How to Best Make Use of a Virtual Legal Secretary

Law firms around the world are using virtual assistants such as a virtual legal secretary to help them. Outsourcing does offer companies or legal firms many benefits. These include reducing costs, both because the virtual assistant costs less and there is less of a need for infrastructure support.

Additionally, by having a virtual assistant, the team can focus more on their familiar tasks, not being hampered by low-level demands.

Why a virtual legal secretary?

A virtual legal secretary is a qualified, resourceful and informed person who can assist with mostly admin-related work. Therefore, such people who work remotely are not based at the law firm.

The tasks they normally focus on include conducting research, clerical functions, handling scheduling, organizing legal files, and preparing legal briefs.

A more detailed list of tasks

The more detailed list of tasks includes:

  • contract management,
  • legal drafting,
  • re-drafting, abstraction,
  • review,
  • proofreading,
  • editing,
  • precedent/template creation,
  • discovery management,
  • document review,
  • litigation coding,
  • database management,
  • indexing,
  • legal research,
  • analysis involving primary sources and secondary sources,
  • trial exhibit preparation,
  • intellectual property management for patents,
  • copyrights, trademarks, etc.,
  • legal transcription,
  • typing,
  • digitization.

The benefits of hiring a virtual legal secretary

A virtual assistant can manage the practical and procedural workload

The law firm’s onsite team can focus more on core work. Moreover, with virtual assistants, you can reduce the salary paid, cut benefits, and manage your overhead expenses.

More so, you can meet deadlines, and expand your business, gaining access to great talent and highly skilled consultants at affordable rates.

You also have more flexibility − you can onboard and offboard, commensurate with your changing situation.

Virtual Legal Secretary are use by traditional law firms

Virtual assistants will become an important component of your law firm. They can conduct additional work for the firm, such as accounting or managing the firm’s online marketing.

A virtual assistant can help boost productivity

Although not a full-time employee of the firm, being more of a consultant, they can take on work and free up time for you and your team.

Offering a great customer experience is another benefit

A virtual legal assistant delivers a top-class customer experience to your customers. Such a person will support your clients and ensure that none of your patrons is overlooked, which can happen in any law firm.

A virtual assistant can take charge of sending emails on birthdays to make the clients feel special.

Discover your new virtual legal assistant

If you want to maximize the success of your law firm, do consider hiring a virtual legal secretary. This valuable helper can assist with various admin-related tasks, freeing the legal team to focus on their legal duties.

A virtual assistant needs not only to focus on administrative tasks. Other tasks, such as managing digital marketing or managing accounting and bookkeeping, can be given to them.

Either way, when you want to hire your own virtual assistant, call Aristo Sourcing.

You can book a complimentary discovery call with our outsourcing expert. Take the leap today, and build your firm’s success.


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