5 Trades’ Benefits of Hiring Virtual Employees

Although any company can advance its bottom line by hiring virtual employees, we highlight the top industries that can profit from this practice. Also, onboarding virtual employees is a growing trend; the concept is somewhat novel to certain business owners, especially globally.

For instance, outsourcing is much better understood in the United States, while this type of hiring is less well-known in the United Kingdom or Australia.

Still, technological advancements have made it easier and much more efficient to utilize remote staff instead of hiring onsite employees.

Technology that makes virtual employees a reality

Companies utilize cloud-based tools such as Microsoft 365, Skype or Zoom, iCloud, Slack, and Dropbox. A global workforce does much of the work, with employees scattered worldwide.

Much of this is driven by the savings a business can make by using technology to hire remotely. A particular industry can benefit from the assistance of a virtual employee.

Top industries that can benefit from outsourcing

Property managers, agents, and real estate brokers

A Real estate expert will come to a point in their lives when they are overwhelmed and need help. This is where a virtual employee manifests as a huge benefit.

For instance, a virtual assistant can assist with filtering leads, managing and setting appointments, posting ads, and offering admin and customer service.

Additionally, a virtual assistant can help manage social media channels.

Law Firms

With the help of a virtual employee, documents never have to build up. More so, a remote assistant can tackle a range of time-consuming tasks no matter the legal aspects the law firm is focused on.

These tasks include conducting research, managing the director’s calendar, handling data entry, and managing the firm’s email inbox.

Additionally, the assistant can help with general inquiries, directing them to the right person.

IT Businesses

IT businesses can hire a virtual employee to help with different company tasks or work conducted for clients on behalf of the business.

For instance, a virtual assistant can develop websites, maintain websites, and execute software development.

Moreover, the virtual assistant can also handle administrative tasks, offer customer technical support, and more.

Financial and accounting businesses

Virtual assistants can conduct data entry, organize records, handle accounts (payables and receivables), manage the calendar, and perform a bank reconciliation.

Here, the assistant can reduce time wasted on low-level tasks by busy managers. Consequently, this will allow managers to focus on more high-level work.

Marketing Business

A marketing business, especially a digital marketing company, can benefit from the onboarding skills needed to complete tasks when hiring a virtual assistant.

For instance, an assistant can be hired to manage all PPC campaigns, including posting ads for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Moreover, the assistant can conduct market research, assist with content creation (word and imagery content), and lead generation.

The bottom line: 5 Trades’ Benefits of Hiring Virtual Employees

Virtual assistants can help to eliminate the burden on companies and their employees.

Moreover, removing the low-level work and delegating it to a virtual employee frees up the onsite team’s time, but it can also be done for less than the onsite team would be paid.

Outsourcing is the route if your business is a startup and you want to scale.

Hiring virtual employees makes office spaces like these redundant.
Hiring virtual employees makes office spaces like these redundant. Image the cost-saving for your business.

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