How to Use Video Editing to Enhance Your Marketing


Good video editing can make a massive difference to your content. With that in mind, marketing professionals turn to video-editing assistants to polish their video marketing content. Their efforts aim to connect and engage with their target market on a new level.

What is the value of a video? 

More than 87% of marketing experts choose video as their marketing tool. Some 51% of these marketing professionals − slightly more than half (which is not bad) − confess that video offers them the best ROI. But what makes this marketing tool so attention-grabbing? It’s relatively simple. Video can do something a photo can’t.

What video can do is show emotion; it can highlight the brand’s professionalism, especially for a financial enterprise. However, video can also trigger the senses; thus, sensory marketing is a tactic to influence purchasing behavior after luring people into viewing the video.

The benefits of video marketing

Consumers are bombarded with marketing images and campaigns daily. Marketing clutter can make it difficult for your ad to stand out. Some marketers have found that video is an effective marketing tool and is becoming more visible.

Viral marketing is usually new and unique, and video can grab the audience’s attention. This is why marketing experts include videos in their marketing strategy. Moreover, video marketing offers several benefits.

Video increases conversion rates.

Videos used as a lead magnet on a landing page can help to boost conversions. This is because, with video, you can make less effort to get your message across. The result is that the conversion rate can climb to 80%. Here, the video can be used as an introduction, a tutorial, or a selling tool, providing more info about your product or service. More so, with our over-commercialized world, you need a medium that draws attention and engagement − video allows for just that. This is why the conversion rates are so high.

Increase your email’s opening rate.

Many businesses fear that their emails will be marked as spam. However, add the word ‘video’ to your subject line to draw your potential reader’s attention. Videos can increase your opening rate and reduce the trend to unsubscribe. We know that watching a 2-minute video equals 15 minutes of reading the same information. It’s evident that when you plan your email marketing campaign, videos play a role in conveying your message.

Get search engines to rank you higher.

Did you know that YouTube is the second-largest search engine? You see the size and popularity of Google, so getting your videos out can mean increased visibility. More so, you might even get your video to go viral (a goal of any marketer). More than this, your organic traffic could rise by up to 157%.

Videos help to boost credibility and trust: – Since videos are a great medium to present personalities and emotions, they can be a powerful medium to build a bond with the viewer. Such a bond can lead to trust. Additionally, if it’s an informative video, you can increase the go-to level for the viewer as their trust in your brand increases. When credibility and trust build, your customers will become more loyal.

Use as a lead magnet.

Videos can be used as a lead magnet. You could increase your leads by 66% over one year. You can boost your followers if you use your social media channels. This would be free advertising: with 46% of the viewers reacting positively after viewing the video, you could have a captured customer base.

Boost the effectiveness of your videos.

Not everyone has the skills to edit and produce high-quality videos. The cost-effective idea is to use a virtual video editor to help with your videos. A skilled virtual assistant would know the tricks to increase the effectiveness of your videos—however, there are some things to remember if you want your videos to be more constructive.

Play around with the length of the videos.

A 30-second length is the standard commercial video, but the test of which size works best for your market. Don’t forget to add a ‘call to action’ to the video. Don’t be shy about reusing your videos. Your virtual assistant can re-edit them to fit the requirements of the various social media channels.

The time you should say no to using videos.

It might sound strange to advise you not to use videos. Nevertheless, there are times when videos will not work. For instance, they can reduce your website’s speed, especially the mobile speed. Search engines like Google will use G3 standard portable sets to test mobile speed when spiders crawl over your site. And let’s be honest, video can slow things down. With 52.8% of mobile viewers opting out of watching videos, they instead program the responsive settings to not display on mobiles and tablets. You should also ensure that your actual video does not distract the viewer from the ‘call to action.’ Ensure that your ‘call to action’ is included in your videos.

It’s time to go visual.

Video marketing is growing in popularity, and consumers are also starting to demand appealing visual content. You can create engaging videos using a virtual video editor. Always make sure that the videos are aligned with your branding guidelines. Establish your goals and where you want to use the videos to see your audience grow.


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