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Last Updated on September 13, 2023

Social media marketing has been used by brands to build a stronger bond with their customers, Not only for the goal of sales, but also for building trust and loyalty. The aim is to share, learn, and interact with consumers, and for marketing to expand its reach. Much of this is through the use of visual communication in the form of photos. However, for the images to be presented ready for posting, these images must be edited. This article will focus on the value which an Aristo virtual photo editing assistant can add to your business, and therefore why you need one.

The goal of an Aristo photo editing VA

In simple terms, when you hire a virtual assistant your main focus is to have your social media posts stand out. With more than 350 million posts on Facebook, the competition is fierce. You need to offer the best image, perfectly edited to match your brand’s distinctive identity. The principal goal of a photo-editing virtual assistant is to edit photos that will be used for social media marketing.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing forms part of digital marketing, which utilizes the power of social media to promote the branding and marketing goals of a service or a product. Using social media also allows a business to reach their customers directly. As such, social media marketing is a business-to-customer and customer-to-customer marketing channel. However, social media as a marketing tool is not only used to sell; it can also be used to create awareness, engagement, and to reach new markets.

Why are photos so central to social media?

The simple answer is that social media channels are visual-media-centric. In other words, while you can post photos, these channels promote the idea of posting photos. Photos are also simple. They are easy to create, and they offer the effect of instant gratification. Adding a catchy caption presents a winning recipe. Moreover, a photo replaces a thousand words. It can tell a story. Photos can also be used to enhance a brand’s story and add a voice to the message. Images are engaging without being too intrusive. They can inspire without being distracting. Plus, they are shareable.


The benefits of social media marketing

Social media as a marketing tool is one of the greatest and most effective free marketing channels used by marketing experts. There are also several benefits:

The humanizing effect

You can use social media to make your brand more human, avoiding the cold, corporate appearance. Also, you can showcase the staff to the customers, more than merely promoting the service or product. As such, you can thus build a strong relationship with your customers.

Drive traffic to your website

You can add links to your social media profiles and posts to drive traffic to your website. There the goal is to convert any visitors to customers as you guide them down your marketing funnel.

Gain leads and more customers

Social media can help to generate leads, but more so, to gain conversions. Features of the various social channels can allow for a booking to be made, to call the business, or leave a message.

Surge your brand awareness

Social media can be used without ads to organically boost awareness of your product or service. You can thus enhance your brand identity while also boosting your brand awareness. Your campaigns will thus escalate in effectiveness.


The significance of editing your photos for social media

Editing your photos allows you to put your best foot forward, but also to present a professional look to your clients. There are also some benefits in making use of a virtual assistant to edit your photos before you download them on social media. You will have professional assistance to build your brand, boost your engagement, build credibility, and multi-platform customization.

Add to your photos

A camera (or the camera-person skills) can be limited. However, with photo editing the photo can be processed to improve the quality of the image. This can be as simple as removing red eyes, providing touch ups such as removing spots from faces, or smoothing over other distracting features of the model. In this way you can give your photos a second chance.

Assist to create your own brand or style

You can use photo editing to alter an image to match your brand identity. This will help the photo to stand out, and be associated with your brand. Your photos can therefore match you, rather than you needing to match your photos.

Build a strong story

Photo editing can be used to tell a strong story. Perhaps the image does not quite express the emotion you were wanting to convey; however, editing can correct this. As such, you can change or enhance the mood or feeling expressed by the image.


An Aristo photo editing VA to for your social media marketing

A skilled virtual photo-editing assistant will know how to edit your images so that the photos can be repurposed, reported, and recycled on different channels. More so, social media is a jam-packed space. You want to gain the maximum from your photos and receive maximum traction from your audience. For this reason a virtual assistant will, as mentioned, repurpose, repost, and recycle your images. Moreover, a VA can touch up the image, remove the background, add a drop shadow, improve the image by means of a special shadow, and effect specialist photo editing. However, the true value is that a VA will not only enhance your photos but also your brand.

The bottom line

Enhancing your photos through editing is key if you want your brand to stand out from the competition. Failing this, your brand may come across as unprofessional, or even amateurish. Clients will soon pick up on this. Instead, put your best foot forward and edit your photos professionally with a photo-editing expert from Aristo Sourcing. Our virtual photo-editing assistants are highly skilled, and are able to produce quality work.

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