtime; issue tax forms; and handle special circumstances such as sickness or maternity pay.

Report on general HR tasks

The last thing a busy entrepreneur or CEO wants to do is to search for information. This also relates to the HR department. Therefore, another key task of a virtual HR assistant is to report on general human resources work.

These HR reports will provide the business owner or manager with a wealth of useful information that will offer a snapshot of their workforce, info about the payroll, benefits paid, and staff issues the HR team is either picking up or that were reported to them.

Key reports that can be compiled

Attendance and absence reports; recruitment reports; retention and turnover reports; performance management reports; and development and training reports.

The bottom line

When a business reaches a certain point as it grows, the need for admin-related tasks also increases. One of these tasks is human resource management. If a business lacks the budget or wants to be more efficient with how they spend their money, hiring a remote HR assistant is the most sensible option.

This choice is not only a cost-effective solution, but a business can gain access to a highly qualified worker which they might otherwise not have been able to hire. This means that they can onboard skills greatly in demand, thus assisting them to scale up.

Much of this will be thanks to the virtual HR assistant jobs that will be conducted for less while the high standard is maintained.


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